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  1. Rene T

    3 wire clearance lights?

    Ex, I’m not sure your diagram is of the typical RV wiring schematic. A typical one has the key way at the top and the the pin on either side are for battery and tail lights. Maybe what you provided would be for a boat trailer or something else.
  2. Rene T


    Welcome to the forum. Are you new to rv’ing?
  3. Rene T

    How to remove batten strips on 2008 Adventurer 38J

    Got to see pictures just to verify you did it. 🤪😂😅
  4. Rene T

    Can I get my TT into my driveway?

    I too would back in the same direction. If you try backing it in from the other direction that would be on your blind side which can be very difficult especially for someone with no experience. Take a look at the branches of the tree on the corner of your driveway. You may have to do some...
  5. Rene T

    RV's: The Big Rip!

    Are they expensive?
  6. Rene T

    RV's: The Big Rip!

    What’s a DPF?
  7. Rene T


    Call the supplier just to verify whether it’s for real or a misprint. They may have to ship it by tractor trailer
  8. Rene T

    Can I get my TT into my driveway?

    No need for the OSB. It will roll just fine on the grass. What about that small tree? Will that be a issue? Is it yours or your neighbors?
  9. Rene T

    "Select all images with a bus"

  10. Rene T

    Water heater issue

    1st thing to check is make sure your shower valves are turned off and not just at the spray wand. Also check the outside shower if you have one. How many valves do you have behind the heater for winterizing. If the line that goes from the cold water line to the hot water line (which is the...
  11. Rene T

    Motorhome is shorting my house??

    Shut all your circuit breakers in the MH then plug into home outlet. If all is good, turn on one breaker at a time. if all is good, turn it off then do the same to another one. Repeat that process until you check all of them. If all is good, turn them all on and tell us what happens.
  12. Rene T

    Can I get my TT into my driveway?

    That picture is in Nebraska I believe. That’s where the OP is from.
  13. Rene T

    Can I get my TT into my driveway?

    You are not stupid. If you have a question, ask it no matter how small it may seem to you. If you don’t know the answer it’s not stupid to ask.
  14. Rene T

    Texas Motor Speedway - NASCAR this weekend - Lets GOOOOOOOO!!!!

    I’m about 20 miles to NH Speedway in Loudon and I’ve never been to a race there. We did go to Daytona once, stayed in the infield all weekend in the back of my pickup. Had a ball.
  15. Rene T

    Can I get my TT into my driveway?

    I think you’ve made a wise decision. Now maybe after towing for a while and you get good at it, you may be able to try it.
  16. Rene T

    Replacement Vent Help for thick roof

    Do you need the entire assembly or just the door that opens. The doors are easy to find and replace. I know you said you need the entire fan but I’m just making sure as to what you need. Usually just the door breaks
  17. Rene T

    Texas Motor Speedway - NASCAR this weekend - Lets GOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Lucky you. Sunday is going to be a late race at least for us on the East coast.
  18. Rene T

    Smell propane

    The dealer missed that leak before so he should be able to squeeze you in.
  19. Rene T

    Jim Godward

    Ernie, what was his forum name?
  20. Rene T

    Smell propane

    Good for you. Thanks for getting back to us. Let us know how you make out with the dealer
  21. Rene T

    Smell propane

    You need to add a little liquid dish detergent to the water. Just water will not bubble.
  22. Rene T

    Can I get my TT into my driveway?

    Is that little tree on the left yours or you neighbors? It’s a little hard to tell fo sure but it looks like it may need to be trimmed back so it doesn’t rip your awning and scratch decals and siding. You’ve got a lot of things working against you. I’ve got 40 plus years backing heavy equipment...
  23. Rene T

    Can I get my TT into my driveway?

    How much experience do you have backing in long trailers with a long van in a narrow driveway? Your going to have issues backing in because of how narrow the entrance is to your driveway. You will be going over the curbs for sure. I would build some type of tapered planking to put in front of...
  24. Rene T

    2005 georgiaboy pursuit Hwater heater elec switch

    I can’t believe no one welcomed you to the forum so here goes, welcome to the forum. I had a Atwood, (now Dometic) years ago and there was a standard wall switch like you have for a light in a house right between the stove and the sink. That had a red light built into the switch just to let...
  25. Rene T

    Newbie TT checklist

    You’re going to get humidity in the rig no matter what you do from taking showers, cooking, leaking windows, opening door and breathing. The DampRid won’t have time to react before something else adds humidity. I’ve never heard of anyone using it for short term like just weekend camping so save...
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