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  1. John From Detroit

    Replacement Barrel Key for DP Service Bay/Engine Access

    NOT for sale but I have a couple of those I no longer need. Just in case you ever need one and are near Flint-MI. Fun thing, what's the small door key CH751.. I was once chatting with a woman who did not know where the Gravity fill was for her water tank.. Well I got out my CH751 and showed...
  2. John From Detroit

    Does Wallmart Deliver Groceries Using FedEx

    I suspect the delivery service varies from city to city. My recommendation is pick up .. and not at wal*mart. When I was Stuck in GA the joke was that Bi-Lo should have been followed by 'sell high' but Wal*Mart ran a month of compairson shopping adds.. "You would have saved 14% this week if...
  3. John From Detroit

    RV steps

    Michigan companies naturally thing of snow :) There are also ramps. Like motorcycle ramps some are light weight But I dont' knwo how long they are.. I like walking up/down ramps as opposed to steps if the pitch is not too steep. Last ramps I had were donated to a church that did NOT have...
  4. John From Detroit

    Anxiety over leaving one behind

    Some cats love the RV life. some do not. Of the 4 cats I traveled with #1 did not like life on the road at all #2 Did not seem to mind #'s 3 and 4 hated moving from house to RV or back (i think they thought I was going to take 'em to the vet) but once in the RV were happy as in the house...
  5. John From Detroit

    AC overloading generator

    Two things. One.. Some generators are chatty, when they shut down they will flash a code that tells you what their computer has to say. Like OBD-1 back in the early 90s (I had an OBD1 car, my first towed) Second: When was the last time you cleaned the A/C Condenser? On most units this...
  6. John From Detroit

    Help me upgrade my 1982 Converter and assess my situation?

    Thouse big heavy transfomers = Lots of scrap metal Replace/upgrade non-inverter Progressive Dynamics 4600 likely the smallest (I think that's a 4645) will do for your setup less you greatly expand battery bank. Inverter/Converter.... Alas since I did my research product quality has changed...
  7. John From Detroit

    Class A Leveling

    The Parking brake on many motor homes is for the drive shaft. lift ONE rear wheel off the ground and the Parking brake is .. disabled. I towed cars. At first a Chevy Lumina APV then a Dodge Neon.. Once I got the check for the settlement on the Motor home (After a kind semi driver (Well really...
  8. John From Detroit

    Battery maintenance question: okay to use the charger converter to maintain a battery for a month?

    The answer depends on the converter/charger I will list two Progressive dynamics wizard controlled NO PROBLEM in fact I recommend plugging in. Check fluid level in flooded wet cells before and after but Do not anticipate need to add DISTILLED water after (Before perhaps you may need to)...
  9. John From Detroit

    electric slide motor not working!!!

    I do now know what slide you have but on POWER GEAR which now goes by another name the controller is current sensitive and cuts power to the motor when it stalls.
  10. John From Detroit

    5 gallon black tank? (Problem pinpointed: a hole on the tank)

    When I replaced "The Flusher" with a better tank rinser it leaked so I removed it and slathered GOOP MARINE sealant/adheasive That stuff is amazing... There are other products I've used on small holes in other (Gasoline) tanks like Seal All (Basically 1950's Duco Cement) that seem to work well...
  11. John From Detroit

    Waste drain doesn't fit at campground!?

    I have found that the multi-thread thing dang near ever fits. In fact I'm surprised when it does.. The solution? Well mine is a bit different but this one is cuter Amazon hose pig May come in assorted colors Artucle showing what i have Note the ones I have are "Stackable" (I used to have two...
  12. John From Detroit

    electric slide motor not working!!!

    Re Lights.... If they are 1147/1136 types (Bayonet) the washer at the bottom of the socket fails if you use the higher power 1136 (IF I got the number righe) and shorts out when you remove the bulb.. I have repair kits.
  13. John From Detroit

    Class A Leveling

    For a full size class a with 22.5" Wheels 2x12 is indicated I have a couple of stair steps (if you are near Flint, MI you can have 'em) 1 foot Two Feet Three feet long Glued and stained Just drive up one or two steps then deploy jacks. I also have 12x12 slabs of 2x12 for under the jacks...
  14. John From Detroit

    The latest shortage ...

    Steel works
  15. John From Detroit

    Got Somebody You Want To Get Rid Of? This May Be The Place To Do It.

    Believe it or not.. I know this young lady. IN fact The very first of her commercial offerings (Traveler) I purchased from her very own hand. Julia Ecklar on You Tube I strongly suggest emptying mouth before clicking on link. Also this is not a comment on the thread. Only on the subject line.
  16. John From Detroit

    Creating RV adapter for welder receptacle

    A welder outlet is typically 3 wires HOT1 HOT2 (leg 1 and 2) and as Ground. the Ground wire is often smaller than the HOT wires there is no neutral and to convert it to an RV outlet you need to run a neutral (White) wire of at least the same gauge as the hot's. Dryers, depending on the age of...
  17. John From Detroit

    Update of Lithium battery install

    My Solar Charge controller is due in Thursday I'll get a solar panel on Friday more than likely (50 watt as the battery I have is only 20 AH) and give it a workout Sat/Sun (Field day) at least that is the plan..
  18. John From Detroit

    Small 5th wheel, just me, want to do laundry the old-fashioned way

    Bucket and the one musical insturment you always buy new (Plunger mute) with full handle.. Same as the amazon thing but less likely to break. IN the parks I used the park laundry When I moved into an apartment I got a Costway "Mini" Twin Tub washing machine You can get like products all over...
  19. John From Detroit

    New batteries off gassing-sulfur smell

    1995... What converter do you have? Some of them are battery boilers and you just described a symptom If you can not find the converter. And you have both fuses and breakers in a common area... What's the model of the power center.
  20. John From Detroit

    Deep cycle battery

    If you change the starting battery to a Deep Cycle MOST starting abtteries are about 75 AH (not all by a long shot especially if the horse is a Diesel they use bigger) You want to at least double that.. So a GC-12 might work Or convert to LI
  21. John From Detroit

    A/C issue help please!!

    WD = Water Displacement. It is a cleaner not a lube though it works for a short time as a lube, so does hand soap or dish soap (Ever see the TV show where the good guy soaps the floor and the bad guy has a bad time when he runs in lands flat on his .... padded part, Bangs his head and KOed and...
  22. John From Detroit

    Convert outdoor shower to faucet

    The end of the hose is a 1/2 Inch pipe thread i'd just remove the head and optionally put on a 1/2 inch to garden hose adapter. you can get an aerator to fit a garden host. Assorted ways to mount the end. or even a few pieces of pipe to mount it.
  23. John From Detroit

    Update of Lithium battery install

    One of the differences I'm told (Will know more next week) about LI batteries v/s Lead acid is this. Lead acid FULL FULl FUll not Full not full dead (The upper/lower case represents voltage)( LI is FULL FULL FULL NOT FULL NOT FULL dead and you can use over 100 of those amp hours v/s half that...
  24. John From Detroit

    Atwood Water heater question.

    I doubt one gallon would do much damage but.. Your evidence is hard to ignore. I got my education on "Forgot to empty the heater when winterizing" The easy way... Somebody else forgot. I got to see the results as we walked past his rig in the service bay with the insurance adjuster. Not my...
  25. John From Detroit

    need help leveling

    When the hydraulics failed on my RV I used multiple "Tricks" one was a set of steps.. How high you can make this depends on two things. Ground clearance of the rig and your strength. Mine were made of 2x12 1foot Two feet And a full yard long Arranged like that. I would recommend a longer by...
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