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  1. ArdraF

    RV Parks near Henry Ford/Greenfield Village

    We usually stay at Detroit Greenfield. There isn't a whole lot of choice in that area. You'll probably have a bit of drive anywhere you stay. By the way, I hope you have several days at The Henry Ford. I worked there as a guide when I was in college and it has a wonderful collection in both...
  2. ArdraF

    I could not give up having an RV

    Am I allowed to chuckle? I wondered how long your state of RV-less-ness would last. Seriously, it looks nice and I know you'll both enjoy being able to take off for a change of scenery. ArdraF
  3. ArdraF

    Utah and Grand Canyon

    Southern Utah is a roamer's paradise so it's hard to make a choice when time is so limited. My first choice is Bryce Canyon because it's so different and the hiking trails are neat. My second choice probably is Zion because of beautiful formations and more neat hiking trails. The Grand Canyon...
  4. ArdraF

    I am new to RVs and about to purchase my first for full-time living. Help with identifying marks in a photo.

    Welcome to the RV Forum! I agree with the others that the first photo may reflect an old leak. If you can ask the owner about it that would be a great way to reduce/increase concerns. I would be more concerned about mold if the RV has spent most of its life in the southeastern US where the...
  5. ArdraF

    Forum Update - We're back! Ask your questions here.

    Do we still have the memorial page for members who have passed to the Great Campground in the Sky? Something I saw reminded me of it and I can't find it if it's still available. ArdraF
  6. ArdraF

    New Posts In Thread Since Last Visit

    I tried "Click to Expand" above and it shows okay but is there a way to unexpand? ArdraF
  7. ArdraF

    Gas Stations for big rigs

    There are two excellent printed guides to use in finding fuel.  One is called the Next Exit which provides the names of businesses at freeway interchanges.  For example, it might tell you that there is a Flying J on the north side of the highway and Arby's and Denny's on the south side.  It's a...
  8. ArdraF

    Observant dog

    So true!  My sister lived in a five-level house and when we all visited their dog knew exactly where every one of us was.  He would lie on the middle level where he could see up to the bedrooms on the upper two levels, into the kitchen, dining room and living rooms on his level, and down to the...
  9. ArdraF

    Long grades with my 2005 400hp Cummins?

    Larry, yes it's a turbo.  In the case cited the drastic drop in speed was definitely caused by keeping the cruise on way too long for the increasing elevation!  We did the exact same route the following year but remembered to anticipate the long uphill so took the cruise off and it was just...
  10. ArdraF

    Long grades with my 2005 400hp Cummins?

    Elevation hasn't been mentioned and that can have a big impact on performance.  One time on I-70 westbound from Denver we were so busy chatting that no one thought to take it off cruise control.  About the time we got to Eisenhower Tunnel our big Cummins 500hp ISC darned near shut down.  The...
  11. ArdraF

    Please pray for my wife

    Prayers for Mary Jane Anderson's full recovery. ArdraF
  12. ArdraF

    COVID 19 Vaccine

    Arch, that was in Las Vegas NV.  I heard on the radio this morning that the new Las Vegas Convention Center might be used for second shots.  It seems like a good venue because it's not being used for anything else right now. ArdraF
  13. ArdraF

    COVID 19 Vaccine

    I never thought it would happen (we also thought we'd die of old age) but I went into our vaccination site this morning and we had our first vaccinations two hours later.  This weekend they closed and revamped one of the vaccine sites and that opened up some appointments that previously weren't...
  14. ArdraF

    Has Covid Vaccine Arrived in Your Area Yet?

    Update on my earlier comment.  The Southern Nevada Health District website promptly crashed so getting an appointment was impossible.  Today's paper said "a few people" got vaccinated.  A few???  Really???  How many months have they had to prepare for this event??  I went on the website this...
  15. ArdraF

    Bald Eagles nesting behind house

    Great photos, Isaac, and thanks for sharing both them and the commentary. ArdraF
  16. ArdraF

    Has Covid Vaccine Arrived in Your Area Yet?

    Gary, that's not quite true.  Distribution isn't the problem, it's the local areas and some of their rules, not to mention a Monday-through-Friday and 8-to-5 mentality.  Some local dispensers are actually discarding their vaccine allotments because they've taken so long to get up and running...
  17. ArdraF

    Satellite Receivers and services

    We're primarily in the west but family is east so we go there too.  We both like our TV shows so making sure we're clear of obstructions is a primary criterion when going into a new site.  We have been known to move if we can't see the satellites!  We have a compass app so have a general...
  18. ArdraF

    Great news Negative test

    Our nephew had it way back last January before we knew very much about it.  He knew he was very sick and so miserable he knew he was going to die, but not what it was.  He has since been tested for the antibodies and sure enough he had Covid.  He had attended a conference in San Francisco and...
  19. ArdraF

    Satellite Receivers and services

    In addition to the hardware, the programming that's available may make a difference as to whether you order DirecTV or Dish.  We happen to like DirecTV because it suits our needs.  People who watch a lot of sports, for example, may prefer one over the other.  If you have specific channels you...
  20. ArdraF

    DP driving School

    Highly recommend the RV Driving School.  We had been driving RVs for a good 25+ years when we took their course and it was worth it to learn a few things we didn't know.  Lots of helpful things to know about backing up. ArdraF
  21. ArdraF

    Has Covid Vaccine Arrived in Your Area Yet?

    We lived in Pennsylvania during the 1950s polio epidemic.  My mother was babysitting a family of five children whose parents were out of town when polio hit our area.  She didn't come home for quite a while because she was afraid she would transmit it to me.  The oldest boy had the worst case...
  22. ArdraF

    Chuck Yeager, RIP

    Considering his aerial exploits, some in experimental aircraft, it's amazing that he lived as long as he did.  He was one brave fellow!  RIP Chuck Yeager. ArdraF
  23. ArdraF

    Utah Monolith

    And a fourth one appeared overnight in Las Vegas NV at the Fremont Street Experience.  I should think the security cameras there will show some activity - unless the perpetrators wear invisible cloaks! ArdraF
  24. ArdraF

    RIP Marlene Dobrin

    Jerry and I are both so sorry to hear this sad news.  I'll never forget the time we pulled into a South Haven, Michigan campground and saw your motorhome parked ahead of us.  It was such an unexpected and delightful visit!  We also were pleased to meet one of your lovely daughters, Lisa, when...
  25. ArdraF

    how well do the single unit washer/dryers work?

    Love our "vented" Splendide washer/dryer!  Yes, it's different from the one you have a home, but it's really not a big deal.  It's mainly a short learning curve.  I absolutely detest using laundromats (finding one in a strange town, sometimes dicey standards of cleanliness, waiting for other...
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