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    Linda Sharp RIP

    Thanks Tom.  I tried searching for an announcement before posting, but couldn't find one.  Probably because I thought it would be under Richard's. 
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    Richard Sharp RIP

    This is Daisy Thomas here.  Apparently the message has not yet been heard here that Linda too, has passed away, the day after Jennifer went back to NY.  There is no way, this couple total soulmates could ever be apart very long and so it was they shall be placed in eternity together. Jennifer...
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    Sarah Hale - RIP

    I haven't been here for a long while, but thought I'd best come back for a sad announcement.  Those who remember Saral Hale will be unhappy to hear that she passed away a few hours ago.  Sarah was a former forumite, from the early days, and one of the firsts to attend the QZ rallies.  She was...
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    Young RV'er; Am I the Only One?

    >>Did a Robert Graham steam engines search, found a Graham Ind. steam engine hit It appears that Mr. Graham's first name is Robert. Could be the guy?<< Undoubtedly.  Thanks Bill Daisy
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    Young RV'er; Am I the Only One?

    Our youngest daughter and her husband learned from us about the good life, by our reports of travelling sent back home.  The bug has bit them.  Both in early 50s sold their home last fall, bought a large 5th wheel and are spending the winter south.  Both are still working, he for an insurance...
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    Young RV'er; Am I the Only One?

    Margi:  His name was Robert Graham.  He built and sold small steam engines.  I had a thought come into my head just recently about him, and wondered how he is doing today.  Don't know why.  Funny how the brain works. Daisy
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    2016 RV Forum Quartzsite Rally - Reply Topic

    I am so loving all the posts and pictures, but I was sort of saving them for the end, to savor them all at once.  Thanks so much Betty and Wendy and all the others who participated.  Since it's doubtful we'll ever make another one, the narratives and pics all help to keep it alive and well for...
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    Still here, decided to just start new thread

    So good to see you back with us again Carolyn.  You've been missed.  You are one of the reasons I still come back here once in awhile.  The other is to catch up with what our friends are doing, or not doing.  Happy to know no ill fortune came your way, and I'm sure you're ecstatic to have hubby...
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    2016 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park - Reply Topic

    Ah, thanks Richard.  Sorry you had so far to travel....  And to all of you I'm sorry you had such a cold week there.  I think that must be a first.  Hope it warms up for QZ, though I remember a few of those times there were quite cold as well.  Well, we can just take the good when it comes, and...
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    2016 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park - Reply Topic

    Thanks Ken.  Didn't realize the FMCA was so close to the first week.  Usually around the 15th or so I thought.  Wondered if you all went to Peg Leg Pete or where Have fun and buy lots of cool stuff.  Those vendors are depending on all of you....... ;-) Daisy
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    2016 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park - Reply Topic

    So I tuned in to get destinations of those leaving Catalina, but no one has posted them here.  Where did you all go, or is that posted somewhere else?  Curious minds want to know........ Daisy
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    FMCA Summer 2016 Convention

    Bayleys in Scarborough is a big campground and Richard Sharp stayed there this spring, so he could give more first hand knowledge.  It's near marshes, so can't vouch for the mosquitoes in August.  Wassumpski Springs CG is much smaller with a man-made lake, on the Scarborough/Westbrook/ Portland...
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    FMCA Summer 2016 Convention

    Wow, that's up in our neck of the woods.  Would love to have some of you make it up to the Portland area.  Maybe a dinner out at one of the great lobster places.  Daisy
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    2016 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park - Reply Topic

    Nice to see some familiar faces and new ones as well and that everyone is having such a good time.  It certainly brings back many wonderful memories of times past, and that is what you are doing now, making memories for the future.  Wish we were still with you all, but time marches on and all...
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    Got my Geezer Pass!

    A very belated Happy Birthday Lou, but happy you are now eligible for the "Geezer Pass."  You are just beginning, again, the adventure we started at your age.  Hope you enjoy it every bit as much as we did.  Many happy days of traveling.  Miss seeing all of you "pioneer desert rats."  We have...
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    No more RVing for the Akers

    I'm slow in coming back on this, but I'm not getting here often anymore.  So sorry to hear you too, are hanging up the keys.  But sometimes you have to do, what you have to do.  We are still missing it terribly, but know in our hearts we did what we had to do.  Like Margi, we miss the "old...
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    Old Timers Visit

    Yes, it was a good one Betty.  They haven't changed a bit and still a fun couple to be with.  Ned they are still kicking and full of it. 
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    Old Timers Visit

    Yes, Rene T., that is the place.  The food has always been good in the many years we have gone there.  I had baked shrimp in Newburg sauce.  Excellent.  Maine's baby shrimp.  So sweet and tender.  Love them.
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    Old Timers Visit

    For the old timers that may remember some of us from the early days, just wanted to let you know we had a great visit with George and Ann Foster today.  Gave them a tour of our new digs and a nice visit when we decided to join them for dinner at the Clam Bake.  A special place to go for seafood...
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    Happy Birthday, Linda Sharp

    Happy Birthday LInda.  Sorry we are not there to give you a special hug as we were for Richard, but we were so happy to spend some time with you both when we were there.  Have a great winter, and we so miss not getting together with you and everyone else in AZ again.  Hope to see you next summer...
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    Fred and I just got back to the hotel a bit ago from Richard's surprise 80th Birthday Party.  It was a great party, and he was really surprised.  Many of his friends and relations were there and we enjoyed meeting several of them.  We were so happy to be able to be here to help in the...
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    Thanks Betty for the wonderful daily updates and pictures.  Almost as good as being there, but not quite.  Sorry we had to pass on this as it looks like a place we would have liked to visit and we had been looking forward to it.  We did have a forum touch today as Linda and Richard Sharp were...
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    2015 RV Forum Quartzsite Rally - Reply Thread

    What Margi said, but double.  We miss every one too, but we also cherish so many great memories.  I do miss the quiet of the desert, but we are adapting to the cold again, and so far, it's been mild comparitively, so doable.  However, I will never stop missing the desert and the beauty and quiet...
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    2015 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park -Reply Thread

    Glad to see everyone had a great time.  I think this has to have been the worst weather for any of the New's Parties since 199?...when we were first celebrating them together at Brenda.  But good troupers all for hanging in there and enjoying it anyway.  Thanks for the pictures and all the old...
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    Official Announcement

    Chet, it was almost like you said.  On the long drive back from our son's memorial service, we started thinking about what our next step should be.  Dan was our anchor on the west coast our one family tie, and we could depend on him to help us if we needed it.  His sisters are also hurting and...
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