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    Can I install a front power plug!

    You can. Can't tell from the picture if there is already a cable going to the generator connection. If there is, the other end is in the front compartment that was prepped for a generator.
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    Can I install a front power plug!

    If it is pre-wired for a generator in the front bay, you should have a junction box that you could wire to. Do you see any electrical boxes in the generator bay marked 120 volts? Trailer should have a transfer switch already installed to isolate generator and shore power.
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    Should i make a hole in the roof of my RV trailer?

    I installed a satellite antenna by going through the 14" roof vent. Drilled a hole in the aluminum side and installed a grommet to protect the wire. Went out the side near the hinge so it didn't interfere with opening the vent. Had aftermarket vent cover that I installed the antenna on so I...
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    Value of a motorcycle

    NADA also has Motorcycles
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    Value of a motorcycle
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    House electrical question

    GFCI was adopted because of the number of people being electrocuted by electrical shock. In electrocution the person was the return path for the current. The current, usually because of moisture, found an alternate route. In regards to the hot tub, moisture inside the electrical components...
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    House electrical question

    Not sure why you would make this claim. 25 amp GFCI circuit breakers are available. What am I missing? Don
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    Winterizing part 2

    I had a Cougar 5th wheel that only had one valve for hot water heater bypass and no check valve. Took it back to the dealer when it was still under warranty and they confirmed that it didn?t have a check valve. The dealer recommended that I just fill the water heater with the pink stuff. I got...
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    Water system on my 1999 Colemen Westlake popup

    Looks like low point drains for winterizing.
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    EMS question

    Generator doesn't have a bonded neutral. Progressive sells a bypass switch (EMS-LCHW ByPass Switch Kit) but it bypasses all features but EMS protection.
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    5th wheel RV not level when attached to a 4x4 Ford truck - any suggestions?

    Lift/lowering block kits - available in 1" to 3" lift.
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    Advice about trailer hitch extension

    They make longer shanks for that reason. Depending on make of your weight distribution hitch you should be able to purchase a longer shank such as Draw-Tite Reese 3214 Reese Weight Distributing Hitch Bar - 14"
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    How to record over the air television? Many options available depending on TV. Search OTA DVR
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    Toy Hauler - Help with choosing first one

    We picked up a Toy Hauler in the spring so we could take a HD Tri-Glide and HD Street Guide with us. We ended up with a Stryker ST 2313 which at 27 1/2' was the shortest that we could get both bikes in. They claim it is 1/2 ton towable but I wouldn't want to pull it with a 1/2 ton. Overall the...
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    Locating a fresh water tank for Starcraft

    A number of stores have fresh water tanks. You just need to find one that will fit.
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    Battery Box

    NOCO has a selection of battery boxes. Find one that works and check Amazon for price.
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    Inline Battery Circuit Breaker

    Thanks Lou
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    Inline Battery Circuit Breaker

    Replacing a bad circuit breaker (housing was cracked at factory install). I was curious if there is a reason that the feed from the battery is on the AUX post and the feed going to the converter on the BATT post. Thanks, Don
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    Next Toy Hauler and diesel truck need advice

    I was also looking for a 5th wheel Toy Hauler that had enough room for a Street Glide and a Tri-Glide. All the 5th wheels I looked at, I would need a 1 ton dually truck. Didn't want a dually even though my next truck will be a 1 ton. Started looking for Toy Hauler trailers under 30' that both...
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    Need to hear from 5th wheel owners using a half ton pick-up

    In 2007 we purchased a 1/2 ton series 5th wheel that the dealer assured us we could pull with our Silverado 1/2 half ton pickup (it had the 6.0 engine and HD trailer package). I had been pulling bumper pull trailers since 1980. Dealer was 100 miles away and when we went to pick it up, the truck...
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    need a cleaning product idea

    If it's the molding that covers the screws, it may be easier to replace the insert. 100' of insert on Amazon is around $10. Need to verify width of insert. I believe is comes in 3/4" and 1" widths. I replaced some on my 5th wheel and it was an easy job. Don
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    5th Wheel Rides nose High

    Has anyone tried the lift blocks? Available in 1" to 3" height adjustments. I will have to do something with my trailer if I get a newer truck.
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    Generator for new TT

    I have the Honda EU2000i and if I shut all the breakers off but the main and AC it will run the AC unit.
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    Batteries & Bad Back

    I have Exide Golf Cart batteries. Below is what user guide says for storage. Off-Season Storage Clean Tops Golf cart batteries are generally stored connected in the golf cart. Before putting cars up for off-season storage, be certain the tops of the batteries are washed clean?this will help to...
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