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    First timer mistakes....

    Over the three years we have had our RV I have really enjoyed coming on this forum and learning, laughing from others who are willing to share their knowledge in the RV world. So I was curious what mistakes or accidents did you make when you first started RV'ing? 1. Parked the RV in our side...
  2. K

    Every day is a learning experience - Anti-theft

    My wife was taking the RV for the weekend with our Granddaughter and less then a block away from the house the RV died and wouldn't restart. She called me at work for the rescue and about half way to rescue her I called her and asked if she by chance hit the anit-theft device on the left of the...
  3. K

    Manual vs Electric Awnings

    Currently I have a manual awning on the MH, it's basically a PITA to take out but I like using it when we are stopped for a couple days. We are contemplating changing it out for an electrical awning. Any opinions either way, keeping it or switching it out?
  4. K

    Power Steering fluid out the breather tube

    Drove my rig to fill up with gas. Started rig and I had no power steering. As I was driving back home the power steering would work then not work, brakes had limited function also. Stopped at home to check things out and power steering fluid was coming out of the breather tube on the top of the...
  5. K

    Window replacement options

    During a recent trip across Washington State, my coach front windshield had a crack starting from the top and bottom middle of the spilt window. I sent an email to the local Fleetwood factory (Oregon) to get a quote on a replacement but they haven't responded yet (it's been months). Anyone in...
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    re-charging Refer

    Do RV frig/freezers need recharging? Our norcold (model unknown) seems to be having problems keeping cold and the freezer seems to some days freezes and other days not freeze. I know they have to be level to work efficiently but in the last year of owning this coach 94' Fleetwood Pace Arrow. The...
  7. K

    old solar panel on AC unit

    We have had our 94 Pace Arrow for a year now and are still learning thing about her. This one is stumping me right now, I am pretty sure it doesn't work due to age but what does it do and can it be fixed or repaired. Hope the images show up ok.
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