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  1. CJAG

    Broken wheel well trim. where can I get one to replace?

    On our trip when I arrived at our RV park when I notice our trim was hit or blown off. It seems easy to replace. Anyone have any ideas where to order one?
  2. CJAG

    50 amp Surge protector question.

    We have a 50 Amp Surge Guard Model Number 44270. We down graded from a Class A to a 30 amp Trailer. If I get an adapter for the Surge protector will it work on my 30 Amp trailer?
  3. CJAG

    Question about adding a 50 amp rv panel at our family reunion site.

    We have a reunion site in SE Oklahoma. There are several cabins on the property tied to one electrical system. There is one cabin that has a 100 amp panel in its home. My family wants me to tie into the underground wire about 50 feet from the cabin. Use lugs to connect to that wire and "T" it...
  4. CJAG

    2015 Silverado 4x4 and my 2013 24rbs Bullet Trailer Need suspension suggestions

    Hi, Our trailer is about 4900 dry and my truck pulls it just fine. Works a little hard going up mountains but no issues otherwise. My only complaint is sometime on rough roads  (Especially when  going though big cities) the suspension is not very stiff in the rear...its more annoying than a...
  5. CJAG

    RV heater and winterization

    I am getting ready for low 30s possibly hi 20s in the next few nights (Nashville area). I drained my lines and tanks , ran pump with all faucets open for 30 seconds like my manual says, drained water heater and turned the by pass on and added a little antifreeze to p traps and toilet and black...
  6. CJAG

    I had my Class A totaled.

    I have waited a few months before posting this due to embarrassment. The wife and I bought our first Class A and traveled for 8 weeks this winter until we had a unfortunate event happen. We were at St Augustine KOA. We were meeting our friends for dinner when I turned the water on to fill my...
  7. CJAG

    Trailer Brake question

    My Chevy Silverado has a Brake package on the dash for trailers. I am looking at a 2013 Forest River SURVEYOR SELECT SV264 from a private party. He has a f 150 he towed with. What process do I need to go through to insure my brakes are working?
  8. CJAG

    stock Hitch on 2015 Silverado 4x4

    I have a 500/5000 hitch that came on my truck. It says it can tow 9200 lbs. If I get a trailer with a tongue weight of 650 lbs do I need a new receiver? Or does the WD/sway bar make up for it? I had a dealer tell me Chevy would never put a receiver on my rig that would not be able to tow 9200...
  9. CJAG

    Toilet issue (should I completely replace?)

    I have a crappy problem, the Thetford Stylus Plus in our Rig. We are in a RV park in Lady Lake Florida. The plastic part holding the cable behind the toilet broke (Due to wear) it is 10 years old and seem pretty easy to fix if Camping World stocks this part. However is there a better toilet out...
  10. CJAG

    Mexico by RV?

    Hi All, I know there are caravans that go through Mexico. My wife and I are interested, however Mexico has changed in the last 4 years. Is it still safe? Have you traveled there recently? What was your experience? Any advice or suggestions on caravan groups would be great.
  11. CJAG

    Its almost surreal (Our first RV Trip Ever)

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Well we have traveled over 650 miles on our fist trip so far and ended up at Sunset Isle RV Park Cedar Key, Florida. No major issues with our rig. Drove nice in rain and wind and I will do some tweaking with stuff as I get to know this life. Our first night in...
  12. CJAG

    Mass Air Flow Sensor Engine light.

    I am getting a check engine code that says air flow sensor. Any tips on if I should clean it or replace the sensor? Anyone know where this is on the workhorse? Thanks!
  13. CJAG

    Where do you gt your Motorhome weighed?

    I keep reading about getting the total weight  front/rear and 4 corners. Is this done at weigh stations? Are Motor-homes required to stop at weight stations? So much to learn!
  14. CJAG

    Nashville To Tallahassee FL Route Advice

    Any advice on missing Atlanta in our Class A. Traveling week before Christmas. I know we can go though Alabama (Montgomery) if i recall that road 23/82 is slow and 2 lanes most the way. Marietta seems like a good place to stop for the night. Any RV parks there you recommend.  Atlanta is the...
  15. CJAG

    City water hook up question. (Newbie here)

    Do you use your water pump when hooked up to city water? Or does the pressure of the open hose take care of it? If so is there a risk of seals blowing because of pressure? Curious about this since we are leaving on our first long trip in 2 weeks.
  16. CJAG

    Toilet leaking at floor base.

    Well after fixing the Heater the toilet is now leaking at base. Its a porcelain toilet. Do RV porcelain toilets have the same wax ring that my toilet does at home. This seems to be the most logical fix at this point. Any advice?
  17. CJAG

    TOAD Question

    Ok so wife and I have been debating what is the best vehicle to tow. We own a 2015 1500 Chevy PU 4x4 (Not ideal to tow behind our workhorse) and 5 speed 1999 BMW Z3 that would be fun to have in warm climates (I would have to disconnect drive shaft on travel days). The other option is to sell...
  18. CJAG

    ATWOOD GC10A-4E 94018 Water heater propane not lighting

    It is getting gas I can smell it . It is clicking but I didn't see spark to light it My gut tells me to replace the spark element not sure what it is called? Attached is the picture.
  19. CJAG

    2-6 volt battery question

    I have recently got 2 new 6 volt batteries that were installed by a shop. With my generator on house batteries and my reading is 6.7 volts max out put I tested it with the neg on one battery and the pos on another battery. I am not sure if they hooked it back up correct because this is a new...
  20. CJAG

    Anyone know how I can find out what this means?

    My new/used coach has this sticker in the engine compartment. Any help or suggestions would be great. I will google it also and see.
  21. CJAG

    Our coach is ready to travel (1st Timers)quick Question

    We are very excited to get on the road. I have a couple weeks of prep left and a test run next weekend. As I was doing an inspection I learned the coach batteries do not charge when driving. Only if the generator is on or the rig is plugged in. Is this common? Also has anyone used the Waze app...
  22. CJAG

    RV shop question (newbie Here)

    I have my class A at a very reputable shop in Middle TN based on online reviews. This is my first RV. Getting a new stereo and other maintenance things taken care of. Nothing major at this point. Their say their usual turnaround time is 1 week. My coach has been there 3 weeks and they have...
  23. CJAG

    50 Amp Cord and other questions.

    Newbie here, My wife and I are taking our first long trip in our coach. First stop Cedar Key Florida for a month in Mid December. No other plans booked after that. We are going to wing it a little and take the advice I have read and book a few days in advance in and around FL. I realize we may...
  24. CJAG

    New user needs help. Wife and I looking at 2009 Coachmen 36FWS

    We have been looking and found a 2009 Coachmen 36FWS with 12000 miles (Private Party). We looked at it yesterday and the price was way below NADA list prices, so I thought it was an amazing deal until I read a few things here. First off we will have it inspected. The rig is priced less than 50k...
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