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    Two tow vehicles one travel trailer

    I haul Jeeps, RVs, and tractors all over the place so I've been able to toy with a few trailer brake controllers.  I have a Tekonsha Primus IQ in my Tow Vehicle.  Its a nice balance of good and cheap.  Easy to get adjusted since its self leveling, and cheap enough that I put one in the Motorhome...
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    Air compressor for alaska trip

    I carry a compressor as well.  Its impossible to find a gas station compressor capable of inflating my big tires to 85 psi. This one has been serving me well there's even a coupon...
  3. Will

    Check your tires - or else

    This just hit /r/roadcam on reddit I recently upgraded my rig and was tempted to hit the road on the existing tires before realizing they were 15 years old.  I'm glad I replaced them first.
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    New to Forum

    Hello!  Madisonite here.  Looks like you'll have to wait a little while longer cus the weather is staying nasty.
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    What is your crowning achievement?

    Thanks Tom.  I've been up, over, and through that forum for the last dozen months.  Got a lot of great ideas.  This is fun to read, too.  Seems like some peoples' crowning achievement has little to do with modifying their rigs, but rather conquering them.  Listing kids is cheating  ;D ;D ...
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    What is your crowning achievement?

    As I soldier on with my motorhome renovations, I get to look back at my progress and smile at what I have achieved.  I am curious, though, what everyone else is proud of on their rigs.  What creative, innovative, or helpful thing have you done to your rig that you are proud of and made your life...
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    Newbie - single woman - how difficult is it to set up a pop-up? gives a general Idea.  This model appears to be a lot of steps but relatively low effort.
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    I'm back, and bought a project!

    Still going. My carpenter buddy has been busy so Ive been focusing on mechanical issues.  Clogged brake proportioning valve, charging issues, house electrical.  Converted the old-school 16.5" wheels and impossible-to-find 16.5x8.00 tires over to some older 16" F350 wheels with much cheaper and...
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    Warning! Flying J Maybe Selling Up To 20% Bio-Mass Diesel Fuel Mix

    I put over 100k miles on my VW Diesel running 95-100% biodiesel. At  20% the blend is low enough that any negative effects of biodiesel should have been diluted out. 2007 and newer diesels which have a DPF and a third injection cycle may have oil polymerization issues with higher...
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    I'm back, and bought a project!

    I've made a lot of progress since first posting.  I removed the built in closets (its a weekender without a real bed, so I figure its OK to live out of a duffel bag) and framed out a counter where it was to hide the Water Heater, Furnace, and wheel well.  It didn't add any floorspace, but made...
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    I'm back, and bought a project!

    I knew I'd be back! I've been wanting to get another RV.  I miss my old Odyssey so when a running motorhome showed up in town, and for the right price, I had to snatch it up. I present to you my new 1980 Champion Transtar! The previous owner had started gutting the interior but gave up on the...
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    How NOT to get your camper out of a tight alley.

    NSFW language.  Just as funny with it muted though:
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    Setting up RV park wifi with Belkin router: how to extend/strengthen signal

    Amen to the DD-WRT. Have been using it for years and it works great. Using a router/repeater setup I was able to extend coverage to about 2 acres at my place. The Belkin router is a low end device, which just wont cover your needs.  eBay is probably the best place for it, to add to your...
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    Removing Ticks

    I was always told to remove ticks by twisting while gently pulling.  Ticks have these little splines around their heads that stick in and get deeper as you pull.  By twisting those splines pull out of the skin and twist alongside the tick, enabling you to pull them out. Its always worked for me.
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    Maximizing Life of Laptop Computer Battery

    All laptop batteries nowadays are LiIon cells which have many benefits.  LiIons do not have memory, and store a greater amount of charge.  The downsides are significant, however.  All Batteries discharge overtime, but with LiIons, the discharge is more permanent.  For a certain period of time...
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