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    Winnie 2005 Vectra trim, front wheel, and lug nut corrosion

    There are a couple spots on horizontal trim where the paint is bubbled and there is some underlying corrosion. what is the recommended practice for repair? Was checking tire pressures yesterday and noticed on front wheels some small areas of corrosion on the alum wheel and some rust on the...
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    2005 Winnie Vectra 400hp Cummins tech question

    Is the fuel injection on the 2005 Cummins mechanical or electronic? Also, is the injection pump purely mechanical or electronically regulated? thx to anyone taking the time to answer. I googled this and couldn't find specific answers.
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    Winnie Vectra Basement A/C service question

    Basement A/C not working because the fan that moves air across the heat exchanger coil is seized up. Tried giving it a push but can't get it to run. Called around to 1/2 dozen RV places and no one will work on it (even the really big service shops.) Unit is not on a slide out frame so it must...
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    Rookie diesel pusher fueling question

    Got the TSD logistics fuel discount card as recommended on this forum. Saved us about $125 on 2500 mile FL to MN trip. Wish there were more participating stations. Question: when logging in with TSD at the big truck pumps it asks if vehicle is "tractor" or "reefer". why is that important...
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    2005 Winnie Vectra weird repeating noise when rear tires parked on boards to raise the rear?

    Rookie owner. Attempting to set it up at home with slides out. Leveling system notes if area is slightly sloped to have front at low end so jacks are raising the front to achieve level. In our home parking space slightly lower (1-1/2 to 2") rear of coach is unavoidable so I put down 2x6...
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    Slides and jack set up sequence question for DP with freightliner chassis?

    Possible dumb question... rookie DP owner. 2005 Winnie Vectra. Coach has very nice fully auto leveling system that dumps the suspension air and then extends the jacks and levels the coach. This is done with the engine off as specified in the instructions. I have confirmed the slides use...
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    What was running when new coach battery installed?

    2005 Winnie Vectra - got coach back from engine repair and coach batteries were dead. disconnected them and charged them and I'm hoping they are not ruined. When reconnected I could hear a fan running but couldn't figure out where. (I'm deaf in one ear so can't locate sound sources). From...
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    Desperately searching for a 2005 400hp Cummins accelerator pedal A01-29042-000

    This engine failure is getting to be really annoying. Initial event was siezed alternator that broke the serpentine belt. thats fixed. on the plus side State Farm covered 100% of the $770 tow. After alternator repair shop noticed a check engine lite. Tech reports it is an accelerator fault...
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    2005 Vectra low voltage at the A/C compressor, shop can't find the problem

    Truck repair facility giving up after 5 hours of diagnostics at $128/hour. They report the wire supplying voltage to the compressor is only providing 8-9 volts which won't engage the clutch. The clutch will engage if 12v. is "hot wired" to the clutch. one solution is to add a 6v. relay; use...
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    Rookie DP'er maiden trip report with bonus engine failure compare vs. 30' gasser

    Many thanks to all who offered advice here to my numerous questions. 2005 Winnie Vectra 400hp Cummins 37,000 miles replaced 30' Winnie gasser with Ford V10. Trip was Tampa FL to Jacksonville NC to St Cloud MN approx 2500 miles +'s seemingly infinite power compared to V10 engine brake...
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    2005 Winnie Vectra a little water over the top of the slide when retracted

    Still on the steep learing curve with the new to us Vectra. Rain last nite for several hours but not a big storm. We noticed some water (probably less than a cup) on top of the slide after it was retracted this morning. Is this likely a gasket issue or maybe something else to look for. thx...
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    2005 Vectra central ceiling fan power switch location

    Coach has a powered fan in ceiling near bathroom. Looked all over and can't find the power switch. Same fan in commode room has power switch. Suggestions anyone?
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    Rookie DP Driver seeks advice

