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  1. NY_Dutch

    Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet with neighbors

    Be aware, time is getting short to opt out...
  2. NY_Dutch

    National Bison Day!

    Today is National Bison Day! Do NOT try to hug a bison! ;)
  3. NY_Dutch

    Starlink at work in Malden, WA

    Starlink for the public good...
  4. NY_Dutch

    Locast adds Detroit DMA

    Email from Locast this morning: "We are pleased to announce we are now delivering more than 60 local TV channels to viewers in the Detroit TV market, reaching the following Michigan counties with streaming TV:  Lapeer, Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, Sanilac, St. Clair, Washtenaw, and...
  5. NY_Dutch

    Locast adds Minneapolis-St Paul

    From free locals streaming service Locast: "We are pleased to announce we are now delivering dozens of local TV channels to viewers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul TV market, reaching more than 50 counties across Minnesota and Wisconsin with streaming TV. "
  6. NY_Dutch

    Locast adds Miami and West Palm Beach, FL DMA's

    From non-profit streaming service Locast: "You can now stream local broadcast TV channels in Miami and West Palm Beach, for free." "We are pleased to now deliver more than 65 local TV channels to viewers within the Miami-Dade/Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach/Ft. Pierce designated market...
  7. NY_Dutch

    Locast launches in Tampa, St. Pete...

    "Over the course of the year, Locast has expanded its reach, giving viewers across the nation access to local broadcasts for free. The non-profit remains on its streak as they announced the service is now available in three cities in Florida ? Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater ? offering more...
  8. NY_Dutch

    DirecTV dropping DNS

    This was posted on another forum:
  9. NY_Dutch

    Starlink beta coming soon!

    "SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk has shared more details about when in 2020 we can expect the company?s Starlink low-latency, high-bandwidth satellite internet service to actually be available to customers. He said on Twitter that a private beta for Starlink would begin in around three months...
  10. NY_Dutch

    On the lighter side...

    Such a deal!
  11. NY_Dutch

    Stuck inside?

    Sometime when you're stuck inside your RV on a rainy day, give this site a look. They have an extensive list of public domain TV programs from many years ago that can be streamed with varying quality. I just finished watching a "Sargent Preston of the Yukon" episode from 1956 in color. It didn't...
  12. NY_Dutch

    Locast adds Atlanta and Phoenix

    I received this email today from the non-profit OTA streaming service Locast:[/size]"Today, we went live in Atlanta and Phoenix and we're excited to be serving Atlantans and Phoenicians local weather reports, emergency information, and professional and college football.""Locast is now in 15...
  13. NY_Dutch

    Fraud Alert for Medicare Subscribers: Genetic Testing Scam

    If you are a Medicare subscriber, this alert is for you: "The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General is alerting the public about a fraud scheme involving genetic testing." "Genetic testing fraud occurs when Medicare is billed for a test or screening that was...
  14. NY_Dutch

    OTA TV streamer Locast has added two more cities, the non-profit that streams locals for free (donations requested) has now added Rapid City and Sioux Falls, SD to their other 9 cities. For Dish and DirecTV subscribers, a Locast app has been added to the current receivers. The website and app must detect that you're in the correct...
  15. NY_Dutch

    New Florida law lets autonomous vehicles drive without humans

    Probably safer than the little blue haired lady that can't see over the steering wheel... ;)
  16. NY_Dutch

    Travel day troubles fixed...

    Something to keep in mind if you own an older F53 chassis coach like our 2001. Yesterday was a travel day for us, but just a short 2 hour run from one state park to another. We pulled out of Alafia River SP about 10 am, and about 25 minutes later i noticed the transmission temperature was...
  17. NY_Dutch

    Tioga George RIP

    Long time fixture in the RV blogging world, Tioga George has passed away...
  18. NY_Dutch

    RV Atwood Furnace will not Fire Up

    My first try to fix a furnace, water heater, or fridge that's not firing up is to just pull the connector off the igniter board and reconnect it 3 or 4 times to clean any corrosion off the terminals. The flame sensor for instance, works in the millivolt range, and it takes very little corrosion...
  19. NY_Dutch

    New DTV/SD info

    Here's a link to a sales/tech bulletin from KVH to their dealers and distributors about the upcoming loss of the SD channels. It may not be as dire as thought for dome owners:
  20. NY_Dutch

    DISH comes through for RV'ers!

    I just received an email from Dish that will make changing locals while traveling even easier than using the chat system:
  21. NY_Dutch

    A safety reminder... (emergency exit windows)

    As the weather gets cooler, and those of us still using our RV's may be using more heating appliances, don't forget to give your emergency exit windows a try to make sure they'll open easily if needed. Today a neighbor asked me to show her how the exit window in her TT worked, and when I...
  22. NY_Dutch

    78 Florida State Parks open for day use only

    There are currently 78 Florida State Parks that are open or have reopened for day use only. Storm Information | Florida State Parks There are currently 14 Florida State Parks that are open for free camping by hurricane displaced campers only on a day by day basis. Campers Displaced by...
  23. NY_Dutch

    Now Available: Distant Network Service in HD

    As of July, Dish Network is once again offering distant networks with only the LA locals available so far for $10/month. The LA DNS is carried in HD on the western arc 119 degree satellite. The NYC locals are also on 119 in SD, making me wonder if they might offer them again as well eventually...
  24. NY_Dutch

    I-85 through Atlanta closed

    A portion of I-85 through Atlanta will be closed indefinitely due to a bridge collapse caused by a major fire. For RV'ers passing through, the best alternative would be the I-285 loop. I-85 Bridge Collapse
  25. NY_Dutch

    Cyber Monday deal on cell amplifiers

    If you've been thinking about buying a high end cell service amplifier/repeater, I read on Maximum Signal's Facebook page that they're offering $75 off either package for phone orders only. We've been extremely pleased with the service and support we've received with our Max Amp RV system, and I...
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