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  1. (Chip)

    Advise on generator operation

    I have a Honda eu3000is generator. Should I leave it in eco mode? I have not tried it yet to see if it will run my 15k btu AC. Should I test it, or is it a bad idea for the generator or AC sake?
  2. (Chip)

    Norcold question

    So why do they put a drain in for the condenser and plug the end of the drain hose?
  3. (Chip)


    Is it normal to have some condensation inbetween inner and outer skylights?
  4. (Chip)

    plates and bowls?

    What does everyone use for plates and bowls? I am torn between heavy Corelle or plastic tupperware.    Thanks, Chip
  5. (Chip)

    Michelin tire recall!

    I just got a letter from Michelin on my tires . They are the oem on ford cutaway vans in the 2010 to 2012 range . Please check the website for specifics.
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