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  1. NY_Dutch

    Is this safe??? I would feel safe if I was a mile ahead of him.

    I've seen a number of stacker trailers over the years near our lakeside family cottage during bass fishing contests. Sometimes there's a bass boat over a car or truck and sometimes it's a bass boat over another bass boat.
  2. NY_Dutch

    Does Wallmart Deliver Groceries Using FedEx

    I just got a non-grocery Walmart delivery via Fedex today, and I have gotten non-perishable Walmart grocery deliveries by both Fedex and LaserShip.
  3. NY_Dutch

    Is this safe??? I would feel safe if I was a mile ahead of him.

    Yep, and legal in all 50 states... ;)
  4. NY_Dutch

    RV park up and running

    As much as I don't like seeing another "parking lot park", I do wish you every success with your new business venture...
  5. NY_Dutch

    Is this safe??? I would feel safe if I was a mile ahead of him.

    The boat reg looks like "MI" to me...
  6. NY_Dutch

    Salvage steering column help

    Any RV built on the same or close year chassis should have the same steering column.
  7. NY_Dutch

    Is this safe??? I would feel safe if I was a mile ahead of him.

    I wonder which state he's from. Of those states that do allow recreational double towing, most require that the first trailer is a 5th wheel.
  8. NY_Dutch


    Another vote for the TST 507 system. Reliability and ease of use come to mind first. Replacing sensor batteries is a fairly easy process, and at less than $1/battery cheap insurance once a year or so. One feature I like, is that the sensors do not shut down due to lack of movement as some other...
  9. NY_Dutch

    weboost Home Room?

    We've pretty much stopped using our Maximum Signal Max Amp cell booster/repeater in favor of a dual Yagi directional MIMO antenna pair mounted above our Winegar Sensar OTA antenna for our hotspots. The MIMO set has almost consistently gotten better levels than the booster at a third of the price.
  10. NY_Dutch

    Waste drain doesn't fit at campground!?

    If there's a Walmart nearby, look in the RV section for a "sewer donut" that should give you a tighter fit. The park office may also have one, but likely at a higher price.
  11. NY_Dutch

    Please help...don't think its cat urine!!!!!

    Check the refrigerator vent to make sure you're not mistaking the urine odor for the ammonia smell typical of RV absorption refrigerator leaks.
  12. NY_Dutch

    Should i make a hole in the roof of my RV trailer?

    I've found the horizontal a/c ducts can be useful for easily routing wires to locations near the intended end point. After reaching a nearby vent, fishing the wires to the top of a cabinet, etc, usually isn't too difficult.
  13. NY_Dutch

    A former campground owner's perspective

    And there are those of us that call our RV's home, and appreciate having the same amenities that most people have in their homes.
  14. NY_Dutch

    Should i make a hole in the roof of my RV trailer?

    Winegard and others make rooftop cable entry plates that work well:
  15. NY_Dutch

    Generator run time

    We've run our Onan 5500 24/7 for as long as 7 days during storm caused power outages.
  16. NY_Dutch

    Water pump keeps turning on for a second

    If you don't find a traceable leak, the pump cycling could also be caused by a bit of debris in the pump's built-in check valve allowing the pressure to slowly bleed off. Opening a faucet full blast and quickly closing it a few times may dislodge the debris. Also, if your RV has a valve that...
  17. NY_Dutch

    The Onan 7000 genset I have is now back to just making like a humming sound when I press the start button any suggestions

    Does it sound like the starter is spinning but not engaging the flywheel?
  18. NY_Dutch

    How many images are there right now on your smartphone?

    I typically only keep the last dozen or so photos on my phone. My personal cloud server and phone app automatically upload my photos to my online album as soon as an Internet connection is available.
  19. NY_Dutch

    Onan generator won't stay running

    My Onan 5500's fuel pump has no problem pulling fuel from a gas can sitting on the ground.
  20. NY_Dutch

    Reservation rule that should be enacted!

    JayArr makes good points... Consider if I buy the last TV in a store and you come in next and can't buy a TV. Does it make any difference to your situation whether I actually use that TV or not?
  21. NY_Dutch

    Work From Home Becomes Work From Anywhere

    I received a notice a couple of weeks ago that work from home/remote was being discontinued and I was required to be in the office today or risk termination. The only problem was I retired in 2005! :) I wonder if I'll get a termination notice...
  22. NY_Dutch

    A former campground owner's perspective

    For years we've kept a list of parks the we would return to when we're in the area. Over time, more and more private parks have been dropped from the list as corporate interests took over and raised prices while cramming more sites in. State and national parks now make up the bulk of the...
  23. NY_Dutch

    Carbon Monoxide alarm going off.

    Since the furnace only circulates inside air through the furnace heat exchanger back to the inside, I'd be a bit concerned that the combustion air intake that circulates combustion air past the burner back outside was capable of passing the generator exhaust inside to the LP detector.
  24. NY_Dutch

    Reservation rule that should be enacted!

    Here's what the NY State park system says about no-shows in their cancellation policy. Bolding added...
  25. NY_Dutch

    Carbon Monoxide alarm going off.

    "Because carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than air and also because it may be found with warm, rising air, detectors should be placed on a wall about 5 feet above the floor. The detector may be placed on the ceiling. Do not place the detector right next to or over a fireplace or...
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