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  1. Rob&Deryl

    Dometic furnace thermostat is bonkers

    We are Sleeping in the trailer in the driveway for the first time tonight and tomorrow night. It is a bit cool tonight so we thought we would fire up the furnace to take the chill off. We turned on, and pushed the mode button to get heat. When we tried to set the temperature, we pressed the up...
  2. Rob&Deryl

    Removing Furion AV device

    I need to access the rear of my Furion receiver. I see no means to remove it. Before I start prying at things I thought I would ask here if someone knows “the trick” to removing it. In my trailer, there are 3 cabinets above the tv. The center one has the Furion receiver mounted in it. I want to...
  3. Rob&Deryl

    Tire temperatures

    What is a safe range of temperatures on trailer tires. I have one of those point & read thermal readers. It has a laser on it so you kInda know where you point it. I usually point it first at a sidewall, then at the wheel parts and finally the hub. Takes a couple of seconds per tire. Yesterday...
  4. Rob&Deryl

    Looking for a used cargo trailer - 8 or 8.5 ft x 18 - 24

    I need a used cargo trailer soon. It will mostly be used for storage but I need to be able to move it. 8’ or 8.5‘ wide and anywhere from 18’ to 24’ long. Bumper pull preferred but would consider a gooseneck if the price was right and location not too far. I am in the Boston area but am willing...
  5. Rob&Deryl

    Dealer checkup

    We pick up our 5th wheel in 4 weeks. It is a used unit stored at the dealer that originally sold it. What should we have the dealer check before come get it (8hrs away) ? We want it de-winterized, propane filled, the heating, hot water and, in general the water systems checked. We want the...
  6. Rob&Deryl

    What electronics are you using?

    There are several electronic devices I expect to buy in the next month or so. For each, there are many different models let alone brands. I am asking which specific ones you have and your comments about them. Would you buy the same one again? Why? Thank you! The devices are: 1) backup camera...
  7. Rob&Deryl

    weboost Home Room?

    We are looking at cell boosters. The weboost Home Room looked like it fits for an rv. Thoughts? How have you routed the cable to the outside antenna? We are dedicating a couple of the cabinets above the sofa in the rear for electronics. We also want a cell to WiFi router. Will the weboost...
  8. Rob&Deryl

    50a connectors

    What is the actual connector designation for the 50a connector on the trailer that you plug in the shore cable to? All the web sites just refer to it as a rv50 connector. Why? Well, the shore power cord on my trailer has a PVC jacket and as such just does not coil up. I would like to make a new...
  9. Rob&Deryl

    Slipcovers or protecting the furniture from the kitties

    What do those of you traveling with cats do to protect the furniture?
  10. Rob&Deryl

    Electric charges

    Cost of electricity at campgrounds is a new topic for me. At what point do campgrounds start metering electric? One place we are going to charges $50 per month for 50a service . Is this common?
  11. Rob&Deryl

    Rear view cameras

    I want a couple of cameras. I have a Garmin rv GPS I can use with the Garmin camera for a docking view. The rear of the trailer has power for a Furion camera. I was thinking that one would provide another view when backing in to a site. My navigator will be on the ground but another view is...
  12. Rob&Deryl

    Happy New Year!

    I would see last year with 2020 vision had I not tore off the rear view mirror. May this year be better. Stay safe & well everyone!
  13. Rob&Deryl

    Truck routine service on the road

    I have a 2016 Ram 3500 Cummins. When off on a multi week (or month) trip, where do you go for routine service such as oil & filters anc fuel filters? In the desert areas I guess that includes air filters too. I find dealers to not only a bit expensive but they sure dig up other, perhaps...
  14. Rob&Deryl

    RV ovens

    I have read that some RV ovens don?t have uniform heat. One object we plan to include is a cast iron griddle (or grill in the restaurant world) which we likely would use on the gas grill (or charbroiler in the restaurant world) to cook up breakfasts and such. Assuming it fits, would putting in...
  15. Rob&Deryl

    Solar wiring from roof?

    We start our rv adventure in April. Will be close to home (New England) for at least the first 4 months. I have visions of someday getting to Kofa, Canyon lands and other spectacular boon docking places. While I have learned quite a bit about residential solar since I want it at the next...
  16. Rob&Deryl

    Blue Ray?

    My trailer has a Furion A/V unit with a DVD player. It doesn?t have any hdmi inputs. Most of the movies we own that we are likely to want to watch are Blue Ray. We could just plug it into another input on the TV but then we would not be using the built in trailer speakers (though maybe that...
  17. Rob&Deryl

    How do you use ?cable? in an rv?

    Many campgrounds offer ?cable? either free or for a fee. At home, I have a TiVo with a Xfinity cable card. Without the TiVo I would simply have a cable modem supplied by Xfinity. How do you do this when traveling? I presume that there will be a wide range of cable companies you will encounter...
  18. Rob&Deryl

    Suggestions on campgrounds around the NH lakes region?

    I want to find a campground in the lakes region for the month of June next year. I have a 35? 5th wheel 50a. I realize this time includes bike week and it would be cool if I could bring my bike for that time. We have been looking and these are places that seemed appropriate. Newfound RV park...
  19. Rob&Deryl

    Replacing a converter

    On the trailer I just bought, when pawing through the basement, I found what must be the original, dead, converter. It is a ?55 amp? though it has 35 amp fuses ? Since it was replaced under warranty, I assume the dealer put the same thing back. I was thinking I might put in a more modern...
  20. Rob&Deryl

    Rv park site sizes

    So, now that I have a trailer, I am planning out the year (or at least starting to). Our plan for 2021 is to sell our house then live in the trailer (we call it the condo) until we buy the next house. We expect the realtor to ask us to move out while they show the house. Before it can be shown...
  21. Rob&Deryl


    The trailer I am (hopefully ) purchasing has a dogbone  surge protector. I want something better. My understanding is that there are two solutions. I think I want to hardwire one. Harder to steal. So, what are the advantages of the various choices? Than you
  22. Rob&Deryl

    Lubricating slide racks

    One of a long series of fascinating (to me) questions My soon to be new to me trailer has rack & pinion drive for the slides. What do you suggest I do?
  23. Rob&Deryl

    5th wheel hitches

    My (hopefully soon to be) trailer will need a hitch in my truck. I have asked about this topic in the past but now is getting more real. I will need one before spring. The trailer has a GVWR of 14,000 lbs. I think I want a manual slider. The truck has factory puck mounts. Makes sense to me...
  24. Rob&Deryl

    Pin boxes

    The trailer I put a deposit on has a stock Lippert pin box. I see moreride (spelling?) and others. Suggestions and advice?
  25. Rob&Deryl

    Golf cart batteries

    So, I think I am going to need to replace the trailer battery. Since I look forward to some boondocking, it seems like 4 6v batteries is the right answer. What is the actual designation for golf cart batteries? I want to look up actual dimensions so I can plan how to mount them properly. Thanks
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