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    Sine wave / Modified Sine Wave

    Good discussion but inquiring minds would like to know: How do you tell if a portable generator produces a sine wave or modified sine wave? Do you rely on the TDH being less then 6% as the indicator? Or do you rely on the box saying it is safe for sensitive electronics?
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    Power for 5th Wheel Side View Cameras

    I agree with you that the empty weight is useless. The GVWR of the 5th wheel is being used in my spreadsheet to calculate the pin weight. Guess I should have said that. I am looking for a 5th wheel less then 9000 because when I add in the cargo carrying capacity to calculate pin weight I know...
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    Power for 5th Wheel Side View Cameras

    This is great advice and I thank all of you for your contributions. RedandSilver You are correct in a fear of the unknown. That is why I have been asking questions and advice from the more seasoned RVer. I was looking for 4 cameras because I wanted no blind spots while I am towing. But if my...
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    Power for 5th Wheel Side View Cameras

    Thanks for the responses. The RV that I buy will have a backup camera. I have never towed a large trailer so I am unsure if my truck's mirrors will be sufficient to monitor what is besides me. I currently own and plan to tow the 5th wheel with my 2011 F250 which has the telescoping tow...
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    Power for 5th Wheel Side View Cameras

    Hi, Hope you can shed some light on this question. I plan on purchasing a new 5th wheel shortly. I know that most of the new units are wired for a backup cameras. But none of them (other than motorhomes), that I have been looking at, have the setup for side view cameras. I want to use the...
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    DIY Converting Slides to Digital Images

    A few months ago, I was doing the same search as you are. Because I have over 3000 slides to digitize, I went with the Plustek's OpticFilm Series (OpticFilm 8200I). This scanner also came with SilverFast 8.0 Scanning software. This scanner is expensive but has good reviews and is fast But I was...
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    Need Advise Prior to 5th Wheel Purchase

    Gizmo, The truck has a listed payload capacity of 2092. I have about 1500 left for the pin weight after passengers, full tank of gas, hitch weight and cargo. Actually I am looking for a trailer that weighs less then 9000 lbs. I believe that even if the pin weight went 300 lbs over what I have...
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    Need Advise Prior to 5th Wheel Purchase

    Hello, Need some advise. Some background. I am wanting to buy a 5th wheel around 30 to 33 feet long. My tow vehicle will be a 2011 F250 6.7 liter diesel. If I go by the payload capacity on my drivers pillar, I am limited to a trailer with a pin weight of 1500 lbs. The trailers I have been...
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    GPS vs iPad

    Angela, I have both. My ipad is the 3g version, the only one with a gps receiver. I DO NOT HAVE A 3G DATA PLAN for the ipad. I use copilot HD on the ipad. This program stores the maps on the ipad. DOES NOT NEED A 3G SIGNAL TO WORK. The cost of the program is less than a dedicated gps. I do...
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    What is Better for a shortbox bed 5th wheel sliding hitch or sidewinder?

    After performing a search, I did not find much about which is better. By the time you add a standard 5th wheel hitch and a sidewinder (or similar) the cost appears to be the same as a good sliding hitch. What are your opinions?
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    Hitch Weight Help

    Hello, I am currently looking for a toy hauler as my first RV purchase. I have two options for the actual motorcycle storage location. I know that, if the motorcycle was stored in the front, more weight would be transferred to the hitch and if the motorcycle was stored in the back weight would...
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    TV Help

    Hi, I am wondering if anybody can explain why the 08 Avalanche Owners Manual states the max GVWR of the truck is 7200 lbs, and the max trailer weight is 7000 lbs, yet it has a truck and trailer GCWR of 13,000 lbs. It seams the math does not compute.
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    Adding Additional Equipment to Tow Trailer

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I have searched the forums for ideas and answers to my many questions. I have found many answers and want to thank the individuals providing those answers. But one question remains. My truck is rated for a trailer GVWR of 7000 lbs. I would like to buy a trailer...
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