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  1. J

    Loose Ladder

    The ladder at the rear if our 5th wheel is coming loose.  Dan has tightened the screws, but that didn't help.  Any suggestions for a fix?
  2. J

    Travelling with Ripe Tomatoes

    Just before we left Oregon, I was hesitating about buying ripe tomatoes at the farmer's market because I didn't want them to get bruised while we were on the road.  An RVing friend said she put her ripe tomatoes in coffee mugs to protect them.  It worked!  Turns out it is also a good way to...
  3. J

    Furrion Oven Won't Stay Lit

    I've been having problems keeping our new Furrion oven lit.  Sometimes the pilot light goes out immediately after it is lit.  Sometimes the burner and the pilot both go out soon after the burner goes on.  Sometimes the burner and pilot go out after the burner has been going for a while.  About...
  4. J

    Dan & Jeannine's New Mobile Suite

    We took delivery of our new Mobile Suites 5th wheel trailer a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, we have been transferring everything from our old trailer, making modifications, and getting things fixed.  It's been a lot of work, but things are now falling into place. We decided to buy new for...
  5. J

    Looking for a Better Stove

    I'm starting to look at new stoves.  I've had Atwood/Wedgewood stoves but am looking for something that is higher quality.  Since we dry camp frequently, I consider a propane stove with an oven a must.  (I do have a microwave/convection oven for use when we are hooked up or running on the...
  6. J

    Mini Rally and Lot Warming at Timber Valley

    Russ Mahoney's arrival at Timber Valley (in Sutherlin, OR) yesterday gave us another excuse for a party.  We hosted Happy Hour yesterday to welcome Russ and to celebrate our new lot at Timber Valley.  Forgot to take photos, but Russ, Margi and Tom Binninger, Wally & Helaine Hepworth, Connie &...
  7. J

    Crossing the Border with Firewood

    We crossed from British Columbia to Washington at Osoyoos/Oroville  a few days ago.  On the US side, we were asked if we had any firewood.  When we said "yes", we were directed to go back to Canada and get rid of it.  We turned around, showed our passports to the Canadian officials, and got...
  8. J

    On our way to Yellowstone--hope to meet up with Framily

    We're at Gros Ventre tonight and will head to Yellowstone early tomorrow morning.  We couldn't get reservations, so we are hoping to find a spot at Norris or Mammoth CGs.  If we can get a campsite, we'll stay a couple of weeks. We're hoping to see the Dicks, Whetstones, Nesbitts, and anyone...
  9. J

    Norcold 1210SS Door Won't Open

    One of the doors on our Norcold has been "sticky" for several days.  Now it won't open at all. Any suggestions? Jeannine
  10. J

    Whistling Hot Water Heater

    Our hot water heater has started to make a whistling noise whenever it starts heating water.  This only happens when it is running on electric and when we are hooked up to an external water supply. Any suggestions as to what we should be looking for?  Dan says the check valve is OK.  It's a...
  11. J

    Hershey PA RV Show 2010: Decor Trends?

    We spent yesterday at the Hershey RV show.  We spent most of our time looking at 5th wheels, and toured a few motor homes.  We saw lots of cherry (and fake cherry) cabinets.  Many of the high end units had vessel sinks and stylish faucets to go with the sinks. One thing that struck me...
  12. J

    Virginia's Skyline Drive in a big Rig

    We're planning on driving the Skyline Drive, north to south.  We know about the 12'8" Mary's Rock Tunnel.  Since we need 13' clearance, we plan to skip that section of the drive.  Are there any other potential problems we should know about?  We have a 40' fifth wheel. Jeannine
  13. J

    GPS unit compatible with Street Atlas 2010?

    We're considering getting a new GPS.  Our two requirements are 1) maps of Canada as well as the US and 2) capability to download routes from Street Atlas 2010. The Street Atlas help files say we need a "fully-compatible NMEA receiver from Garmin, Magellan (non-USB)..."  etc. Can anyone tell me...
  14. J

    Mobile Broadband Options in Canada

    We plan to spend a couple of months in Canada.  We will probably change our Verizon voice plan to add Canadian coverage.  What is our best bet for internet access while we are there?  Are there any pay-as-you-go plans for mobile broadband? Jeannine
  15. J

    Carpet on Outside Steps: Does It Keep Inside Carpet Cleaner?

    I'm thinking of getting carpet covers for the outside steps, but only if it will help keep us from tracking dirt, leaves, etc. inside.  We have a small outside doormat, but often park in places without a patio. Would like to hear pros and cons. Jeannine
  16. J

    NuWa (HitchHiker) to Resume Production

    NuWa (manufacturer of HitchHiker 5th wheel trailers) will resume production in June.  They suspended production in January, shortly after we took delivery of our new HitchHiker.  They kept the service and warranty department open.  Our new HitchHiker is the best quality RV we've owned.  I'm...
  17. J

    Special Orders & Trade Ins

    We are considering ordering a new 5th wheel.  We will have to make a large deposit at the time we order.  Delivery time will be about 10 weeks. How can we prevent the dealer from reducing the value of our trade in when it comes time to take delivery of the new trailer? Jeannine
  18. J

    End of General Delivery?

    For 11 years we have been having our mail forwarded to General Delivery via Priority Mail when we don't have another address to use.  In that time, we only had one problem getting it. When I went to pick up mail on Tuesday, I was asked if we had made arrangements beforehand to receive mail at...
  19. J

    Shaken, not stirred...

    Bernie, I have a good supply of Trader Joe's blue cheese stuffed martini olives to share with you. Jeannine
  20. J

    Crown Villa (Bend, OR) Closing

    Crown Villa will close November 1st.  The property has been sold and the locals expect the new owners will be using the land to build houses.  Too bad, because it is one of the nicest parks we have ever stayed at.  The Bend Campground on the north side of town has already disappeared. Jeannine
  21. J

    We're in Quartzsite

    We arrived in Quartzsite this evening (Sat).  Looks as if we are the first ones here. Jeannine & Dan
  22. J

    Unidentified Popup

    Hi, For the past week or so I've gotten a popup message that tells me "click here" to see available updates.  The only identifier is a green icon shaped like a jigsaw puzzle piece.  Does anyone know where this comes from?  I don't want to click it unless I know the source. Jeannine
  23. J

    Jeannine & Dan Checking In

    We found the new forum.  Thanks for the new web site, it's a big improvement!
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