    1st day on the road. 2005 Winnie Vectra 400hp cummins 6 spd allison. Level at 65mph is 1600 rpm and 12.5 lbs of boost. short steep grades (overpasses) cause 25-30lbs of boost. engine temp was about 185; got to just under 200 on a long grade where I slowed down to 35 mph in 3rd gear...
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    2005 Winnie Vectra rookie owner questions

    PO showed me port for compressed air but I cant remember where. Also what cold PSI for front and rear tires 275/R80 22.5. Info was not in the manual and i couldnt find the nameplate. Thx to anyone offering advice. Mark in MN.
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    2005 Winnie Vectra person door how to secure it open?

    rookie DP owner getting to know our new to us Vectra. It seems the person door has no provision for latching it open which could be a common desire when camping. Is there a provision I'm just not seeing and , if no, what DIY solutions exist? thx to anyone taking the time to offer advice...
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    RV reefer repair jacksonville nc recommendation?

    Got several days of travel ahead and non operative reefer. If no success DIY repair then maybe pro repair while visiting daughter in NC. looking for recommendations in Jacksonville NC area. Thx to anyone offering advice.
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    Norcold "no co" error?

    Just picked up the rv today. Coach batteries are shot, replacing those tomorrow. Reefer wont chill and gives error "no mo". Tried manual reset no joy. Anyone know what else i could try? We are 1400 miles from home and would really like functional reefer. Thx. Mark in MN ( presently in FL)
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    The "Mother-in-Law apartment"

    Saw this going down the road; DP pulling a travel trailer painted to match. Bumper sticker on the trailer said "Mother-in-Law apartment". Not sure if that was real but it was pretty funny anyway.
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    Southern Florida Campground Reservations for Jan or Feb 2022?

    Freshly retired RV owner. Already thinking about 2-4 weeks in FL (preferably on the water) in 2022 to escape MN winter. Did some looking but it seems like many campgrounds or resorts are already booked for that time of year. looking for suggestions on how to approach this. $50 - $100 per...
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    220v. for an RV size dryer?

    I have been reading reviews of RV washer/dryers and separate units. very mediocre dryer performance seems to be the rule which isn't surprising when the unit only has 100v. supply. Unless I'm mistaken a 50a. campground plug can provide 220 so I wondering if there is a 220v. mini dryer out...
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    Is there a review forum for RV service centers?

    Rookie DP owner. There is a large RV dealer with adjacent freightliner service center about 20 miles from me. Seems like a perfect set up for DP service but I was wondering where I might find reviews as I don't want to take anything for granted and horror stories abound. thx to anyone...
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    Should I carry a spare for 40' DP Winnie Vectra?

    I normally don't travel without a spare. In my experience of 50 years of driving thats the best insurance to not need one. Moving up to a DP. Wondering if DP users typically carry a spare. Also assume tires are 50% into their wear life; can a new tire be put in service on a dually axle with...
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    On line source for Wiper Blades 2005 Winnie Vectra?

    looking for on-line sources for wiper blades for 2005 Winnie Vectra. Picking up an RV in a couple weeks and will spend several days in FL; don't want to experience a FL deluge with questionable blades. IMHO a FL rain deluge is the worst driving conditions I've ever experienced and that...
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    What is gallons per hour for 7.5kw diesel gen running basement A/C?

    Rookie owner of 2005 Winnie Vectra. Just wondering what to expect for fuel usage if camping without shore power somewhere nighttime temps are high enough to need the AC or daytime temps so high A/C needed to keep the living area comfortable. I realize it's dependent on several variables but at...
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    need suggestions for 3/31 & 4/1 RV park for 40' DP st petersburg area. lots and lots of looking unsuccessful

    going to FL end of march to pick up a new to us Winnie Vectra. Plan to spend a couple days visiting daughter in st petersburg. no space at her place for RV. So far impossible to find an RV park vacancy. looking for suggestions. didn't realize the snowbirds stayed so long and many of the "RV...
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