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  1. phil-t

    Water Hoses - which one?

    Been looking for a replacement for our water hose, lots to choose from. Some high tech stuff out there these days. What's everyone using? My cheapo white CAMCO is swelling under 30 lbs. of water pressure, kinks easily and is a general PIA to handle.
  2. phil-t

    2018 Sightseer 36z Electrical

    Just purchased this Sightseer, I do camp hosting at a state park where there is 30A and 20A outlets on the pedestal. Last year we had to manage the power in the RV, this year it will be more management with the newer, bigger, RV. What's the best way to use that 20A circuit in addition to the...
  3. phil-t

    Upgrading from 2010 Vista 32k to 2018 Sightseer 36z

    We looked hard at the Sightseer yesterday, test drive went well. I was impressed with the performance and handling of the Sightseer compared to the Vista. I think the real big differences that accounted for this impression were the 6 speed trans., 22.5" tires and longer wheelbase. The Vista...
  4. phil-t

    Cummins Onan 5500 Hours on Meter Not Correct?

    So, we are in the process of selling our 2010 Winnebago Vista and the potential buyer asked about generator hours. I have maintenaznce records showing 423 last fall when I serviced the unit. Other records previous to that seem OK as well. I went to get the actual, current hours and found over...
  5. phil-t


    Recently, since starting this hosting gig we are in, I have came accross several campers that play instruments. Where we are it seems to be Bluegrass style stuff. Anyways, I got interested and purchesed a stater banjo, am doing online lessons through the shop I purchased from and am enjoying...
  6. phil-t

    Propane tank fitting

    We have a Winnie Class A with onboard propane tank. There is a fitting between tank and regulator.  PIC attached, is the port with the newer looking plug an additional inlet.  Like but a valve and hose to external tank or appliance?  Anyone here k7now?
  7. phil-t

    Class A Ford gasser to DP?

    The only thing I know about diesel pushers is that they generally drive and handle better than the F53 and I think we want one. I know the V 10 F-53 chassis pretty darn well. I can do nearly all the maintenance and fixing and upgrading myself. Am I going over my head in a DP?  Hoping to stay on...
  8. phil-t

    Hotspot Data Connections

    So, I am ready to make some changes to how I do Internet and Local LAN connections in our motor home; since we are now full timing it as campground hosts and doing more traveling.  I use Verizon and use the hotspot data on my Android phone and DW's iPhone for the 15 GB uncapped hotspot data...
  9. phil-t

    Paris Mountain State Park, SC

    We just started a "new to us" gig as campground host at this South Caroline State Park.  Lucked into the position as the previous host had "bailed out" on the Rangers.  We will be here through February and maybe into March.  We decided to get away from the cold snowy winters of the northeaast...
  10. phil-t

    Maintenance Logs

    Anyone have a favorite APP to keep track of maintenance on there RV, and other vehicles?  Searching (and I'm not a search expert) I couldn't turn up anything.
  11. phil-t

    '20 Buick Envision as a Towed Vehicle

    Anyone with experience towing a late model Buick Envision?  We just purchased a 2020 AWD Envision to replace the 2014 SRX we were towing.  Owner's manual lists as towable with no restrictions for distance or speed.  Two fuses to pull after starting, placing in neutral and turning off. (this is...
  12. phil-t

    Back on the Road

    Feels really good to be back in some kind of travel mode.  No problems with rig :P Had engine AC compressor replaced before leaving and we never had go above stage 2 on the fan.  Lots of cold air.  From home to Cape Cod to see a new grandson (born the end of April)  no traveling till now.  We...
  13. phil-t

    2009 F53 (6.8 L V-10) Exhaust Manifold Bolt Broken

    I know this a fairly common issue. The shop that did my annual NY State inspection found a manifold bolt broken (they do not do that kind of work).  Now I'm a real DIY kind of guy but really didn't want to tackle this one, so --- I found a local mechanic with a bunch of experience and he came...
  14. phil-t

    General Motorhome Maintenance

    I have been taking advantage of all this idle time (Virus Imposed) to take care of and do lots of maintenance and repairs to our Winnebago Vista 32k. Change the engine oil and filter, change the transmission oil and filter, change the engine fuel filter, replace the rubber brake line ends and...
  15. phil-t

    Pictorial Report of Badlands Loop Rd.

