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  1. (Chip)

    Advise on generator operation

    I have a Honda eu3000is generator. Should I leave it in eco mode? I have not tried it yet to see if it will run my 15k btu AC. Should I test it, or is it a bad idea for the generator or AC sake?
  2. (Chip)

    better fresh water hose

    I use Flexzilla hoses. I love them
  3. (Chip)

    Cable and Hose Length Questions

    I carry 50 foot of hose and a 50 foot extention cord. The place where I am going to next month I'll need another 25 of hose. I have a 50 to 30 dog bone ,but I have never used it.
  4. (Chip)

    danger of trailer theft once TV is unhooked?

    I doubt many trailers get stolen at a campground. Locks only keep honest people honest. You could chain a wheel to the spring if it makes you feel better.
  5. (Chip)

    What can I run when hooked up at camp ground

    I only have one ac and I can.
  6. (Chip)

    Issues with toilet on Sportsmen KZ 20RBT Hybrid trailer

    There is a vacuum breaker built into the flush valve on the toilet. My best guess is that's what's leaking. They are easy to replace.
  7. (Chip)


    I can camp a lot of different places for $8000.00.  I think they are out of there minds
  8. (Chip)

    Newbie from Michigan - Just bought our first TT.

    Welcome from another Michigander! The best advise I have gotten so far was to make your first camping trip in your driveway.... you will really get a good idea of what you need to have in it. Also fill in your profile so your TT and tow vehicle show up in your signature. It helps folks here...
  9. (Chip)

    R/C or full scale pilots

    I have 3 rc planes and 4 helicopters.  I have been into some sort of rc for 34 years. I would love to have a real airplane.
  10. (Chip)

    Attaching Bicycles to a Travel Trailer "Bumper"?

    I wouldn't do it. TT bumpers are paper thin and will not hold up to a bike rack bouncing on it. I am a competent welder so I welded a receiver hitch to my frame. I have heard a lot of stories of bumpers coming off and people dragging bikes down the highway.
  11. (Chip)

    Bike racks on your trailers??

    Yep, I have a spare on the bumper too. I just had to move it over a little more to the passenger side.
  12. (Chip)

    Bike racks on your trailers??

    I welded a 2 inch receiver to my tt bumper and use a thule 4 place revolver rack. I love the setup. When we are away frome camp I can move the rack to my truck and take the bikes with us. The revolver swings out from the back of the truck so I can open topper and the tailgate wth the bikes still...
  13. (Chip)


    I weigh mine on a bathroom scale.
  14. (Chip)

    Oh bleep!! that just happened

    That's another reason why I bought a used tt. I have two young kids, And I don't really  worry about bumps and bruises to it. Atleast  that's what I keep telling myself.....
  15. (Chip)

    PEX fittings??

    The  plastic pex fittings are better. The brass ones are notorious for getting pinholes in them and leaking over a very short time. The copper fittings were for polybutelene that was used mostly in mobile homes and has a different internal diameter.
  16. (Chip)

    Any negative feedback using catalytic heaters?

    Can some one fill me in on the benefits of using a space heater in a rv that has a furnace? For the life of me I don't understand this........
  17. (Chip)

    Cold weather (FALL ONLY) camping question...

    That's what I am doing now. Lows were 28, high of 40. NO problems at all.
  18. (Chip)

    Adding milage counter to 5th Wheel wheel

    Google hubometer. They work great.
  19. (Chip)

    Ford V10 engine surging /lugging / shaking .....possible causes ??

    Bad coil packs usually don't throw a code.
  20. (Chip)

    Jayco experiences

    Mine is technically a Jayco.  I love it.
  21. (Chip)

    12 volt television

    Both of the lcds in my camper are insignia brand and are 12v. Less than 100 each. I just modified the cords with cigarette plugs.
  22. (Chip)

    Recommendations for 20-inch Ram 1500 tires?

    Cooper Zeon ltz. I got 55000 out of them. Great ride and all weather traction.
  23. (Chip)

    New truck tire size question

    I don't know if it applies to duallies , but on my f150 the cargo rating is 500lbs less with 20 inch wheels. Double check it!
  24. (Chip)

    Refrigerator Fans-Battery Operated

    Under 3$ with shipping!  This one's from China but you can get them on ebay for about 5 dollars in the us. I bought 2 of them for my fridge
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