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    Help! Our trailer stinks :(

    Hi everyone.  I guess we goofed up.  When we took delivery of our Jayfeather about 2 months ago, we left the dealer with the water tank 1/3 full.  Well, two months later, we still had not used any of the water in the holding tank.  Then two days into a five day trip, we woke up to discover that...
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    photo of our new trailer

    Hi everyone!  We have attached a photo of our new Jayco Jay Feather 27P that we took delivery of last Tuesday.  The PDI went off without any major hitches and was generally a positive experience.  We will be making our maiden voyage to the Texas Hill Country next week.  We're a little nervous...
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    a couple of questions from a novice

    Hello everyone! My husband and I are going in tomorrow for our PDI on our new Jayco Jay Feather 27P and we have a couple questions that we probably should have asked before now... 1.? We are scheduled to take the trailer over to our insurance agent's office tomorrow after we sign on the dotted...
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    Howdy from Texas!

    Hi there!  I have been lurking on this forum for a little while and decided to jump in and introduce myself because everyone seems to be so friendly and eager to help.  My name is Sami. My husband Ed and I live in southeast Texas with our two 70lb Boxer lap dogs.  We don't have any children yet...
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