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  1. dverstra

    Tornado just missed us

    Last Saturday several small tornadoes visited West Michigan. We had about 10 minutes of warning thanks to our warning sirens. I checked the news alert online and saw that one was coming our way. Another couple was visiting us with their motorhome that was parked in my FHU site next to the...
  2. dverstra

    Linear actuator to raise the bed?

    In a different thread, raising the bed with a linear actuator was mentioned. After a few searches to see if they are documented with pictures, I decided to ask if they exist. Jim Godward mentioned it. "I have used their actuators for a couple of applications, one to raise the bed in the MH...
  3. dverstra

    Montrose, CO to Moab, UT

    Is Hwy 128, from I70 to Moab, ok with a 40' MH towing? It sure looks scenic and a good road via Google!
  4. dverstra

    Quilt for the Motorhome

    Have you ever noticed that your bedding doesn't fit right near the top of the bed where the cabinets are right next to the mattress? Well, MaryAnne always wanted to make a quilt for our bed in the motorhome. She decided to cut out the areas by those cabinets so that it no longer bunched up...
  5. dverstra

    Slide Out Awning not rolling up.

    A couple of days ago, the slideout awning did not retract when I brought the slide in. I got my ladder out and investigated. There was no spring tension on it at all. It is a Carefree Omega Awning. Since we are on our "Western Loop Adventure" and will be staying at the Rafter J Bar Ranch in the...
  6. dverstra

    Western Loop Adventure

    We are traveling from Grand Rapids, MI through the Upper Peninsula to Minneapolis (Granddaughter's baptism) then on to the Black Hills of South Dakota (Mary Anne's pick); Colorado Springs, Colorado; Moab, Utah (My pick), Taos, New Mexico (Wool Festival)(Obviously M.A.'s pick), Kansas City...
  7. dverstra

    Our Yooper Vacation

    Sitting in the U.P. of Michigan at Lake Michigamme. 8) We spent last night in St. Ignace (north side of the BRIDGE) and traveled today to Michigamme Shores RV Park for a 1 week vacation. We've been here before. I have a rental 14 foot fishing boat in the morning and will be seeking those elusive...
  8. dverstra

    Memphis Blues

    Sitting along the River at Tom Sawyers RV Park. Watching the barges go past. Last night we sat at B.B. Kings with a cold one and listened to the Blues. Life is Good 8)
  9. dverstra

    TPMS Question

    My toad (2013 Honda CRV) already has its own tpms. Will there be any issues with putting Pressure Pro sensors right on the top of those? I am assuming that Pressure Pro would not recognize the Honda sensors. Correct?
  10. dverstra

    Pressure Pro Distributor

    Is there a distributor that is a good friend of this forum? I've made my decision on TPMS and would like to purchase from a contributor to this forum, if possible.
  11. dverstra

    Gary has 40,000 Posts

    Gary I must ask...Is this a full time job for you? 8)
  12. dverstra

    Polar Bear Trip - Act 2

    Woohoo! We are on the road again. I needed a fresh start to this trip. I'm gonna forget about the last 7 days and concentrate on our adventure again.
  13. dverstra


    Thought it was humorous that our dirty laundry ended up labelled as WMD. White..Medium..Dark 8)
  14. dverstra

    Polar Bear Trip

    1 week until we leave on our 2013 Adventure. First we head to the UP of Michigan to visit a few friends in Michigamme. Then we head through Wisconsin and Minnesota to International Falls and up to Sioux Narrows for a week of guided fishing. Mary Anne will weave and I will fish. Then on to...
  15. dverstra

    Polar Bear Fantasy Tour 2013

    We are scheduled to travel with the Fantasy RV Caravan in the fall to see the polar bears at Churchill on the Hudson Bay. This has been on our Bucket List for a long time. Before the trip, we plan on some guided fishing at the Lake of the Woods near Sioux Narrows. This is the first time that...
  16. dverstra

    Leveling Jack...Arghh!

    When I was ready to raise the jacks(Bigfoot) this morning, the rear driver's side one would not go up. It had a higher pitch noise than the others. Eventually I had MaryAnne put the system in manual and press the retract and corresponding jack button while I put a little upward pressure on the...
  17. dverstra

    Asheville in the Spring

    We are heading to Asheville on April 18. MaryAnne and I are soooo looking forward to the warmer weather that will eventually wander into Michigan. Our new to us ride this year is a 2002 Holiday Rambler Imperial was christened on our Florida trip in Feb. I am very interested in woodworking as a...
  18. dverstra

    Swimming with the Manatees

    We are currently in Crystal River, FL. We just finished a 3 hour experience of a lifetime. Swimming with the manatees in a spring was awesome. They were close enough to touch. Really a neat way to spend Valentines Day with my sweetie of 35 years!
  19. dverstra

    Selecting and setting up a new Toad

    I will be purchasing a new toad. Probably a Honda CRV. We lost our old toad to a rollover accident in 2011 by our granddaughter. She is fine except for a scrape on the head and a very bruised ego. It was a 2001 Chevy Tracker and a great low mileage toad! I have a Roadmaster Stowmaster tow bar...
  20. dverstra

    Help! Dometic Refrigerator Problem

    I was getting ready for our trip that starts Friday. I turned the fridge on and all it will do is get hot not cold. The fins in the fridge get warm and the shelf  gets hot in the freezer. I'm guessing the refrigerant has leaked out since it was last used. Any thoughts would be appreciated...
  21. dverstra

    Another wireless internet post

    I'm a newbie to trying to hook up while on the road with my RV. I need to access email while on the road. In Sept., we will be travelling from Michigan to Maine ( thru the U.P. to North Bay, ON to Montreal to Maine. I currently have a Verizon cellphone(capable of internet) and a Sony laptop with...
  22. dverstra

    New to the RV Forum

    I'm new to the forum but not to RV'ing. We currently have a 36 foot '93 Pace Arrow. Our last child is off to college in 3 weeks  :) and we're getting ready for a trip to Maine to see the fall color.
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