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    JEEP Owners- Rate Your Replacement Shock Absorbers (1-5 Star)

    I would rate mine 5/5 and I'm using just the mopar shock absorber 2003-2006 Dodge Shock Absorber 5139548AA | Jeeps Are Us. Not really complaining about it.
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    Is it the roller that's having a problem? or the wiring?
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    Big Life Changes!

    Congrats on your new home! In my experience, I prefer truck to smaller suv, we do have diff preferences.
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    Outdoor TV mount

    I agree. We only use our projector during night so I decided to just get rid of that and instead use the tv. We currently don't have a mount for it so we just place it on a table outside and connect the wires passing by the window.
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    JEEP Owners- Rate Your Replacement Shock Absorbers (1-5 Star)

    I have the regular mopar stabilizer before but upgraded it to another mopar version Genuine Mopar Jeep FOX Steering Damper - 77072360AB | JeepsAreUs since this is what our dealer suggested. My rating for it would be 4/5 just because I never tried any other stabilizer before besides mopar but...
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    Cat trees for motorhome

    We are planning to build with something like this but we are still trying to figure out how we could make it easy to install as possible.
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    Electric stairs

    My cousins e-stairs is kwikee
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