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    Winterizing Ice Maker

    I have a residential fridge with a ice maker. Take off the front cover from the ice maker, take a short jumper wire and short between the “V” and ”L” on the front of the ice maker this will trip the valve. Do this until you have solid pink coming out. Do the same thing to flush out the pink with...
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    Most expensive campsite you've ever stayed at??

    Blue water Key resort, absolutely stunning! $325 per night. For the summer up here in Michigan Hearthside Motor coach resort, $185
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    Wireless in/out thermometer with multiple sensors found

    I read the amazon page and didn?t see where or how it can read multiple sensors, maybe it?s just me. It would be exactly what I need because I need a sensor in the wet bay and the greasy water tank
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    What is a resort

    This is a Resort,  Hearthside motorcoach Resort in Petoskey mi. Class A only length and age restrictions, sites are for sale between 200k to 700k. Stayed there last week $150 a nite. Beautiful but not for me. I prefer more of a park setting instead of a subdivision.
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    How much do you pay in your state?

    Here in Michigan last year I paid a little under $13000 in sales tax and almost $1200 for one year registration ?
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    2017 Tax Return - Can I Deduct RV Interest Paid in 2017

    Yes loan interest is deductible as a 2nd home. That may change next year to only motorized rv?s.
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    Michigan Dry camping locations

    Try Gaylord area, Pigeon River state forest. Michigans only Elk herd with hundreds of miles of trails. Check with the Michigan DNR for maps and details. Also several areas nearby for water activities
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    Rand McNally Built in Updates

    Have the same unit in mine, there should be a slot in the radio to remove the SD card. Take this out, download the dock software to your PC. The software will prompt you when to plug in the SD card to your PC. The Dock software will read the card and lead you through the update
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    Winterize Ice Maker

    Just did my res fridge. Drained the lines and than pumped pink into all lines. Left pressurized until ice maker makes pink slush. There is no easy way to get behind fridge to get to water line. Air will not blow out line because of solenoid. Same with washer, ran two quick rinse/spin one hot one...
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    Photos of members' rigs

    2016 Hoilday Rambler Endevor ISL9, took delivery in June. So far so good!
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    Satellite TV

    Not trying to steal the thread but I can't reply to PM because I'm to new to the site. BoomerD can you email me? Thanks
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    Satellite TV

    I just posted for sale a Winegard in motion sat dish if your interested. It's brand new and will work with both dish network and Directtv . I just joined the forum so I'm not sure how to send a PM Chris
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    New member

    Just joined today! We are new to RVing after having boats for many many years. We just purchased a Holiday Rambler Endeavor 40DP last month and are excited to start land travel! Chris
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