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  1. prfcdoc

    I'm back

    Had cruise control on 55 mph. Also checked pressure that morning. Pretty sure it was road hazard as both tires appeared to blow simultaneously and both were on the same side of the trailer. Bob
  2. prfcdoc

    Ant bite or spider bite

    Because it's very costly? At some point it may be necessary but, as you know, only the individual involved can make the decision about when that's the case. Bob
  3. prfcdoc

    Dental work in Algodones

    Ha! I left off a "'K".
  4. prfcdoc

    I'm back

    I doubt if anyone noticed, but I've been absent from the forum for a few months. We had a catastrophic accident from a double tire blowout that totaled our 5th wheel and our truck. We are, thank God, fine. We have a new 5th wheel and a new truck. National General Insurance company was very fair...
  5. prfcdoc

    Dental work in Algodones

    I would like to thank the forum members for guiding me to Algodones for my dental issues. I had to have a difficult extraction of a wisdom tooth root that would have cost me in excess of $6 due to anesthesiologist fees and surgical center charges plus the oral surgeon fees. I also needed a crown...
  6. prfcdoc

    Re: new to forum

    Welcome to the forum. It's good that someone working at an RV dealership is actually active in camping. Too many times the staff and salespeople are clueless about what really happens in the course of traveling in an RV. We're fairly new at the lifestyle ourselves but learning that the people we...
  7. prfcdoc

    App for Optimum Solar Panel Angle???

    Here's another link that you might find helpful. Bob
  8. prfcdoc

    Removing Dicor from a rubber roof

    Thanks for the info. I have a wife so I have a hair dryer.  The replacement combiner is moderately larger than the existing one so I may not have to get it perfectly flat if it will fit around the current footprint. Bob
  9. prfcdoc

    Removing Dicor from a rubber roof

    My 5th wheel has a 200 watt panel on it from the factory. I've attached two 250 watt panels and need to remove the small combiner box and replace it with one that can handle three inputs. I've never dealt with removing Dicor before. It appears to be quite well adhered and I'm concerned about...
  10. prfcdoc

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum. Let us know about yourself. Do you currently own an RV or are you planning for the future? If you already own a unit let us know about it by adding it to your profile. I've found this forum to be invaluable for helping me get started in the process. Bob
  11. prfcdoc

    Men vs. Women and Dirt

    Belly laughs from Kathy and I both. Bob
  12. prfcdoc

    End of an Era

    We went through the same things a couple of months ago but also had to close up my 42 years of solo medical practice. I found things in drawers in my office that looked like they came from the beginning of the last century. For the first few years of my practice I did my own blood counts and...
  13. prfcdoc

    Brit's touring in the US

    Can't help with all, but you'll definitely have to get the truck registration done once it's in Texas. It will have to have a Texas inspection and then registered with the state. You can get temporary paperwork as far as I know. Even though I've lived here most of my life I never had to deal...
  14. prfcdoc

    Tankless water heater

    Even though we have one in our rig I'm afraid that I can't help you because we haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I'm curious to know what the brand is. I've been reading that they're improving them constantly and am a bit surprised at your issues. Bob
  15. prfcdoc

    Leveling jacks and slides quit simultaneously.

    After lots of reading I called an RV repair person and he directed me to a tiny (about the size of a #2 pencil lead) black reset button. It was hidden behind wires in the front compartment and, voila, there was power everywhere.  :)
  16. prfcdoc

    Leveling jacks and slides quit simultaneously.

    Moved my trailer to a new location and upon arrival, the leveling jacks and slides would not work. The area is rather unlevel. Bought it used and I?m not sure of the hydraulic system brand but says ?Lippert? on the hoses. There?s a rectangular white button, ⅓ of which can be seen behind the...
  17. prfcdoc

    New to RV forum

    Welcome to the forum. It's been invaluable to me for the past several years. Hope you have as much luck with the forum as I have. Be sure to check out the library to augment your learning experience. Bob
  18. prfcdoc

    Trying to decide on Purchasing an Open Range Fifth Wheel

    The Open Range was on our wish list 4 years ago when we first started looking at 5th wheels and, about that time, they sold out to Jayco and the quality seemed to drop for awhile. Things are very fluid in the RV industry though. We lost interest when we found floorplans and amenities in another...
  19. prfcdoc

    Visiting South Texas - Gulf Area

    I grew up in Port Arthur.  Janis was 2-3 years ahead of me at Thomas Jefferson High. Jimmy Johnson (ex Cowboys coach) was there at the same time. I didn't have any idea that either person existed. Port Arthur is a town of swamps, good seafood, refineries and mosquitoes. The beach is about ...
  20. prfcdoc

    Hello from the Texas Hill Country

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of information in the library here. We're from Plano and my brother lives in Spring Branch, overlooking the Guadalupe. We're retiring in a couple of weeks and going to visit him and his wife shortly thereafter. Bob
  21. prfcdoc


    Welcome to the forum. You'll find tons of valuable information here. I've been around here for over 3 years and just purchased our 5th wheel over Memorial Day. It really helped me to make better decisions. Be sure to check out the library. Bob
  22. prfcdoc

    Can I Tow it?

    That's the weight of the trailer and what's inside it, but a couple of other things--You need the weight your specific vehicle can tow. You also have to make certain your specific vehicle can handle the weight that the hitch will put on it plus anything that you carry IN the vehicle ("the...
  23. prfcdoc

    The beginning is in sight!

    Thanks folks, for the congrats and good wishes. As I continue to learn and get realtime experience I hope to help out more on the forum. Bob
  24. prfcdoc

    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum. You should be able to find much valuable information here and if you can't find it in the library or in a forum search then just ask questions. There are many individuals who respond to questions and you can peruse the answers and come to your own conclusion. Bob
  25. prfcdoc

    The beginning is in sight!

    I'm retiring in two months and we've been planning for about 4 years. My DW is very picky about what she wants to live in. For that reason I thought I was going to have to purchase a new 5th wheel. Specifically a Cedar Creek Champagne edition. A week before Memorial Day she found the exact...
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