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    EL Paso bypas???

    I took the bypass for the first time a couple of weeks ago and will surely use it from now on.....
  2. RobertandKiki

    New Year at Lake Pleasant, AZ

    Excellent pictures, Looks like everyone is having a great time at the Lake.
  3. RobertandKiki

    CB Radios? Y or N

    No test for GMRS, just fill out the form & send in the money...
  4. RobertandKiki

    Any suggestions

    We really enjoyed Fort Wilderness and can't imagine a better way to see the Disney stuff. Excellent Bus service included as well as water shuttles to the theme parks, beautiful campsites with full hook ups and Peacocks, Bunnies & Squirells running around everywhere! The best place we have ever...
  5. RobertandKiki

    Hiway 60 Show Low to Globe

    Pretty steep climbs & can get narrow so I always bypass and go thru Payson...
  6. RobertandKiki

    Ham Radio for Motorhome

    I decided to go with Hustler for 20/40(cheap for now) while parked for now & will move to something bigger & better in the future....Also installing 2m/440 Diamond (SG7500) that I already owned, Also own SG7900 but too tall.
  7. RobertandKiki

    Satellite Radio antennas

  8. RobertandKiki

    Satellite Radio antennas

    I took a small piece of sheet metal & wedged it in the upper corner of one cabinet & sit the magnetic unit on that....
  9. RobertandKiki

    Quartzsite 06 Forum Rally

    Thank You, Ron & All for making us feel welcome. Looking forward to the trip as we aren't on a time schedule just think we'll miss the bigger crowds the first weekend ...
  10. RobertandKiki

    New Forum Member

    Hello Merry, We've had very small problems but have had trouble getting service done thru our dealer, LaMesa RV and highly recommend you avoid them at all cost. For about 10 hrs work they kept the MH 10 days the first time and 18 days the second! Had auto satellite dish installed by them & it...
  11. RobertandKiki

    Ham Radio for Motorhome

    But there still won't be a ground plane & signal will mostly go up?
  12. RobertandKiki

    Quartzsite 06 Forum Rally

    Thanks to all. We should roll in around mid week (24th) if all goes well. There will be the 3 of us....
  13. RobertandKiki

    Quartzsite 06 Forum Rally

    We're not worried about what goes on, just don't want to be out of place. We tend to stay to ourselves somewhat. He won't be a problem for anyone and was my first child at 52! Hence, not fulltimers... :)
  14. RobertandKiki

    Ham Radio for Motorhome

    I've got an Icom 706MK2G waiting to go in the MH. Still trying to figure out good antenna setup with my fiberglass roof... N7SLD/KC7SAU
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    Quartzsite 06 Forum Rally

    Will there be any young'ns in the group. We have a 3 1/2 yr old....[br]Date Posted: December 10, 2005, 11:06:49 PMWill there be any young'ns in the group?. We have a 3 1/2 yr old....
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