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  1. 00RoadKing

    Firearms in your RV

    If this has been discussed before I haven't seen it. My question is this: I live in NY and have a concealed carry permit, I have been told that I can take my guns with me (hand guns and long guns) when I travel as long as they remain in my RV as this is considered a dwelling. I know that laws...
  2. 00RoadKing

    Stacker Trailers

    I own a 2007 American Eagle 43' and my wife and I are avid motorcyclists. We are faced with the age old dilema of how to bring our bikes and a vehicle when we travel. I hope to be on the road more than not in the near future (2012 cross your fingers) and am considering purchasing a "Stacker"...
  3. 00RoadKing

    RV 3 zone Thermostat

    Okay another stupid question. I have had my 2007 American Eagle for 3 months and recently have needed the AC when camping. (I live in northern Ny so AC isnt used very frequntly). Anyway, I thought I understood the operation of the excessively complex 3 zone thermostat, however, I set it to...
  4. 00RoadKing

    Interstate 90 through Cleveland

    Wasn't sure where to post this question. I am headed out west next week from northern NY to Sturgis SD. I have been told that the construction on I-90 through Cleveland is horrible and could cost me hours. My questions: is this true? is there a reasonable option to I-90 when I am headed west? I...
  5. 00RoadKing

    Tire Pressure Sensors

    I am looking to install a tire pressure monitoring system on my '07 American Eagle 43'. I will be towing a tandem axle trailer and have a tag on the MH so I will be needing a total of 12 sensors. I am looking for suggestions from people who have used and liked or disliked differnt systems...
  6. 00RoadKing

    Dead Batteries

    I recently purchased a '07 American Eagle. The coach has a 10000 Onan Generator and a 3500 watt inverter. Normally I have the coach parked in my driveway and plugged in to a 50 amp outlet. On Monday I moved the coach so my driveway could be paved and in less than 48 hours my batteries were...
  7. 00RoadKing

    Best Dog Breed for RV'ing

    My Wife and I recently upgraded our 2000 American Eagle to a 2007 American Eagle and expect to begin traveling more and more. We currently have two pets, a 6 year old cat and a 11 year old Yellow Lab. Unfortunately our beloved Lab, Zoe, has had many knee and hip issues and is becoming less and...
  8. 00RoadKing

    Pinecreek Campground, Newfield NY

    Anyone ever stayed at or heard about Pinecreek Campground in Newfield NY? Between Ithaca and Watkins Glen.
  9. 00RoadKing

    2008 Monaco Camelot

    Hello everyone, I am looking for some expertise and advice. I own a 2000 American Eagle and am looking to upgrade. I have found a 2008 Monaco Camelot 42PDQ at what seems to be a pretty good price. My question is simple I guess, I dont have any experience with the Monaco line. I was wondering if...
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