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    Help with Mac OSX mail

    I need help!  Today I downloaded a new version of Safari 3.1 and now I can't get Mail to load.  I have a iBook G4 with OSX 10.3.9.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rollie
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    Dust Storms??

    We finally made it to the great southwest.  On the way we hit a "dust devil" head on, almost hit a tumble weed the size of a VW and we learned that "RV friendly" means the station has diesel not necessarily a good spot to fill up a gasser. But I do have a question for you long time southwest...
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    Just say, "Thank you"

    I don't want this to sound preachy or condescending but here is a little theory  I have on the proper care and feeding of a co-pilot.  In the past when my DW (co-pilot) would say something like, "There's a stop sign!" or "Here comes a truck!" I would say," I saw it!" ... sometimes I would not...
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    How far do you drive?

    This was mentioned in another thread in a fun kind of way ... but really, how far do you like to drive each day?  The assumptions would be good weather, and no schedule to meet.
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    Ford recall

    I guess this could be in a couple of different  topics but I thought I would start here.  So I have a Ford chassis  built in 2000 which means that my motorhome can burst into flames even while parked next to my house.  Ford sends out a recall notice and advises to get it to a Ford dealer ASAP. ...
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    One site crashes???

    Anyone help me with this?  I use an Apple iBookG4 with Mac OS X 10.3.9.  I get on the internet all the time and don't have a problem except with this one site ... of all things it is  ... whenever I try to sign on it starts to load and then crashes ... Any ideas?? 
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    Sleepnumer RV mattress

    Would one of you good folks that has a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed measure the blower motor.  All the SC site says is that it is about the size of a two slice toaster.  The space under our bed is only 5 inches high ... will the blower fit?  The bedroom in our MH is very small and there would...
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    Interesting tips ...

    Reheat Pizza Heat up leftover pizza in a non-stick skillet on top of the stove, set heat to med-low and heat till warm.  This keeps the crust crispy. No soggy micro pizza.  I saw this on the cooking channel and it really works. Easy Deviled Eggs Put cooked egg yolks in a zip lock bag.  Seal...
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    Sleep number bed??

    I know some of you have the sleep number bed and love it ... my question is about the pump.  I looks as if it is separate from the bed ... where do you put it?  What do you have to do to install the bed?  Are there any issues with the wires and the connection to the pump?  I have seen a company...
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    Awnings in the southwest??

    Okay this is one of those who cares kind of questions ... but inquiring minds want to know.  For the past few years I have explored the Phoenix area during the winter months preparing to someday retire and escape winter.  One thing I have noticed is that the motor-homes very seldom have the...
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    MO to AZ suggestions

    Okay ... let's say that Carroll and I really decide to retire and travel to Casa Grande in January.  Could some of you pros recommend the best route and places to stay along the way?  We will start our adventure in Kansas City.  Any tips and suggestions would be welcome. 
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    Carefree Travel?r 12-Volt Patio Awning Conversions

    Has anyone tried the Carefree Travel?r 12-Volt Patio Awning Conversion?  The information says you can convert your existing awning to one that will deploy by electric motors ... the cost would appear half of the cost of a total replacement. 
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    email while being a sunbird

    I use Road Runner here at home ... I am told that they do not put you on vacation when you leave for the winter they just disconnect.  My question is this ... what good ways have you found for an email provider .... I will need to change this winter and I don't want to have to change back...
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    Air compressor?

    What do you think ... will this air compressor do the job for motorhome tires? I have been looking for a compressor that I can carry on the road.
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    How many of these have you seen?

    I don't normally forward this kind of stuff but this one does have an RV flavor.? Pretty cool. modified to make link live
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    Electric step won't retract

    My electric steps won't retract. >:( There is a clicking that sounds like a solenoid is trying to close but then nothing.  I would like to at least retract it manually so I can seek help.  Best of all would be to fix it ... any tips or ideas would be most welcome.
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    Price of gas this weekend

    How's the price of gas where you are?  Here in north Missouri it is $2.48 today.  Diesel is $3.02.
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    Tow bar binding

    I have had a problem a couple of time with my tow bar binding when I go to unhitch. ?I have a Roadmaster Falcon 5250. ?It has a button on the top of each arm that is supposed to loosen the arms so that there is no tention. ?The last time I was at a campground it was so tight I started to wonder...
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    Winshield vs. rock

    I will now be the proud owner of a new windshield ... at least on the driver's side.  Quick story ... truck, rock, heart stopped. :o  It seems to me that there has been some advice on this very subject.  I have a 2001 Sea Breeze with a large curved two piece windshield.  Can a regular auto glass...
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    Tire trouble

    Well I bought new tires  and I am very disappointed ... the ride is terrible.  It feels like one or more of the tires it out of balance.  The vibration is the worst at about 60 - 65 mph.  I don't feel it in the steering wheel but the whole coach seems to vibrate.  If I had to guess it would be...
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    Is it time to change tires?

    I have read discussion on this before but I would like to ask anyway.  I have a 2001 motorhome with tires built in 2000.  They have less than 18000 miles on them.  I have used tire covers to protect them and a tire dressing.  They show no signs of weather checking or any ware.  So do I really...
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    The Masters

    Have any of you been to the Masters Golf Tournament?  We are going this year for the first time and I was wondering about where to park.  We are staying in Atlanta and plan to drive in early in the morning.  Any tips would be apprisated. Rollie
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    Folding Bike

    I have started looking into getting some bikes to tool around on.  Not serious biking just a leasure ride or a quick run to get a paper.  Since space is a concern I have been looking at a folding bike.  I would like any help you all could give.  I came across one called a Citizen that looks...
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    LCD TV question

    I am looking at LCD TVs ... another new technology for me ... I miss rotary dial phones  :) ... my question for you that have traveled this road before is ... what is a good Response Time?  I have seen 8ms to 12ms.  I assume that lower is better but what is a good number?  What number would be...
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    How to handle a blow out

    This is one of those sites that many of you may have seen already ... but if you have not seen it or if it has been awhile since you last watched it is worth a few minutes to review.  I have had an RV for 8 years and I did not know about the proper way to handle a blow out. Check out this...
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