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    Think before you act.

    I just want to remind everyone to think before you act in everything you do in life. Yesterday after noon a couple near me pulled there 2 dual sports into there toy hauler.  From what I was told about 25 minutes latter there was a fire that started near the dual sports. The couple made it out...
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    what brand AGM?

    It's time for all new batteries.  I have a glider show hauler.  It has a Cummins N14 with 450HP.  My 9 year old wet batteries have slowly been dyeing over the last 4 years and I'm down to 3 out of 7.  Number 4 bit the bucket this morning and I have combined my house and starting batteries. I...
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    I made my neighbors mad

    I'm a traveling ICU nurse.  I took a 6 month contract at a hospital and prepaid for my RV site for 6.5 months. I work from 5 or 6 morning/day shifts a week (4am to 2pm).  I wear street clothing to and from work.  I take a 30 minute walk every day after work and will take 2 or 3 on my days off. ...
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