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  1. Jkoht

    Television Antenna

    Might be a silly question but I'm going to ask anyways, was your antenna turned on? In both mine and my parents' campers there's a little button on the faceplate of the "antenna out" jack near the TV. When turned on they both light up a green led. I only ask because I know if they get bumped...
  2. Jkoht

    Family of 8 on 1 month road trip adventure?

    I totally agree with this. Even after my wife and I got our own travel trailer a few years ago last year I couldn't pass up an awesome deal on a 1996 dutchmen pop up. Growing up in a family of 6 traveling the country with a dutchmen was some of the best memories in my life. We never felt like we...
  3. Jkoht

    Family of 8 on 1 month road trip adventure?

    When I was a kid my family used to use a Ford econoline conversion van to pull a pop up with up to 7 of us. It was a great time. We used rooftop cargo containers for luggage to keep the interior of the van clear. Another thing I might suggest is a nice size cargo trailer and load it up with...
  4. Jkoht

    Propane system help

    If you're unfamiliar with propane gas systems please talk to a professional to get it set up correctly. Gary is right when he's talking about high pressure LP vs low pressure LP. If you don't know what you're doing at best you can have a low flame on your grill that doesn't cook very well, at...
  5. Jkoht

    Haven't Purchased RV Yet

    I find that generally people induce swaying in trailers when they're trying to do 80 down the freeway. I know it can happen anytime, but around 55-60 has been perfect for me to tow my toyhauler trailer. I figure I'll get there when I get there i.e. I don't have unrealistic expectations on...
  6. Jkoht

    Custom Build 20' Toy Hauler

    I'll be interested to see what you do. A few years ago, before I bought my current camper trailer, I turned my cargo trailer into a multi use unit. I have a 6x12 v nose cargo trailer that I use for my ATV. I added three windows, two skylights, an AC system, a DC system, welded a rack on the...
  7. Jkoht

    Lug nut size

    To the OP I understand your pain. When my dad bought his camper we brought it up to the cabin where it stays when not in use and blew a tire on the rocky road in. When we tried to change the tire we discovered that the lug nut was recessed into a hole in the rim, and no socket or deep socket we...
  8. Jkoht

    How do I test that these brakes work?

    I'm sure you've heard what having a boat means? BREAK OUT ANOTHER THOUSAND. Get the boat off and bring that thing to a shop to have it done professionally, it'll be done right and you'll be happier in the long run.
  9. Jkoht

    Solar help/ideas

    Why not just take the batteries home with you and keep them on a tender?
  10. Jkoht

    Proper wiring for a battery disconnect switch

    On my boat, which is the only thing I have a factory kill switch on, the manufacturer put it on the positive side. The housing and even the switch itself is all red, which I know doesn't necessarily mean it has to be on the positive side, but visually it makes it easy to work on if you have to...
  11. Jkoht

    Portable Generator Choice

    That's my point don, if the OP bought the predator 4000, that's an open frame construction genny.
  12. Jkoht

    Portable Generator Choice

    No one around you will be happy with your choice of generator.
  13. Jkoht

    weight distribution hitches

    I tow my trailer with a WDH that has the bars that are on chains. Don't know specifically which brand or model as it came with the trailer when I bought it used, but I like it and it seems to work well. I will say be careful with them loading and unloading. Two years ago I was unhitching and...
  14. Jkoht

    9 Best RV Resorts According To Travel & Leisure

    I scrolled this list expecting to see a particular South Dakota campground listed, and boy was I shocked when they chose the Rafter J Bar. The Palmer Gulch KOA imo is a way better choice. They have a bunch of various kinds of sites, camper cabins, a hotel, shops, an on site rodeo, horseback...
  15. Jkoht

    Generator break-in period advice

    Hello all, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Predator 3500 generator because I'll be going to a music festival this year and don't want to bring a loud generator. I'll be unboxing it this weekend and starting the break in period. I'm pretty savvy when it comes to general motor maintenance as...
  16. Jkoht

    Choosing a tow vehicle

    Why do you want a manual? I know from personal experience that getting stuck in stop and go traffic on a two lane scenic highway was bad enough in a manual truck. Just imagining that same scenario while trailering sounds like a very bad day to me.
  17. Jkoht

    RV Financing

    Talk to the bank to find out what their process is and why they sent out those documents. When I bought my camper I financed it through my own credit union and all they did was make me get insurance on it before they released the funds to my account for me to write the check.
  18. Jkoht

    2000 colement pop up no interior power

    I'm not familiar with how a coleman is set up, but if it's anything like a Dutchmen there is a kill switch under the flip over sink/stove portion. It's to prevent you from accidentally leaving a light on and it killing the battery when the popup is closed. On mine it looks like a spring loaded...
  19. Jkoht

    First trip, couple questions

    I'm genuinely curious as to how this happened? Is there a seperate gas line coming from the tanks that does not go through the regulator? I can't envision what that set up would look like, but there'd have to be a line that bypassed the regulator. Everything I've ever seen has either a single or...
  20. Jkoht

    1985 Lazy Daze 22 - What questions should I ask

    I'm not saying this is, but could this be one of those youtube channel facelift projects? There's a lot of people out there now buying old campers and vans, giving them face lifts with interiors and fancy electronics all for youtube page views, but not actually doing anything to the engine or...
  21. Jkoht

    Stinky slinky

    I'll add my support of the rhinoflex as well with one caveat. I was just in a site where my 20' length did not reach the sewer. Fortunately I was near a walmart so I went out and bought a 10' model as well. With the quick connect sewer elbow I can now use either hose, or both, depending on the...
  22. Jkoht

    I've had two instances with that corporation. Bear in mind they also own gander outdoors, and overtons. Some products can be found across all three sites, and usually the same price. My first go around I needed to buy two sets of disc-o-bed cots. They run around $249 without any sales. At the...
  23. Jkoht

    Sudden Reverse Polarity?

    I'm betting the electrician swapped wires. They tend to treat an rv outlet like a dryer outlet, and from what I've heard doing that results in this current problem. Seriously if you have any aptitude for this it shouldn't be a hard fix, turn off the main breaker, open the new rv outlet box, and...
  24. Jkoht

    Losing home & need to immediately relocate to truck camper

    Did you just get a conversion van or is it an actual class B built on a ford can chassis? I grew up with two different Ford conversion Van's, and while they are comfortably for travel, i.e. rear couch and 4 captain chairs, they were not designed to actual camp or live out of.
  25. Jkoht

    My new-to-me Dutchmen

    I figure if I help with the deck work, which I don't mind, by the end they might owe me money hahaha. ;D ;D
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