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    Does anyone clean their anode rod (hot water heater)

    It's called a sacrificial anode and is supposed to be eaten away (instead of the heater tank).  Seems like cleaning it would take away part of the sacrifice (grin). --Steve
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    Radio installation questions

    I talked with a group of motorhome mobile hams today here in a park in Alabama and one had a unique solution for his antenna.  He decided that, since the ladder isn't grounded, why not use it for the antenna?  He mounted his SGC auto tuner inside the rear panel and tunes it with that.  When...
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    Radio installation questions

    The ladder may be well grounded already, but check with an ohmmeter to be sure. --Steve, NO7V
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    Ed Juge was a ham

    I first ran across Ed when he was sysop of the Tandy Model 100 computer forum--my first computer!  Sad that he is gone. --Steve, NO7V
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    Ham Radio VOIP?

    Echolink works very well and provides worldwide computer to computer or radio to radio links if an access repeater is available in your town.  IRLP is all radio in and out but there are Echolink/IRLP linking sites available so you can use a computer on IRLP too with that gateway.  Both use the...
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    Hamming on the road and at home

    Hi Carson and all, I've been running ham radio on the road in our motorhome since 1995 and love the contact it gives me along the way.  We are currently wintering in Oceano, CA and join the local hams for all sorts of activity. I use a Kenwood TM D700A and run APRS with it to mark my route when...
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    Furnace Question

    On your first post you said that you have a big flame with one burner lit on the stove and it settles into a reasonable level as you light more.  To me that means your gas pressure regulator is set too high.  Buy a pressure manometer (mine is a Robertshaw Model 900-106) and set your gas pressure...
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    Looking for spring/fall transition places

    Pat, the central Califorina coast is very nice.  We are in Morro Bay at the moment and it is wall to wall sun and 70 degrees.  Very nice!  Watched a Christmas decorated boat parade on the bay last night too.  We will be in this area all winter as we were 3 years ago and we like it a lot. We...
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    Jan Feb, & March in Clearwater Area

    The Maderia Beach KOA is nice and right on a rails to trails bikeway.  Clearwater isn't far away and the beach is only 1.5 Miles--an easy bike ride.  Very nice restaurants nearby and fine beach bars abound. Tough finding a spot this late in the year though. --Steve, Jodie, and Posie Cat
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    Summer trip 5/5/07>8/16/06

    Fred & Daisy, Stop by and see us in Dillon, MT if you can. Jodie and I are enjoying Morro Bay, CA until after Christmas and then we move to Grover Beach.  Watched Christmas decorated boats on the bay last night--pretty! Regards,   --Steve, Jodie and Posie Cat
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    Fred & Daisy's Surprise 50th Anniversary Party

    Congratulations from the Crouchs too!  Too bad we are on the wrong coast to join you though. We did anniversary 46 in July and are looking forward to our 50th down the road a few years. Love,   Steve, Jodie and Posie Cat
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    Coming to Florida for the winter to get a tan and play on the beach...

    The KOA in St. Petersburg (Maderia Beach) is nice and on the bike trail too. --Steve   Now in Portland, OR
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    RV Access on my side yard - what to install for the ground underneath???

    Not sure about astroturf but using "filter fabric" under 3/4"-0 crushed rock works well.  If the soil is clay, the filter fabric keeps the clay from pushing up through the rock and retains a stable surface while allowing water to pass through.  Wetting and rolling the rock layer will make a good...
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    Price of gas this weekend

    What can we expect?  Our country is run by oil men.  Diesel just dropped to $3.199 in Dillon, MT. --Steve
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    Alaska with the Brewer's 06

    Fantastic journal!  Keep it up.  It's been a long time since I did that highway. --Steve, Jodie, and Posie cat   Dillon, MT
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