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  1. CurtRR

    Wood in frame of Newmar Coaches

    A purveyor of a competing coach could only come up with one criticism of Newmars.? He said there is wood in the frame.? Is this a problem?? With Newmar's reputation I can't imagine it being a serious concern.? Where is the wood?? What does it do? I'll be closing on an '06 Dutch Star 4023 soon.
  2. CurtRR

    Pulling a Trailer behind Motorhome

    Because I'll need to take my reloading shop with me, I'll be pulling a trailer behind the MH with the toad inside.? I've tried to avoid it, but that seems to be the only solution that works.? We'll be moving full time into the coach when we sell our house next spring, and retiring next fall and...
  3. CurtRR

    Dealer Add-ons

    I get the feeling the dealer is trying to make up for the cheap deal with high prices on add-ons (a dealer wouldn't do that, would he?). They've quoted me some prices for extended warranties, tire road hazard coverage, and something called XZILLION, a paint protection process that they want...
  4. CurtRR

    Newmar Dutch Star

    Bought a 2006 Newmar Dutch Star 40 ft. 4 slide (4023) yesterday.? I guess I had to.? The wife wrecked it on the demo drive. At least that's story we'll be telling.? She did hit a sign and scrape the side.? We didn't know that till the deal was done, and the dealer is, of course, fixing it at no...
  5. CurtRR

    Cat C9 vs. Cummins ISL

    I'm looking for a 40 ft., 4 slide, 400 hp motorhome for fulltiming.? A local motor home repair shop with a good reputation  recommended the Country Coach Tribute 260.? It has the Cat C9, 400 hp, 1100 lb./ft torque.? Everything else in the running has the Cummins ISL, 400 hp, 1200 lb./ft. torque...
  6. CurtRR

    Monaco/Holiday Rambler "Full Wall Slide"

    I recently inspected a 2007 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 40SFT with a full wall slide on the driver's side and 2 slides on the curb side.  It offers a significant increase in volume, with another wardrobe in the slide and a large bathroom on the curb side. I was impressed, but I'm no expert...
  7. CurtRR

    Okay, I'll introduce myself

    Introduce yourself?? Are you sure you want me to do that? With a firm belief that no one on his deathbed ever said, ?I should have worked more,? The Redhead and I have decided to pull the plug and retire as soon as possible, selling the house and moving into an RV.? There?s a story behind...
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