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    RV park up and running

    You can also consider the option to offer storage for RVs in the off season. That can be a good way to generate income year round, and offer a potentially needed service.
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    Waste drain doesn't fit at campground!?

    Got a photo of your solution that you can post? That may help someone else in the future that has the same issue. Good job finding a standard hardware solution, as any product (no matter how simple) with the word "RV" on the label will automatically cost more. ;)
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    5 gallon black tank? (Problem pinpointed: a hole on the tank)

    What is the size & location of the tank hole? If it's something small that was perhaps caused by a puncture, there's a possibility it can be repaired with Eternabond or similar tape designed for that purpose. If it's something larger/longer along the seam of the tank that indicates failure of...
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    RV park up and running

    Looks great so far! No worries on "only your second post" ;) ... I'll move this message to General RV Discussions, as this topic has come up in the past and will be of interest to many folks here. For advertising make sure you get your park listed on Google (including Maps) and...
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    I've considered Sumo Springs (or its competitor Timbrens) for my pickup, to assist with trailer towing smoothness. Those products are often compared to the function of air bags, and you can find plenty of people on YouTube reviewing one or other other... but so far I haven't seen a straight...
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    Mechanic wants to charge 27% labor surcharge to install Banks headers

    Side questions: What's the problem you're having, and does the header replacement have to be done right now? Financing RV parts is going to increase the price of the job even more over time, since you'd be going into debt and accruing interest over something that continues to lose value. As...
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    Towing question

    Dolly towing is the cheapest option for a toad (what we called a towed vehicle), and 4-down is most convenient. Those are by far the most common two options, although you'll see large motorhomes sometimes pulling open or enclosed car haulers. Some vehicles cannot be towed long distances by...
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    Keep rv plugged in at home?

    The majority of RVs are not well insulated, and constant AC use is gonna result in a big power bill. I would think that RV interiors can withstand typical humidity levels. You can always leave tilt-out windows cracked if you want to have some airflow and avoid major heat buildup.
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    Stairs make grinding noise

    You are. ;) Donn described it well... spray anyplace on the steps and linkage (the metal pieces that hold the steps together) where two metal parts move against one another. As far as motor internal parts, yes they do wear out after awhile and the motor might eventually need to be replaced. Was...
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    No Power after replacing house batteries.

    "No generator" meaning the genny engine won't start? It sounds like almost a sure thing that there's a tripped breaker or blown fuse someplace, that likely occurred if the battery sparked while changing them out. My Class A had 3 different electrical panels where fuses and breakers were...
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    Reservation rule that should be enacted!

    While the frustration (as an RVer wanting a spot) is understandable, the state/federal parks have little incentive to spend extra money and resources devoting staff to enforce a no-show policy. They have already taken as many actual people out of the loop as possible, by turning over...
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    Keep rv plugged in at home?

    I've always kept my RVs plugged in at home. Especially if you have a 30-amp power source already, I don't see a downside. Power usage should be extremely limited, if you're only keeping batteries topped off and the fridge cold. I also have a 30-amp box mounted low on the exterior of my detached...
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    Finding out Lariat!’s tow ability

    And that's what we care about with towing advice, since this is an RV forum after all. ;) An 11k# boat, which is aerodynamic by design and situated low on its trailer, is a completely different towing experience than a giant 11k# empty trailer box that constantly pulls backwards (wind...
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    Forest River Lexington 283

    Especially if the seller says "nope it has never leaked a drop!" Honestly it seems like most RVs will leak from somewhere, at some point. The key is catching it somewhat early, and taking steps to stop it from being a years-long repeating event.
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    Tires ok? Michelin LTX

    Having suffered a highway-speed RV tire blowout in the past, I wouldn't make that kind of long distance trip on them. The 16" LT tires will not be terribly expensive to replace (compared to larger motorhome tire sizes anyway), and I can't imagine better piece of mind for such a long haul...
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