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    To fix a dent or leave alone

    Call your insurance co. have them fix it. Then they can subragate against the dealer. That is what you pay them for. A body shop would be better to do the fix.
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    I made a boo boo (plastic repair)

    Your gaffers tape is fine for now. When it warms up clean well and apply Eternabond tape inside and and out. Then go have fun and enjoy. Should last longer than the ac if applied right
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    I made my neighbors mad

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for what you do
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    water pump controler

    Just an update Henry fate's link was a good one it was very close. found the controller behind the wet bay wire tied to a water line right behind the steel panel. To small of a space to get your head into just your hand and feel around. I cut the wire ties and moved the controller out to the...
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    water pump controler

    Yep first thing I did. I'll get back in there tomorrow and see if I can find it. More to come
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    water pump controler

    Thanks so far Have removed the panel on the top of wet bay and followed the wires from the switch to the point they go up into the floor above the frame. Back story With the switches off you can turn it on and all is good turn switch off and wait a while and it will turn itself back on. Would...
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    water pump controler

    Hi all. Having fun learning things. What I need to know now is does anybody know where the water pump controller is for a 2014 tiffin allegro red. Nope its not in the the wet bay with the pump wires go up under 1/2 bath. Looked in all compartments, doors and drawers just can not find it. Thanks...
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