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  1. jackiemac

    Forest Closures due to Wildfire Risk 2021

    Coconino & Kaibab Forests are closing and evacuating campers and hikers. Due to this year's heat and drought if you are planning on going into any of the National Forests I suggest you check it out in advance in case you need to change your plans.
  2. jackiemac

    Learning Photography & Flowers

    Despite having an SLR camera for several years, I have recently been learning how to use it properly. I am still at an early stage. One of the things that I really like to photograph is flowers. I have been doing a little bit of practice the last few days and managed to get a couple of half...
  3. jackiemac

    MOVED: GM will stop building vehicles with tailpipes in 13 years and 11 months.

    This topic has been moved to The Shade Tree.
  4. jackiemac

    Highline Trail RV Park, Boulder, Wyoming

    Highline Trail RV Park, in Boulder Wyoming, a 47 site park. Located at the foothills of the Wind River Mountains.  Looking for a dedicated friendly couple to help with restroom, trash, park maintenance, checking guests in, and propane fill. The needed timeframe will be from May 15 to...
  5. jackiemac

    Grand Teton Campground Changes

    I cannot express how sad this makes me. Spontaneity is one of the things we love about our trips and this is a place we spend several weeks but don't usually know exactly when. Anyhow be aware...
  6. jackiemac

    Big Trouble in Little Quartzsite

    Steve and I met the guy who is creating this movie and associated podcasts whilst camping in Canyon de Chelly 2 years ago. Seemed like an interesting bloke. He had modified a school bus and was travelling around in it. I think he had been a teacher previously. Now because so many of you visit...
  7. jackiemac

    Another Incredible Nature Series Free on Amazon Prime

    We have just watched these 3 episodes on the BBC, but they are available on Amazon prime for you guys. Spectacular photography. Wildlife and scenery fabulous. Highly recommended.
  8. jackiemac

    Neowise Comet

    Not sure if those of you interested in astronomy have managed to catch a glimpse of the latest comet to appear. Neowise. It has been cloudy here in Scotland but tonight we managed to see it for an hour or so.  If you are somewhere with a dark clear sky, try to get out and see it. I think it is...
  9. jackiemac

    Florida Folks

    For those of you who will be in Florida on May 27th, here is info from NASA about a launch... On May 27, we will launch our first flight with astronauts to the International Space Station from U.S. soil in nearly 10 years. This mission is the first launch of American astronauts aboard an...
  10. jackiemac

    CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps

    On our trips in the Southwest we have often stumbled upon places created due to the very hard work of the CCC.  I am not sure if the people working within the Corps recognised the significance of what they were doing on the impact it would have for future generations to come. If anyone in your...
  11. jackiemac

    Confirmed Closures due to Covid19

    If you know of any park or Campground closures please post below. NO rumours.  Please attach evidence or link or post may be removed.  To follow post, click notify. Please do not add irrelevant comments as they will be deleted. Thanks
  12. jackiemac

    Worst National Park Reviews

    This is quite funny..
  13. jackiemac

    Virginian RV Park, Jackson Wyoming

    Has been put up for sale. I can't get access to the local papers to read the info, but am assuming the RV park may not open for the season this year, and will cease to function as an RV Park. Here's a link which may explain the position...
  14. jackiemac

    Nevada Atomic Test Site Certificates

    Whilst in Las Vegas last June, we headed up to Mount Charleston for a wander around.  On the way back we did a stop at the information boards looking down into the Atomic Test Sites.  One of the boards said that employees were given certificates for each test.  I am wondering if anyone here has...
  15. jackiemac

    Changes to RV Park in Jackson Wyoming

    I am not sure if many of you have used the Virginian RV Park in Jackson Wyoming. Recent news, which I cannot access fully due to being in the UK, appears to be suggesting that this RV Park will stop trading and the land will instead be used to house local people. I am not sure what impact...
  16. jackiemac

    Soft Spot in Slide Out Roof after Leak

    We did not realise that our slide out rubber roof had a small leak in the front corner, about 6 inches square. We are due to fly home next week and just want to ask the experts out there if we can leave this repair until we return in about 6 months?  Stored indoors in Las Vegas NV. I am...
  17. jackiemac

    Mini Rally Chelan & Winthrop WA

    Steve and I caught up with the wonderful Anne and Tony Lemon again and spent several days exploring the areas around Chelan and Winthrop. We did the boat trip to Stehekin from Chelan which was lovely. The town of Winthrop was a surprise, it is an old wild west style town with neat little...
  18. jackiemac

    Mini Rally in the Tetons & Yellowstone

    Steve and I had the opportunity to spend time with Dreamsend - Linda.  What a lovely time we had, sharing a campfire and some delicious food and a few beverages in the Tetons.  We then spent a few days together in Yellowstone trying to find the wildlife.  Great time had by all....
  19. jackiemac

    Gastro problems

    Steve and I were both struck down by a gastro bug after we flew back to Vegas from Houston. Luckily I got it a few days after him so we weren't fighting over the loo. I couldn't keep anything down, not even water so I tried coconut water. The one I had bought (originally for Steve) had some...
  20. jackiemac

    Mini Rally in Las Vegas (Well 3 Actually)

    Tony Lemon and I have been chatting for a few months about his purchase of a 5th wheel and truck and when we discovered we were both arriving in Las Vegas on the same day we decided to have a meet up. Steve and I met Tony and Anne and their 2 friends Gordon and Dee last Wednesday at the Oasis...
  21. jackiemac

    Slide Out Dip in Middle

    We have a fairly long slide out, around 11ft.  Steve has noticed a dip around the middle of it which can be seen from the outside but not inside.  We did have a very small leak 2 years ago which we thought had dried out but may have made the situation worse.  We are keen to get it repaired as...
  22. jackiemac

    Anyone fancy this?

    Hopefully you dont need Facebook to view this, thought we could arrange one if anyone interested ?
  23. jackiemac

    Superbloom of Wildflowers AZ & CA

    Wow, wish we were out there to witness this. Any of you close to these areas should get out there to see them and take photos for me  ;D
  24. jackiemac

    Utah Roadworks - Width Restrictions

    Not sure if this applies to any of you but worth knowing about...
  25. jackiemac

    Olympic National Park - Camping Advice 30ft TT

    Our travel trailer is approx 30ft, with our truck and hitch this makes us approx 52 ft long.  I have been having a look at the Olympic National Park website and it states that there are only a few campgrounds with spots of 35ft long and there are only a few spots in each of these.  I know that...
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