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    Re: New to RVing

    What a great idea. Where can  you take driving lessons. I think I could use that.
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    Hello All!!!!!

    I just found this forum also and it looks like a lot of great supporting folks abound. We also bought a used Class A but its low mileage and clean. I suspect we will have some problems as it has been in storage for a while. Its a Persuit (Pursuit?). I have been gathering tons of stuff about RV...
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    Almost a newbie...

    I've just found this forum also. It sure looks promising. Hope we see a lot of eachother, here and on the road.
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    Hope to take the road less travelled.

    Hi, my name is Lynne and currently I am living in Japan with the military. BUT and this is the best part, in just over 4 months DH and I are retiring. We purchased a little Class A and hope to be on the road next Spring. Fulltime, parttime, still unsure, but I try to read everything I can so...
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