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  1. PancakeBill

    95 in UT Hanksville to Blanding

    Looks like it might be OK, but there is a significant squiggle in the middle, anyone here do it in a motor home?
  2. PancakeBill

    Airing tires - air multiplier or compressor

    I wanted to add a little air the other day. I don't have a compressor, of course I have the onboard, but it does not do a great job of providing enough air, so what are the choices. My first is to get a Viair automatic, I have researched these and they seem to be a great accessory. I posted...
  3. PancakeBill

    Pat Dick - Happy 80th

    I know it was mainly Jim Dick that communicated here so posting on Pats behalf. She is doing well, just had her 80th on 4/29 and to celebrate took a tandem parachute jump from i think I read 18,000'? That seems high, could have been a typo. Anyway, she has sold the coach and lot and bought a...
  4. PancakeBill

    RV Trip Wizard Question

    Thanks to suggestions from here I started using this program a couple years ago, they have some newer features that are cool. However, at times I see a circle with an exclamation point in it that seems to mean something, but what? I have looked around and found no explanation yet. Anyone have...
  5. PancakeBill

    Country Coach Rally Tucson

    Not sure how many CC owners we have left here, I know of one other besides ours. There is a rally at Lazy Days Tucson on 4/19-24 for the CCFI. We will be attending, looking forward to it. Only bad thing is we arrive the day AFTER our second covid shot. Hoping that effects pass us by.
  6. PancakeBill

    Speedco Oil Change. Motorhome Surcharge?

    I had heard discussion about Speedco no longer doing oil changes on motorhomes,  I did call this morning and they are still doing them.  No appt.  Then I read some other place there is a $70 surcharge for motorhomes, is this true?  Has anyone had a Speedco change lately?
  7. PancakeBill

    Utah Monolith

    Wow, as quick as it was discovered it is now gone.  All that remains is the triangular top and some stones around it.  What was it, what was the purpose?  Who put it there and were they the same as who picked it up?  Saw tonight about the disappearance of it. Who was most likely to remove?  The...
  8. PancakeBill

    Pack Rats

    Pack Rats seem to be an issue here in the desert.  Lots of the RVs here have the rope lights under the coaches, I was told these don't work, but have found articles online saying they do.  I have 100' roll of rope light around the underside anyway.  I don't want to use poison because of the...
  9. PancakeBill

    Replacement Pressure Pro Sensor

    My sensors are getting older and batteries weak.  Time for batteries?  Do they actually have a way to replace?  Anyway, the one I found says to write monitor serial number down, but my system is tied ti SilverLeaf and glass dash,  Not one of the standalone monitors  Any ideas?
  10. PancakeBill

    Paint your Sat Dish? Decal?

    I have seen some sat dishes painted, heard they were done in or near Mexico.  What about a vinyl sticker?  Foil sticker?  I'd kind of like something other than the brand on there, maybe something whimsical?  Full moon?  Howling wolf?  Sources?  Ideas?
  11. PancakeBill

    How Things Change

    I remember when I first got involved here, late 90's, back in the CompuServe Days.  Discussions on RV parks and 50 amp availability, availability of longer sites as folks RVs started being bigger.  There were whole threads on whether 50 amps was needed.  Like I said, late, like 97 or on. ...
  12. PancakeBill

    RF Mogul

    Getting ready to upgradde sat system, been hearing about the RF Mogul.  I realize it is essentially an offshoot from DataStorm.Has anyone used this?  Have a good source fo one?  The specs sound good.  I like the fact it is onsite repairable.  However that depends on parts.  Is this a solid...
  13. PancakeBill

    Water Heater Repair/Replace?

    I have the Atwood GCH10-3E. 10 gallon gas/electric and heat exchange.  The tank started leaking yesterday.  I have found I can get a replacement tank, it has the insulation 'blanket', now a styrofoam style vs. the fiberglass and cardboard old style.  Has all the electric stuff on the back.  A...
  14. PancakeBill

    Winegard Travler rebuild

    Our Travler is a little older and in winds it is loose enough that it will lose signal.  If I stow and redeploy it is fine, but some gusts will knock it again.  Usually at just the right point in the show, well you know.  I figure the top will likely come off and replace bushings, or bearings...
  15. PancakeBill

    Newer Park in UT

    Ever try to find a decent place near Price UT?  the rt 6 shortcut over Soldiers Pass.  Well, last April 2019, Castle Gate opened up.  Very nice park, mainly all gravel, but located between a river and rails, the trains are not noisy, and the river gurgles.  Very nice folks working here as well. ...
  16. PancakeBill

    Lone Rock CG Page, AZ

    Anyone been to this with a big rig?  Is the road OK to get in? 
  17. PancakeBill

    SilverLeaf and TPMS

    We have the SilverLeaf along with glass dash on our Magna, it has the integrated TPMS.  Just had coach in for service and the tech in his diagnostic had to disconnect the Silverleaf.  When it came back online I no longer see my tire pressures.  I see the front left with a question mark.  I am...
  18. PancakeBill

    Meet our New Furbaby

    We travelled with our Chihuahua mix Koda for 15 years, last July we had to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge.  It was now time to find a new critter.  We found outs on a rescue site, He is a spitting mage of Koda, in fact we are still in search of the perfect new name for him.  He is another...
  19. PancakeBill

    Add a Bidet?

    With the TP shortages, and TP being an issue at times in the black tank, has anyone tried retrofitting a bidet in an RV? There is a company Omigo that has one, and friend of mine back in RI installed one at his new home, and is adding one to his boat.  So, if on a bat , surely an RV oughtn't to...
  20. PancakeBill

    Florida to Montana

    Getting ready to start heading back.  Instead of a short diagonal trip we are doing the longer L route, FL to AZ then to MT.  We have a quick question, is 20 any better than 10?  Doing routing it shows up as 47 minutes longer.  Not worried about the minutes, but curious about the road, traffic...
  21. PancakeBill

    Those Pesky Tolls

    OK, I suppose toll avoidance is a good way of going, but travel around the country sometimes finds you on toll roads.  I ended up on one in CO where I never expected it.  Then there are the transponders you can get, but these are mostly regional.  I found out about this one today, works all...
  22. PancakeBill

    Florida Balloon Fest NEXT WEEK

    Late notice, but I just noticed.  There will be a balloon fest in Lakeland, FL 2/28-3/1.  There are still dry camping spots available.We are thinking about it, but would jump in quick if anyone else were to go.  Fee is for 2 with dry camping $128.  That is arriving on the 27th and leaving on the...
  23. PancakeBill

    Convection Oven Calibrate temp

    We have the Sharp 1874t Conv/micro.  It doesn't seem to get to the proper temp on preheat.  Is there a way to calibrate?  I will put an oven thermometer in it to see what temp is. actually getting to.  I tried a remote sensor but the cable coming out won't let the start work,  safety feature for...
  24. PancakeBill

    Dometic Duo Therm. Bad capacitor?

    Our front AC is not cooling, fan starts up and runs fine, bot compressor never starts up.  Quick thought and easy to get to fix, is the start capacitor.  Found one on an RV parts site, little pricey, but not horrible.  What do you think the chances are of it being that part?  Turn on to cool...
  25. PancakeBill

    Noisy AC Solution. WackO Solution?

    I know most everyone with an AC knows it is noisy, from window AC's in stick house to rthw roof airs on RV'.  2 of our coaches have been noisy, the Willie had basement air and while it was noisy, it was in the back and down low.  I was told of this product from WackO which is supposed to quiet...
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