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  1. ArdraF

    Possible Stolen Fleetwood Excursion

    Jerry has been observing a fairly new Fleetwood Excursion Class A motorhome that has been parked in a Las Vegas Von's grocery store parking lot.  He said it disappeared for a few days and reappeared parked differently.  No license plate on it and it's now looking worse.  This morning he tried...
  2. ArdraF

    Men vs. Women and Dirt

    Jerry was going through an old file today and came across the following.  We don't remember where or when we saw it, but it still makes us chuckle.  Hope you enjoy it too.     The primary difference between men and women is that women can see extremely small quantities of dirt.  Not when...
  3. ArdraF

    Salute to Heros Who Gave Their All

    Yesterday the remains of some of our soldiers left in North Korea at the end of the Korean conflict were returned home.  It's been a very long time and I pray every one of them has some family left to welcome them home and bury them properly. As background, this is a subject very dear to my...
  4. ArdraF

    MotorHome Magazine Celebrates 50th Birthday

    I've been catching up on my magazine reading.  The January 2018 issue of Motorhome was it's 50th birthday issue.  Many of you long-time RVers will remember that Art Rouse had a vision of a magazine catering to a new and growing industry called motorhomes.  The first issue was MotorHome Life and...
  5. ArdraF

    Las Vegas I-15 Construction at US 95/93 Intersection

    Las Vegas/Clark County has begun the final phase of Project Neon which is the widening of I-15 at the "Spaghetti Bowl" where it intersects with US 95 and US 93.  The road has been reduced to two Lanes and ramps have been changed resulting in very long delays, especially during commute times. ...
  6. ArdraF


    Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you all be healthy, wealthy and wise! Travel safely and see you down the road, ArdraF
  7. ArdraF

    Happy Thanksgiving

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! I'm thankful to have such a great group of people as the RV Forum framily.  We've had many wonderful times together in person and, even though some of us have never met, it's fun to have so many internet friends.  Travel safe and have a great day! ArdraF
  8. ArdraF

    Marta Becket, Ballerina Extraordinare, R.I.P.

    Marta Becket, who founded the Amargosa Opera House, died in Death Valley Junction CA on January 30, 2017 at the age of 92 years.  Marta was well-known to many RVers and others who stopped in Death Valley Junction on their way to/from Death Valley.  In 1967, the classically-trained dancer stopped...
  9. ArdraF


    Just want to wish all our RVForum framily a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We hope that you all have good health, prosperity, and good RVing in 2017. ArdraF and JerryF
  10. ArdraF

    Major Construction in Las Vegas at "Spaghetti Bowl" I-15/US95

    This week the NDOT closed a couple of ramps at the I-5 and U.S. 95 intersection known as the Spaghetti Bowl.  This and later closures will last through February 2017 while they tear down one portion of the highway and build a flyover bridge linking the two highways.  Finding alternate routes is...
  11. ArdraF

    I-15 Virgin River Gorge AZ construction delays Feb. 9-11, 2016

    The ongoing bridge replacement project continues on I-15 in Arizona and will be worse next week.  Speed will be reduced to 25 mph from 6:00 a.m. Feb. 9 through midnight Feb. 11 on the highway between St. George UT and Mesquite NV.  Road crews are trying to minimize vibrations on a fresh concrete...
  12. ArdraF

    The Former Riverbend RV Resort in Harrisburg, Oregon

    For those of you who have stayed at Riverbend Resort there has been another name change.  When we were last in the area the place was torn up and we were told it had a new owner.  Apparently Life Bible Church bought it and was changing a lot of the facility.  They changed the name to River Life...
  13. ArdraF

    Introduction to Towing a Car

    The November 2015 issue of Motorhome magazine has a good introductory article [pp. 54-55, 57-60, 62-64, 68-72] for those just learning about towing a vehicle behind their motorhome.  The title is "Dinghy 101: The essential guide to safely towing a vehicle behind your motorhome."  It includes...
  14. ArdraF

    Zion's Utah Route 9 Closed by Rock Fall 9-23-2015

    On Wednesday at 4:30 a.m. there was a serious rock fall near Pine Creek Bridge on the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway.  The Pine Creek Bridge is on the west side of the tunnel, a half mile east of the Canyon Junction shuttle stop.  It is near the first switchback going up to the tunnel.  The largest...
  15. ArdraF

    Happy Birthday, Linda Sharp

    The Sharp family has a lot of birthdays this week so have fun celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!! ArdraF and JerryF
  16. ArdraF

    New Consumer Report Toilet Paper Ratings

    The October 2015 issue of Consumer Reports has the latest toilet paper ratings.  The article "Dirty Little Secrets of Toilet Paper" starts on p. 20 and the ratings table is on p.23.  If you thought that toilet paper rolls are shrinking, you're correct.  They do it both by reducing the number of...
  17. ArdraF

    Latest Generator Ratings

    If you're in the market for a generator (portable or stationary) Consumer Reports has just published it's latest ratings.  See the October 2015 issue.  The article "Dark and Stormy Nights" starts on p. 16 but the ratings are on pp. 18-19.  RVers are always interested in how much fuel a generator...
  18. ArdraF


    Wishing you a wonderful day with family and friends. HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY!!! ArdraF and JerryF
  19. ArdraF

    Minirally at Sutherlin's Timber Valley SKP Park

    Last week we were delighted to find ourselves in Oregon and near Timber Valley where some of the "retired" RV Forum folk live.  Helaine hosted a happy hour with Connie, the Binningers, the Wainwrights, and the FitzGeralds.  We had some great reminiscing about our earliest rallies.  Thanks...
  20. ArdraF

    Please Take Care of Your TIRES!

    Yesterday a family was in Florida returning north to Michigan when their right front tire caught fire.  The man said it happened very fast.  The RV Doctor happened to be passing by and he ran over to help get the car unhitched and the wife and daughter out of the window to safety.  The Dutch...
  21. ArdraF

    KOA Las Vegas at Circus Circus to close

    This will be sad news for a lot of people.  The 350-site KOA campground at Circus Circus in Las Vegas will close Sept. 29, 2014 to make way for the Rock in Rio USA festival site.  It has been a popular campground for 35 years because it is so close to many Strip attractions. MGM Resorts...
  22. ArdraF

    MOAB 2015 RV FORUM ANNUAL RALLY, MAY 10-16, 2015

    We had a great rally this year and now it's time to sign up for a Moab rally NEXT year ? 2015.  The dates are May 10-16, 2015 (7 nights, departing May 17th).  We can't get into Portal any earlier than the week of May 10th because the FMCA four-wheeling group has reserved the entire park for the...
  23. ArdraF

    Virgin River Canyon Construction on I-15 in Arizona

    The Arizona Department of Transportation is replacing or making major repairs to seven of the eight bridges within the Virgin River Canyon.  This is a 36-mile stretch of I-15 that crosses the very northwestern tip of Arizona between Mesquite NV and St. George UT.  These projects will stretch...
  24. ArdraF

    Sue Anne has a birthday

    HAPPY 43rd BIRTHDAY TO SUE ANNE! ArdraF and JerryF
  25. ArdraF

    The Man Who Buys Cracker Barrel's Artifacts

    The November 2013 issue of Motorhome magazine (pp. 18-21) has an interesting article about the man who is responsible for collecting items for Cracker Barrel restaurants.  Larry Singleton's mother owned an antique store and Dan Evins, the man who founded and built the first Cracker Barrel, asked...
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