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  1. cuts_up

    Wasted Tank Capacity - a Fix Anyone?

    We are anxious to learn an easy fix for this also.  The gen on our Holiday Rambler shuts off way before the 1/4-tank point.  Most of our longer trips are in the hottest part of the summer.  It is not always desirable or possible to refuel before the a/c quits.  We aren't asking for the gen to...
  2. cuts_up

    Haven't bought yet, and wondering about: Showers in an RV

    Gray tank capacity seems to be more the issue with us, not the 10-gal water heater.  We take a lot of "navy" showers unless we have a sewer hookup.
  3. cuts_up

    washer dryer use in our new to us dp

    First let me say I have an OCD about laundry sorting.  My wash loads can be pathetically small, even in our home washer and dryer.  On some of our trips we drive tag team non-stop for a couple of days, stopping only for fuel, meals, and to let the new driver wake up and have some coffee.  So...
  4. cuts_up

    replacing the rubber roof

    DH and I replaced our rubber roof, as well as all the decking. DH built a slide device to get the A/C units off and back on. The device consisted of 2 runners that reached up to the top of the RV, and a sliding tray with edges that kept the units from falling off. Rope was used to lower, and...
  5. cuts_up

    Need more storage ideas in travel trailer

    Agree it might be time to lighten your load if you can. I store some infrequently used kitchen items in the bedroom. Use every sq inch you can, even if it means storing things in non-traditional spaces.
  6. cuts_up

    Struck gold!

    I think we have the same collection. ;-)
  7. cuts_up

    Recipe for a hot toddy

    We use honey, lemon, and bourbon. No water.
  8. cuts_up

    Microwave Popcorn

    I order some awesome Japanese hulless popcorn from
  9. cuts_up

    Overnighting at Rest Stops on I-10 in Texas

    I know there is an RV "park" in Segovia. It's more like a parking lot with full 30amp hookups. Take the Segovia exit, about 8 miles east of Junction. Pay at the Econolodge. It's right off the freeway, easy-off, easy-on.  We have stayed there many times.  And the honor Passport America.
  10. cuts_up

    Replacing refer with household unit

    Are the folks using residential fridges full-timers or weekenders?  I do like that it can run off gas when there is no shore power or gen. But residential fridges work so much better.
  11. cuts_up

    Coast to Coast trip in our Class A starts Thursday

    I am interested in your stay in Vegas. We will be there in about 4 weeks for a convention.  We will be staying in the RV. We have the cover for the windshield, I may go buy a roll of Reflectix. I don't want to be miserable at night and need to bd fresh the next day.
  12. cuts_up

    Would love to learn your thoughts

    We got our washer/dryer installed a couple of weeks ago. Love it!  I don't notice any loss of storage because we knew all along we would be getting the washer unit, so that nice big cabinet is not something I came to depend on.  It was almost empty when it came time for the installation.  It was...
  13. cuts_up

    Help me understand the day to day heating & cooling operation

    If we are freezing when we start out we turn on the furnace to take the chill out, then go with dash heat. If that's not enough we turn the furnace back on.  It's the same way with cooling. We start the gen if it's stuffy and cool of with a/c, then see if dash air is enough.  In Texas in summer...
  14. cuts_up

    Would love to learn your thoughts

    My thoughts on the door being in front of the passenger - we got this floorplan in August and I will never go back. The livable space it allows is worth any inconvenience I thought we might encounter. And since we are not driving a bus with frequent stops for passengers to get in and out, there...
  15. cuts_up

    Texas state inspection sticker location

    When you get it inspected at an authorized inspection station, they will know where to put your sticker.
  16. cuts_up

    Hints, Tricks and Gadgets/Tools --- small ones.

    Yesterday I found a way to keep the kitchen trash can upright while traveling.  I use an 8-gal can with a 13-gal trash bag with a drawstring (cinch sack).  After inserting the bag into the can, I fold the top of the bag over the outside of the can.  I positioned the can where I wanted it to be...
  17. cuts_up

    Basement Heater?

    We have a 2003 Endeavor.  When I flip that switch the light next to it does not come on immediately.  The book says when the bay temp reaches 40? the thermostat will supply power to the bay heater and the indicator light will be lit.  It will continuing heating until the bay temp reaches 55...
  18. cuts_up

    RVing Gifts for Christmas - Ideas??

    Which book did you get?  I think DH would love that book.
  19. cuts_up

    Cradlepoint Firmware 1.9.0 Available

    I have the CTR500 and I updated my firmware yesterday.  Afterward a screen came up asking for a username.  I never assigned a username so I contacted Cradlepoint.  This is a new feature.  The default username is: admin.  HTH
  20. cuts_up

    Motor Home Specialist Inc. Alvarado, TX

    We bought one there in August. 
  21. cuts_up

    Lost Corningware dish

    Glad you found it.  I hate losing stuff, especially in my own home.
  22. cuts_up

    Ebay bidding problems

    I always snipe.  Sometimes I use  I've had my internet connection freeze up on me, but in my part of the world where DSL and cable internet are unavailable, that's pretty common.  But I've never had ebay delay my bid.
  23. cuts_up

    Emissions testing in Texas

    Gas or diesel? After having the emissions tests on our cars (in Texas), the inspection stations tell me to keep the paperwork in the vehicle.  If you can't get your hands on the documents, or duplicates, you may have to have it inspected again.  Diesel rv's are exempt from the emissions testing...
  24. cuts_up

    Any Dutch Oven Cookers Here?

    I ordered a dutch oven and a few accessories.  I got a Lodge 10".  I'll see how well I can handle that one full of food before I get more.  I can't wait to get cookin'!
  25. cuts_up

    Credit card rip off

    My mother passed away this year.  I am monitoring the account closely to make sure all obligations are settled and nothing new and different shows up.  I will be closing the account before the end of the year.  The bank located an 800#, but I let them handle it. It really is scary what crooks...
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