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  1. Phil

    Price Utah to Heber city...???

    6 to I15 Fastest.  191 to 40 is most scenic.  Both could have snow at the top.
  2. Phil

    Utah Fall Colors

    Utah summer 2015 has been wetter than normal.  The fall colors in the northern high country are starting NOW.  The next two or three weeks will be good for the reds.  The channel 5 news has been showing the fall colors for the last few days.
  3. Phil

    Got Clipped today, Got it on Video!

    Yes, the dash cam will let you see all your bad driving habits.
  4. Phil

    Got Clipped today, Got it on Video!

    It took about 10 minutes with my new dash cam before I had to turn the audio off.  The cam has provided me with some great memories of Jeep trips and a nice clip of a herd of Pronghorns that crossed the road as I jammed on my brakes.
  5. Phil

    Good Sam Rally at PIR

    I had a good time.  Not as fun as an FMCA rally but OK.  The tram was great.
  6. Phil

    Good Sam Rally at PIR

    I will be hanging around for the event.
  7. Phil

    2015 RV Forum Quartzsite Rally - Reply Thread

    The Jeep trip looks exciting.  I'm glad everything turned out OK.
  8. Phil

    I15 is Closed...

    News tonight says one lane open in each direction.
  9. Phil

    National parks to ban drones....

    Makes me want to adapt a paintball gun to my drone.
  10. Phil

    Russ Mahoney

    I had breakfast with Russ on Thursday and he was doing great.  Really sad that he was gone on Friday.
  11. Phil

    Thinking about a Jeep

    I replaced the stock tires on my Grand Cherokee with Goodyear MTR with Kevlar.  275/55R20 fit the factory rims and added 1" to the ground clearance and better off road handling.  That is the max tire size if the GC has air suspension.
  12. Phil

    Flagg Ranch in the Tetons

    I stayed at Flagg Ranch one time when Colter Bay was full.  It is an OK park and close to Colter Bay.
  13. Phil

    Frally in Ogden, UT

    Darn.  You get to Utah just as I leave Utah.  I should be back there for a while in August before I head East.
  14. Phil

    Ham - On the road use of EchoLink or IRLP

    I use echolink, dstar and 40 meters to contact my friends back home.
  15. Phil

    ARRL Field Day on now.

    I spent the day with the local ham radio club at 8000 ft on Mt. Nebo Secnic Road.  Great time with about 60 friends.
  16. Phil

    MOAB Pre-Rally 2014, Zion and Bryce (Hop-Skip)

    Phil and Doris have a reservation at Ruby's Inn.
  17. Phil

    2013 RVForum Moab ACTIVITIES

    I will put Ruby's Inn on the before Moab schedual and reserve some time after Moab for whatever the "other" group does.
  18. Phil

    Ham - On the road use of EchoLink or IRLP

    I use Echolink with an app on my android phone.
  19. Phil

    RV FORUM MOAB RALLY, MAY 12-19, 2013

    I won't be able to leave until Wednesday but should be able to make it in time for Happy Hour. Phil
  20. Phil

    Dash camera

    Looks like we can have a dash cam show and tell at Moab. Phil
  21. Phil

    Betty B is Published

    Betty, I will stop by for an autograph next week. Phil
  22. Phil

    Loosing weight, can't get past two hundred.

    I second the use of myfitnesspal.  Once I started logging everything I eat, it was easy to spot those small snacks that add a few hundred calories to your daily diet. Another app that I like on my Android phone is Endomondo.  It lets me track the distance that I walk.  A small reminder to walk...
  23. Phil

    Mini-rally in Salt Lake City

    The picture was early in the meal.
  24. Phil

    North to South Through Salt Lake City

    Construction south of SLC in the Provo area.
  25. Phil

    Salt Lake City MiniRally 5/20/2012

    I hope you got outside to see the eclipse.
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