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    Roadmaster Brakemaster Sys

    RV ROAMER Yes I did call roadmaster they are out of sight on the price.I would buy a brake buddy before getting raped by R M, I called camper W. same story. There must be a million out there that people traded cars & didn't transfer the sys over what say you? - Don
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    Propane flow problem when it's cold

    ? Karl? I didnt mean to open that big of a can of worms about alcohol. I am just a carpenter you guys le ft me spinning o the side of the road.All I know is they charged me for alcohol & LP.Here in Oh. Have a great day? ?DON
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    Roadmaster Brakemaster Sys

    HI GUYS? ?I need a air cylinder w/petal clamp & air line complete,that is the one that pushes on the brake petal in the toad. I miss placed ours . I will buy your new or used sys , I have juice brakes on the M H. We didn't go to FL last winter & I removed the cyl from the toads rear floor mat &...
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    Propane flow problem when it's cold

    This is shure late but here goes,I had a problem like that they purged the tank & added alochol no more freeze ups.I would take it to a dif place & purge again.Don
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    Concrete pad for 31K pound Allegro

    You guys are right on about the sub base wet/dry that makes all the dif .Also 6&half bag is good.My base here is so good that I don`t use conc. We have sand that compact`s so hard it is great.I park the MH in the pole barn on sand & from the street to the barn I just drive on the grass. You can...
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    Brakemaster braking system

    Need help to find a air cylinder for brk mstr 9000 that would be the one that pushes on the brake petal. I called the co for a price they said it would be around 500.00. Please don't buy from Brakemaster lvshoebxfrd
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