    We stayed in a campground in Interior, SD and made the loop road trip today.  Scenery is awesome, seems every turn in the road brought new vistas.  My Google Album
  16. phil-t

    US2, East, across the US from Glacier to the UP

    Looking to take this route home from the western parks in about 6 weeks, will head through Canada from the UP. I am tired of the Interstates and of the narroe 2 lane highways.  Short runs of the 2 lane roads are OK, but tiring if a lot of miles.
  17. phil-t

    Winnebago Vista Plumbing

    Anyone know how the vent (indicated in the PIC) functions? Anything I can do to service it (before I attempt to remove it)? When I dump the graywater tank, I get odor in the MH through the kitchen sink trap.  I think this vent is malfunctioning and the trap is being sucked out.
  18. phil-t

    30 AMP Park Outlet, Not working properly

    I thought I knew how to test an outlet (no matter the amp rating) but this one puzzled me.  A 30 AMP pedastal, I tested it with my multimeter b4 connecting - tested OK (on the voltage and polarity).  Plugged in, my ATS switched, like normal, in 20-30 seconds and 120 volt things were on and off...
  19. phil-t

    F53 Chassis Air

    Got a slow leak in my chassis AC on my '09 F53.  I think I found it (in the way of an oily residue around this sensor.  Anyone know what this is?  What I can find in the parts diagrams from RockAuto on the heating cooling diagrams it is called an "ambient air temperature sensor". Here is a PIC...
  20. phil-t

    Sad day for us, this year

    Winterized, cleaned up the motorhome and put it in the garage today.  :(  After more than 8,000 miles of travel from Maine to Nevada, north and south, 9 national parks, many national monuments, museums, state parks, etc., etc. over a 3 1/2 month time period; we quit for the year. Back at it next...
  21. phil-t

    Onan 5500 5.5HGJAB 1038D SPEC D

    I have this gas generator in my 2010 WBGO, low hours. Has been running flawlessly. I was using it two nights ago; ran for several hours and quit. No codes thrown!  Tried to restart it several times; it will start and run for 2-3 seconds and quit.  Thought maybe low fuel (just over 1/2 tank in...
  22. phil-t

    Greenville, SC Heading West

    Heading west from Greenville, SC in a few days. 32 ft. Class A with toad - would like to get I-20 and I-22 West to I-40 West.  Any suggestions on a best route around busy Atlanta?  Planning on heading south on I-85 to start.  Just came from I-40 and PidgeonForge. I am open to all suggestions...
  23. phil-t

    First "big" Tour in our MH

    Good morning everyone.  We are pretty new to traveling in a class A MH.  Both recently retired and in decent health (wife from Elementary School Librarian and me from Network Infrastructure Manager at a University). Bought a 2010 Winnebago Vista 32k (2009 Ford F53 22k Chassis with all the...
  24. phil-t

    2010 Vista 32K 12V Power

    So, we just bought this MH and I am trying to understand the 12V Coach/Chassis power systems.  Does not seem as the coach batteries are being charged while the MH is being driven.  Normal? If we run the generator in the evening for a couple of hours the 12V system then works OK until the voltage...
  25. phil-t

    7-Pin Trailer Socket

    Just purchased (and will bug the dealer with this, for sure) 2010 Winnebago Vista 32K on a ford F53 Chassis. After leaving the dealer's lot, 125 miles to home, we made our first stop at a rest area to check on things - tires etc.  We had our toad attached as well.  I was checking the lights and...
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