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  1. John From Detroit

    Virus news

    Not long ago I mentioned in some places the CORONA-19 infection rate around me was fast approaching 0.1% (96 in 100,000 was the number) This morning, 3.6 in 100,000... Now that is a change I like.... Our Governor did the right things. And people are getting the shots (but not fast enough to...
  2. John From Detroit

    That was fun (NOT)

    Darn computer. I keep a spreed sheet of my Blood pressure, BP and other stuff.. Well when I opened it this AM it had reverted to a month old verson so I 'd lost a month of readings.. or had I? My last windows laptop had a 500Gig HD.. Genuine HD. this one has only 1/2 that so I slipped the old...
  3. John From Detroit

    At Last!!!

    Due primarly to the COVID-mess it tool me till this month to get a copy of the Title for my motor home so insurance could pay me. Finally got it, messed it up. took them a week to figure out how to deal with that then we E-mailed a few thigns back and forth one day This AM on the way back from...
  4. John From Detroit

    Got a new prescription today

    Got a new prescription today think this one I'll refill....often
  5. John From Detroit

    Quartsite news for ham radio operators

    Quartsite now has at least one Amaterur Radio D-Star Repeater.. Do not know the frequency but it's registered wo repeater list should show it. I hang on REF030C most of the time but from 9:30 eastern to 10:45 (Under control of crontab) REF059A with some other RVers or other...
  6. John From Detroit

    Gone at last.

    Kind of mixed emotions (I picked the sad icon but in many ways happy) After over 10 years (not shure exactly how much over) in the motor home full time it's gone now... Insurance was supposed to pick it up today and apartment management is complaining.. Well Insurance screwed up so I drove it...
  7. John From Detroit

    Fatal crash. Self driving car. Human playing video game. At least the police (Well a deputy sheriff) arrived promptly. Though the crash was 2 years ago the story was on the news this morning. (Oh Though the Tesla hit the Deputy's car the Deputy...
  8. John From Detroit


    I was afraid of this. Still negotating with insurance but they want to total this rig. And I'm not sure I can afford a new RV..  But Today I risk driving my car to get a new ice maker (counter top kind I like the new (Smaller) one better than I do the old (larger) one and it's already made...
  9. John From Detroit

    Fun day. sort of

    Well I made it to the body shop in Elkhart so they can fix the damage the semi did to my Rig.  GREAT tv reception here in their campground (like 27 "Services" all major and most minor networks) Only fun part.. Lost half my brakes around Kalamazoo. OH well. I had planned on brake work this summer.
  10. John From Detroit

    Bad Day(Night) at the Flyng-J

    Parked last night in the truck lot at the Woodhaven Flying-J This is a paid lot (10.00 for a night) and just as I was getting into bed. the bed moved.. A Semi driver it appears went out of his way to clip the bedroom slide.. Thankfully I've got insurance. Don't yet know if I'll have to pay the...
  11. John From Detroit

    Hand Sanitizer

    Watching the news I find you can now buy a 3.00 bottle of hand sainitizer for upwards of 800 dollars.. Talk about pric3e gouging (Amazon is closing accounts over this, it was on Amazon he found the 850 dollar bottle.  but many now charging 2x or 3x) The doctor suggested  home brew 2/3 Rubbing...
  12. John From Detroit

    Busy day in the Fraud Department.

    Man today was a banner day for fraud. Got a phone call from a robot  It said it was SSA and that they had detected fraudlant/suspusicious actritity on my account and my benefits would be suspended within 24 hours if I did not call 'em back (I may. right after Hadies hosts the winter olympics...
  13. John From Detroit

    Fun Driving this week

    Well got my oil changed Monday IN Burton MI (Near flint) and headed south Made Beaverdam (My usuall 1st stop) despite the first blizzard of teh season I can tell you I paid SERIOUS attintion to my driving and ignored my radios... Many cars, and small trucks and one semi in the ditch awaiting tow...
  14. John From Detroit

