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    RV GPS opinions

    Lately I have been using Google Maps, but miss some features of my Garmin.  Looking at the description of the Garmin RV 660LMT and think Santa may be bringing me one for Christmas if I am a good boy.  I especially like the ability to alter route on screen.
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    Residential reefer

    I ran a residential chest freezer 5.0 Cu Ft. on a inverter from the 5er battery with the truck charging it for 21 days, driving 6 to 8 hours a day, then shore power while parked.  Never a problem.  It does not hardly ever run as long as the door is not opened. :)
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    Water Pressure

    I set mine at 50 psi.  :)
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    Oxygenics Shower head, how to keep on bracket

    Mine has been hanging like that for several years, still good.
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    simple green for roof cleaning??

    I use simple green, dawn, bleach.
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    Wondering about Ozone Generators

    They work well, not familiar with that brand.
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    TPMS Signal Booster the Lazy/Easy Way

    I mounted mine near the battery compartment with a toggle switch. :)
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    Flojet waste pump

    I too have a Flo-Jet portable.. I ran some 10Ga red/black speaker wire from there the battery compartment on the side of the rig through the storage area with a 30 amp fuse at the battery and installed Anderson power pole connectors on it and the pump lead.  Works great for me.
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    Clear sewer elbow

    I use a 45? swivel fitting & like it.
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    Standard vs Pass Through TPMS sensors

    My thoughts when I purchased my TST system was the pass through was more weight on the stem.  Adding air is not something required very often, so a non issue for me.
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    "Trailer Life" forum?

    Anyone here use "Trailer Life" RV Forum. Last few days I can't get in anymore. Anyone else having this problem?
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    1/2 ton or 3/4 ton

    The 250 is more than enough & is still big enough if you later decide to get a bigger trailer.
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    A/C output

    I have always been told 16? to 20? difference between the air going in and air coming out.
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    Anderson Leveler

    I prefer to raise both axles.
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