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  1. K

    Wilderness forum/message boards

    Does anyone know of a forum/message board for Wilderness trailers?
  2. K

    Yet another tow vehicle /5er weight question

    You guys must be getting tired of receiving these same types of questions over and over again.  I have been trying to fully understand the various formulas and answers you have provided about tow vehicle requirements but I still do not fully uinerstand them and I need some help from you tow...
  3. K

    What length 5er?

    I am looking to purchase my first 5er and I think I would prefer something in the 34-37 foot range.  I have also read that there are limits to the length of trailer that can be accomodated in some campgrounds.  If I went with a 37 foot 5er would I have problems finding good campgrounds or should...
  4. K

    Spray lining on tow vehicle

    I will be purchasing a new truck once I decide on the fifth wheel trailer I will be purchasing.  I want to have the truck bed spray lined with Line-X.  Do I get the bed spray lined BEFORE I have the Reese hitch installed or do I have the hitch installed first?  It may not be an issue since I...
  5. K

    What are the benefits all aluminum construction?

    I am a newbie looking at fifth wheelers.  Many manufacturers offer all aluminum construction in some of their lines.  I assume this offers lighter weights but are there other benefits to all aluminum construction?  Is all aluminum better?
  6. K

    Newbie from Long Island, NY

    Hi, My name is Ken and I am due to retire next year and I am looking for a fifth wheeler and tow vehicle that will provide an enjoyable time touring and camping.  I am not looking to go full-time but expect to make lots of short (200 miles or less) trips during the months of nice weather.  I...
  7. K

    Newbie needs help

    I am a newbie and I am looking for help from you seasoned fifth wheelers.  What items do you make sure you always have in your trailer before you leave on a trip?  What tools do you make sure you have with you?  What items do you consider a necessity?  What items are nice-to-haves?  What...
  8. K

    Purchasing fifth-wheeler out of state

    We are looking at a Fleetwood Triumph 395RL5S but it is not available from my local RV dealers.  Has anyone ever purchased a new fifth wheeler from out of state?  If so, were you able to find good warranty service locally when you needed it?  Are there any other concerns that we should be...
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