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    Repairing a Velvac 2030 Mirror

    If you remove the head from the arm there will be a connector with enough slack in the wire to make measurements.  Beware that: 1. The coach side of the wire may have tension on it and pull back into the sidewall of the coach. 2. The wire from the coach is likely to be a pigtail about 2 to 3...
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    Repairing a Velvac 2030 Mirror

    I think you may have the answer, right there..^ Phil
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    Repairing a Velvac 2030 Mirror

    I have the motion carriage of 2030 (passenger side) in front of me as I type this.  If you can move the mirror in both directions, the full distance of their normal travel, and hear and/or feel a strong ratchet type clicking, then the pivot is functioning.  Compare the feel of this action with...
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    2006 Jeep Wrangler Oxygen Sensor Heater

    Thanks for reporting back.  Glad to help. In  long term relationships with these vehicles,  certain issues can be anticipated.  So if the OPDA (oil pump drive assembly) , formerly known as distributor has not introduced itself to you, it might be good to take a  look at the camshaft  and oil...
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    2006 Jeep Wrangler Oxygen Sensor Heater

    There is an EPA identified Readiness Testabilty Issue with the 2005-2006 Jeep Wranger concerning the Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitor. The repair is described in TSB #25-001-07. It involves rewiring the fuel pump relay and Auto Shut Down systems. The TSB does not explain how or why the repair...
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    Towed Equinox Nearly broke away

    Over the years, I have abused a lot of iron and steel fabrications to the point of near failure and beyond in off road (Jeep) and highway towing, with several near separations.  So I have a few observations for you to consider. First is, I have used Blue Ox for many years after abandoning an...
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    Are those of you Class B/C's who bought the Mercedes diesel set up over the Ford

    I have camped near both Diesel and gas Onan generators in dispersed camp conditions.  The Diesel's run slower and slightly quieter than the gas units.  Under those conditions neither is very loud.  The Diesel will smoke a little at start up and  during heavy load but  since people in those camp...
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    Are those of you Class B/C's who bought the Mercedes diesel set up over the Ford

    Perhaps an unusual question to ascertain peoples comparison to the  Ford 53 chassis to the Mercedes Sprinter chassis. I currently have one of each so this would qualify as an uncommon answer. Originally I purchased a Winnebago Reyo 25Q.  That it was a Mercedes was incidental to the suitability...
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    Seniors Pass is going up get one NOW

    Need to clarify this. Life time Senior passes purchased for $10 before Aug. 28 cannot expire and will remain good for the holder’s lifetime.  If they are lost or destroyed, the replacements will cost the new price. Golden Age Passports are no longer sold. However, these passes will continue...
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    Bottom of slide out

    I had  a similar  issue with my Fleetwood 26 D.  The roller, which supported most of the refrigerator weight, compressed the wood floor bottom 1/16 inch and cut thru the plastic film layer.  Insufficient number of rollers supporting the load and FW failed to install the metal load bearing...
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    Propane regulator info

    I am going to share what I have learned thru research, from industrial sources regarding propane and the oil that contaminates some users supply.  I am certain some of you are quite attached to other theories. If so, please do your own research to clarify your understanding.  Can't blame you for...
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    Anyone know where I can find this LED "bulb"?

    One of these is the lamp assembly you have. It is disturbing that ITC seems to have removed it from active stock. Late last year there was...
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    Anyone know where I can find this LED "bulb"?

    Looks like an ITC  P/N:69240NS-21-3K A very good lamp assembly except for the large batch that was sold with the improper solder formulation. I hear that ITC will exchange them directly which, if true, is the safest way to approach this. All other sources may still have the defective units...
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    Need a multimeter?

    Looks to be a reasonable, expendable instrument but because of limited resolution (only 1 digit to the right of the decimal at 12 volts) not optimal for accurate state of battery judgement and power trouble shooting. Phil
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