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  1. dverstra

    Need asap info on koa in bar harbor maine.

    We stayed there in 2005 so this info might not be up to date. We stayed in site 271 according to their current map on their website. I'll see if I remember how to post a pic with this reply. A site with a "view" probably means a view of the water. We would have stayed on the waters edge if we...
  2. dverstra

    Where do you go to find a perfect level spot?

    Here is the one we use in our shop to level the CNC machines.
  3. dverstra

    Adding an RV Pad Next To My House

    ^^X3^^ What Bruce and John said. I've never regretted that decision
  4. dverstra

    Lift and injector pumps issue

    X2^^^ I had good service from The Truck Shop in Okahumpka, Florida A little distance from you though
  5. dverstra

    Too Much Trailer; Too Little Truck

    We drove past this yesterday on our way to Orlando. Glad that I was Southbound. Traffic was backed up for a couple of miles.
  6. dverstra

    Ice Fishing

    Click on it.
  7. dverstra

    New Captains chairs

    We had ours done at Bradd & Hall in Elkhart.
  8. dverstra

    Snow and ice on roof

    Good to see that you made it. Getting out of Michigan this time of year can be dicey. We're leaving on March 9. I've got my fingers crossed.
  9. dverstra

    Oregon coast trip itinerary recommendations and camping

    Here is a link to a map on the blog of "Wheeling it". They have extensively traveled that area. Just click on the map for reviews of the different campgrounds that they have been to.
  10. dverstra

    went out to winterize...

    Stop by our place in Michigan and I'll explain it to you  :)
  11. dverstra


    Snow while driving to the UP yesterday. Stopped at Mill Creek CG in Mackinaw City last night. Driving to the UP today. DW is meeting her buddies for a weekend Quilt Retreat today. I'll be taking the puppies for walks and scouting out other places for camping.
  12. dverstra

    Looking for Space/Privacy in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Force

    X2^^^ Stayed at Twin Creek and enjoyed our time there. Quiet and peaceful but not exactly in the boonies either
  13. dverstra

    tax info

    I assume that you would want a title for it. To get a title, you usually have to deal with the DMV. Hence, I think you will pay your taxes.
  14. dverstra

    Famous movie spots around the US

    Anatomy of a Murder was filmed in the U.P. of Michigan. Some of the scenes were shot in Big Bay and Michigamme. The restaurant (Mt. Shasta Family Dining) in Michigamme is still there on Hwy 41. Great stop for lunch. Pictures of the stars adorn the walls.
  15. dverstra

    Best Road -- South of Grand Rapids, MI

    I have traveled 131  from Grand Rapids to Middlebury, IN and I69 from Fort Wayne to Marshall, MI recently with the motorhome. I would take 131 south to I94. East on I94 to I69. South on I69 to Fort Wayne. DO NOT take 131 south of Schoolcraft or any section of the Indiana Toll Road (I80).
  16. dverstra

    WORST roads for RV travel: Your nominee(s)??

    X2 AGREED We should have been paid to use it.
  17. dverstra

    Any way to defeat wind sensor in awning when deployed.

    Yup or remove it entirely 8)
  18. dverstra

    Devils Tower, Wyoming

    Sounds like fun. One of my favorite places to see is Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. It's an archaeological site with mammoth bones. Have fun
  19. dverstra

    How much do you pay in your state?

    The fee structure in Michigan must have changed since then. Currently, I get to pay a fee based on the original MSRP. My fee this year was $2,129. PURE MICHIGAN. Now, if they'd fix the roads, I might not complain
  20. dverstra

    First ever road trip in our first ever coach....

    Jeff and Judy Have a BLAST on your Maiden Voyage. Safe Travels
  21. dverstra

    Dewinterize or not?

    Houston I am currently in the Grand Rapids area and getting ready to head south on the 11th. I would advise you to do a thorough check of all systems other than "wet" ones. Follow John from Detroit's instructions and get it below the frostline (is that Mexico?? :)) before you tank up the fresh...
  22. dverstra

    Propane near I65?

    Another Flying J on I65 at Franklin, KY (Exit 2, I think). Most KOAs have them also.
  23. dverstra

    Atlanta timing - Saturday or Sunday?

    We used the West Bypass on Monday at 10am. No problem at all. Yes, it is busy in spots. Get in the center lane to avoid the merging traffic.
  24. dverstra

    Florida pan handle area and Alabama sites to RV camp?

    Shhhh. I have a hard enough time getting a reservation. All kidding aside, this place has the most laid back group of campers that I have met.
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