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    I do anything from corned beef, home made bread, baked chicken, roasted veggies, lots of split pea or lentil soup, lots of seafood ang grits, and sometimes I will make a cake. I only have an electric griddle, instant pot, and a large air fryer. There are some items that have taken a few tries to...
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    Traffic is the same all over

    I think each part of the US has a different type of driver. I have stayed on the east side of the Mississippi river most of my life. My brother is a truck driver and he can say he knows where someone is from by the way they drive. I do my best to drive the speed limit or 5 mph over unless...
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    What in HELL do I have to complain about??

    I know a few of these types of people and do my best to avoid them.
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    Overcab leak repair

    If it's painted metal... Stop by a sing shop and get a peace of vinyl that's larger than the base to keep on hand. It should cost around $20.00 or so. It's not the best patch, but will work. I removed an antenna from a car, put in a rubber plug, and covered it with sing vinyl. It was still...
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    RVn in the Bitter Cold

    Went to work today in 5" of ice and slush driving 30 mph. I had no issues on the way to work. I saw lots of people in ditches. When I got back to the campground there was a 5th wheel in the ditch blocking one of the campground roads. A bunch of people were trying to get it out, but I think...
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    What in HELL do I have to complain about??

    Didn't this happen 10 years ago (2-2011) and nothing changed because it would cost to much money. I think it was caused by lack of NG the same issue they had this time. From what I read they did add a LPG storage location that takes LPG, thin it down with air and pump it into the NG system to...
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    Air Compressor

    Most pancake compressors will do 100pis. You might want to look at the psi to volume chart as the higher the psi the lower the volume it will deliver. My 6 gallon compressor takes 10 to 15 minutes to go from 95 to 105 on my semi tiers. I use a tire filler that clips on so I can walk away.
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    The Non Joy Of Sub Freezing Temps

    That's what happens when there is a lack of NG and that's where most of the power comes from. You can only dump in so much LPG air mix into the system to keep the presser up. At some point they have to start cutting the larger NG loads to keep the NG system stable.
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    RVn in the Bitter Cold

    Power went out last night for about 8 hours. At 3:30 am it was 18*. I think I burnt a lot of diesel in the AquaHot keeping warm, but my diesel battery charger never kicked in due to low batteries. I had no issues, but my showhauler is set up for cold weather. looks like snow and ice tonight...
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    tow caddy

    It would only take a few minutes to pull the drive shaft off the axel, wrap the caps with tape, and strap it up out of the way.
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    EGT gauge kit for 400hp cummins

    If there is no bung before the turbo then you would need to weld or replace something. Cummins makes a few different power plants that could put out 400 hp so I don't know what to search to help you.
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    EGT gauge kit for 400hp cummins

    If you give more information on what your looking for I might be able to find you the information.
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    Electrical outlets not working above pasenger side for TV

    ChasA is right. In the USA the TV in the driving compartment has to have an interlock of some type (relay to the outlet) so the TV will not work when the motor is on. Most of the time there is a relay before the outlet.  There are TV's that have 110 and 12 wiring.  The 110 runs the TV and the...
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    Getting ready for a new to me style of fishing.

    I have not seen any crappie that big where I'm at right now.  I have gotten 34 so far this year with my kayak.  They have been hitting good on corn and soft rubber fish. I would love to see some that size.
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    Think before you act.

    The origan post to remind people to just slow down and think. Dual sports used to be dirt bikes with street legal exhaust, turn singles, and knobby street tires off the production line. Now there making dual sport adventure motorcycles with larger cc motors and luggage systems for camping and...
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