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    Is this normal

    Hi folks.I'm a little confused about the humming coming from my electrical comp.Is it the inverter or the battery charger?I"m plugged in to shore power but it seems to run most of the time.When I disconnect battery cable  at the end of trip it seems a little too warm.We are talking about a tt...
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    looking ahead

    Hi folks.Prob gonna retire in 6 or 7 years and thinking of spending some warm months in Fl. rv park.We live in Jersey so this seems logical dest.Would love to hear any advice or recommended sights along with suggestions.Have not bought mh yet(still have tt) but wonder if gas can do this trip...
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    Hi folks.Just got back from local c.g. for Labor Day weekend.While lighting furnace,  panel showed no result.After several attempts went out to investigate.Had small gas fire that burnt some wires.Long story short,gas pipe was loaded with spiders that clogged tube.Used trailer just two weeks...
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    Diesel locations

    Hi folks.While online browsing noticed an older front mounted diesel.What is the diff. between that and a pusher? :-\ Thanks.
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    roof durability

    Hi folks.Saw the post on ladders or no ladders and have a question.I have a 2003 sunline tt without a ladder.I know they don't want us up there but here in Jersey you sometimes get some weather.No leaks or problems so far.My question is,do they make these roofs so good that we shouldn't worry...
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    hurt again

    Well, home for a couple of days with an achilles tendon sprain. :oToo many calf raises at the gym I think.Think i'd be a little more carefull at 55. ;)Have plenty of Sam Adams,food and computer to tuff it out.Great chance to catch up on my Forum reading.Life is good. ;D
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    Forum moderation

    Tom,with all due respect you shutting down the Huck discussion was a bit disappointing.Let the folks rant.Its healthy and interesting.
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    knee trouble

    Hi everyone.A little off topic here.Contemplating knee replacement surgery as a last resort.I have degenerative arthritis and have been through all the procedures and all have failed.54 years old in excellent condition.(Except for stinking knee). :(Would like some advise  from my fellow...
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    lamb stew

    Ok all you cast iron wizards.Doing a little fall camping next weekend and lamb stew is on the menu.( lamb chops on sale this week).I do a pretty good job but I bet it could be better.Anybody have a secret ingredient or two? :-\Counting on you. :-*
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    Fulltime millionaires.

    Geez.From what I read of you fulltimers travels and adventures you all must be millionaires or royalty. ;)Explain please. :-\
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    Crab fest

    Well,going to my fav. c.g. this weekend for crabfest.Jersey shore cuisine with plenty of juicy crustaceans.Will have to check cholesterol levels after this one.Hoping the expected cool sea breezes will keep the flying critters at bay.No pun intended. ;D
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    propane gauge

    Hi folks.Does anyone know if and where I can get a gauge to check propane capacity in my tanks?My old class c had a read out monitor but my fancy tt does not.I'm thinking something that I can just screw on and off.Thanks,Steve.
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    Back from beach

    Well,back from my 96 at beach cg.Hot ,Hot ,Hot.Major ground war with skeeters and greenies.The only thing that saved me was Gentleman Jack and Mr. Carona.Oh, and lots of Deep Woods Off.Going back when the enemy is weeker.September.
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    going to the beach

    Going to LBI for 4 days next week.That's Long Beach Island NJ for those not familiar.Hot spot here on Jersey coast.Camp ground is bay side 8 miles from island.Cost for premium site $220 for 4 nites.Average cost for island diggs for same period $2000.Guess i'll spend the diff. on food and happy...
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    slide out motor

    New here with a question.Have a 2003 sunline solaris 267sr and need slide out motor.What is easiest way to purchase?Thanks.
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