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    So, I am trying to decide what RV is right for my first one. My requirements land me in a Class A or C diesel RV. I am torn because I want to spend most of my time in nature instead of RV parks, but I work full time remotely. As such, I have to be online with power and internet M-F. My thought...
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    New Solo RVer

    As mentioned in my welcome post, I am a newbie to the RV life. Actually, I am not a newbie yet as I still live in my sticks and bricks (hardy board rather), but it is the plan. Anyway, I am struggling to find the right RV for me. Because I will be alone on the road, I would rather not have a...
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    New to RVing

    Hello everyone. It has been a challenging 2019/20 as I was unemployed or underemployed for most of that time. In December, I got my dream job, which is full time remote, so I thought I would finish chasing my dream of seeing more of this continent. I started chasing this dream before Covid when...
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