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    Looking to get started for $30k - Travel Trailer and Truck

    Congrats on your new *remote* gig! :). Wanted to add this...opinions on the board vary *wildly* re: making reservations, but... If you're serious about going south for the a place with reliable WiFi that would enable you to'll want to be looking at reservations ASAP...
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    We Might Switch to a Hybrid and Would Appreciate Your Thoughts

    Hello, all...and thanks for your time & consideration. Long story short...we started out with a 21' total length travel trailer. We used it a lot but our kids out-grew the tiny bunks and we needed something different. We got a 28' model with a lot more room and huge bunks. We have to...
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    Please Help Us Figure Out What To Do Moving Forward

    Great perspectives and shared viewpoints...thank you all so much. :) Great people every time. 👍🏻😊
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    Please Help Us Figure Out What To Do Moving Forward

    Carbonation...thanks for the great info & congrats. :) Donn...great sentiments. Thank you. 👍🏻
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    Please Help Us Figure Out What To Do Moving Forward

    Hello, all...and thanks for your time and consideration. We started out with a <21' (total length) bunkhouse travel trailer that we did well in, but that felt overly cramped at the time, even when our kids were in elementary school. Took it to the Florida Keys...up to Acadia...all over the...
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    Vehicle Security

    At least up until recently, most of the Prius cars on the road were *hybrid*, not fully electric. Thus, catalytic converters as part of the ICE exhaust system. Thanks.
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    Vehicle Security

    Hello, all...and thanks for your time and consideration. Hoping that some of the contributors can share insights/experiences re: tow vehicle security systems...particularly those applicable in "in the sticks" where there's no wireless and signal-limiting topography. We were recently...
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    I realize the OP has already taken the "maiden voyage" in question, but wanted to add... It was scary for us, in a small TT, not far off of I-75 in GA during a June thunderstorm (reception had been fine in-bound and so close to the highway) when we realized that our weather apps were not...
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    Hocking Hills for Newbies

    Yes...that's the place. I'm aware of great hikes within the state park itself, but trying to discern how central to the region that the state park is or isn't, activity-wise. For example, while Ohiopyle SP is *great* for rafting and good for fishing/hiking, I'd advise that most visitors to...
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    Hocking Hills for Newbies

    Hello, all...and thanks for your time and consideration. :) Looking into a Hocking Hills trip from the Pittsburgh area, and trying to wrap my head around a few things about the area: A) Would I be correct in saying that the Hocking Hills *area* (Hocking County) is somewhat akin to the Laurel...
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    I Miss My *Smaller* Camper

    Thank you all! Great info and suggestions, as usual. 👍🏻😊
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    I Miss My *Smaller* Camper

    Hello, all...hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for your time and consideration in reading my post. :) Like many people, we started small and purchased a larger camper after a couple years of use. We took a 17' floor plan (21' travel trailer) from the Pittsburgh area locally, regionally...
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    PA Wilds & "Elk Country"

    Thank you, wndopdlr! Great suggestion...will do. Arch: In PA...the north central "PA Wilds" part with elk (which is unique for PA) Thanks!
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    Do we need campsite reservations for a long trip out west?

    If you're a couple that doesn't mind showing up at your favorite restaurant (sans reservation) at 6:30 PM on a Friday night and finding a 1.5+ hour wait, then traveling that far without reservations might be fine for you. Even after being on the board for a number of years, I'm still...
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    Seeking recommendations: Maine

    We absolutely loved Narrows Too...watching the car headlights snake down off of Cadillac Mountain after dark next to our campfire was unforgettable. You *pay* for that experience in a shoreline site, but worth it to us. The "quiet" side of MDI was the highlight for us...Bass Harbor and its...
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