    Timing is important

    I stayed a bit late here in MI due to doctor's appointments (nothing serious) Set to leave for an oil change tomorrow AM and from the shop SOUTH for the winter. But this week Wed. I tanked up with fresh water even though the park was supposed to have shut it off last week. Thursday (On the way...
  15. John From Detroit

    Finding slide out control unit

    A couple years ago the slide out controller on my RV failed. Well I ended up home brewing a controller that works well but it takes an operator who knows what he's doing (ME) ...  I've had 3 professionals look for it over the time . No joy. Today I took a Harbor Freight cable tracker and hooked...
  16. John From Detroit

    Why NOT use a dolly?

    Well this morning I had a free (For me) lesson in why I do not want to tow with a dolly. Just outsider my door a man was putting his brand new JEEP Compass Front wheel drive on his dolly.. He over shot. and ended up with all 4 wheels on the ground. the dolly under the frame between them...
  17. John From Detroit

    What a Wed.

    First since I change campgrounds on 2 wed's out of 3 I got the slide out pushed in and out no problem (Well a it turned out one very minor problem.. aout a zero point 2 on a scale of 10.. Will fix tomorrow.. Cord to a volt meter is caught in the thing) Got set up. Went shopping and only forgot...
  18. John From Detroit

    Any alternative to power gear slide motor????

    Power Gear Slide motor seems to be "Shorted" (WHen I hit the switch lights flickerd. never done that before even at end of travel. Very little power to motor had to bring 'em in with a pipe wrench and push 'em back out with gears disconnected) Repair man coming to see if we can figure out...
  19. John From Detroit

    The day the Music Died... Well Peggy Sue at least.

    Peggy Sue Gerron, ex-K5PSG, of Lubbock, Texas, who inspired singer Buddy Holly's 1957 rockabilly hit "Peggy Sue," died on October 1. She was 78. First licensed in 2004 as KE5AKW, she later obtained the vanity call K5PSG.
  20. John From Detroit

    Air Dragon

    Anyone use one... Ollie's (Great stuff cheap) has 'em for 20 bucks.. I just got one I do not think it will do the motor home but I'm more interested in the car and the utility cart (both 60 PSI on the space saver car spare)  Runs off rechargable battery pack or 12 volt cord. Looks easier to...
  21. John From Detroit

    FOund a new, and SCARY reason to love my RV today.

    This is RV related only in that new RV's can have this same problem and a former co-worker of mine used to say I was crazy to tow a trailer (Back then) when I could for the same amount get a hotel room.. Ok, Read on. One of the people I follow on Facebook is Mercedes Lackey. Today she posted...
  22. John From Detroit

    Tires and the Mitchlin Advantage (FMCA) progream

    Somewhere I read they won't give you a price quote over the phone for the tires. My 235/80 R-22.5 XRV's would be 412 and change per tire... THere is a competitor, also a good brand I priced a six for 2400.. I think I'm gointo they (Troyo or something close to that without the quote in front...
  23. John From Detroit

    Lost (And found) Cell phone

    When I went to supper last night I left my Cell phone on the table.. Well the waitress moved it to the lost and found tray but the manager is not in so they were not willing to check. Yet. I told her if it was here she'd know it, in fact everyone in the restaurant knew. I just went to LOOKOUT...
  24. John From Detroit

    I got Clobbered (Well RV did)

    Was sitting here last night long about Suppertime when WHAM. Motor home rocks a bit. Did the walk around and a good size tree limb is lying beside the Rig and into the road Called Rangers this AM and left Voice mail for an incident report in case there is damage I've not yet seen but so far...
  25. John From Detroit

    Last Florcesent upgraded at last

    Well got a 5 meter strip of LED's in yesterday so today's job was LED-ing the last of my Thin-light Florcesent. Removed it from ceiling drilled out rivets and removed sockets and ballast,  (Tubes went out a bit ago I've been using a portable lamp at this location, this is the one over the...
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