Ed Juge's Professional History
Information provided by Mike Juge

The following information, originally created when Ed was still alive, was provided in response to a question about Ed's professional background during the April 2, 2003 Virtual Wake held to remember Ed and share stories about him.

From 1984 until 1993, Ed Juge headed Tandy Corporation's media relations effort and was the corporation’s primary spokesperson. He built credibility and a strong personal relationship with leading national, local and trade journalists and industry analysts.

Over the past decade, his monthly columns have appeared in three national PC magazines where they consistently ranked at the top of the "most-read" lists. A number of publications, including Barron's, CQ, CRN, PC Laptop, OMNI and QST, have published his articles. He has "ghost-written" op-ed pieces and speeches for corporate officers, and contributed to, or authored, brochures, catalogs, news releases, annual reports and advertising copy for Tandy and Radio Shack. Juge is founder and administrator of the Recreational Vehicle Forum on CompuServe.

No newcomer to technology, Juge's 40-year passion for electronics began with an amateur radio license at age 14. His experience in personal computers dates from 1972, including time as an early personal computer builder and business user. Juge spent eleven years in electronics retailing before joining Tandy in 1978. He entered the PC industry in its first year, as Director of Computer Merchandising for Radio Shack (1978 to 1984). He established and supervised Radio Shack's personal computer product management group, while revenues rose from $200,000 to near $1 billion. When he left in 1993, he was Senior Director of Marketing Relations.

Mr. Juge served on the Board of Directors of the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Personal Computing and on the Advisory Board for Datapro Reports on Microcomputers. He is listed in the Social Register of the Personal Computer Industry, and was a participant in the nationally televised 1991 Computer Bowl. Juge served on the American Radio Relay League's 1989 "No-Code" committee which recommended landmark amateur radio licensing changes enacted by the Federal Communications Commission in December 1990. He chaired the ARRL's national Committee on Digital Communications for the year 1992.

Currently, Mr. Juge does computer “evangelism” for the CompuServe Information Service and Compaq Computer Corporation, and some writing, working from his motorhome or home in New Mexico.