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  1. nmorgan

    Seeking recommendations: Maine

    We're hoping to take our RV from Chicago to the northeast and tour the seaside towns in Maine. Anticipating 3-ish weeks (late July through mid-August) if we can swing the camping spots. Any suggestions of sites to see or campgrounds from which we can explore the area? Also, any route...
  2. nmorgan

    2021 Entegra Emblem - TV and Black/Gray Draining Questions

    Newbie here... first week with our new RV and have two topics that I need help with. FIRST - TV Cable Hookup I'm trying to get cable TV to work. We've been watching TV via antenna, but the campground does have cable TV at the post. I've confirmed that there is a good signal at the post...
  3. nmorgan

    Is a "King" truly a King sized bed in an RV?

    Heading to FL to pick up our new RV in a week, and we're trying to get everything ready so that we can hit the road for a week during spring break. One thing we need to get are sheets, and the RV is spec'd to have a king-sized master bed and a queen-sized overhead bunk. We're trying to figure...
  4. nmorgan

    Recommendations near Mt. Rushmore

    We visited the Custer / Keystone, SD area many years ago and loved it. Now we want to take our youngest there (original trip was before her time) on an RV trip and was hoping for recommendations on campgrounds. We will soon have a 38' motorhome and looking for great campgrounds with shade...
  5. nmorgan

    Class A Storage Recommendations - Northern IL or Southern WI?

    Does anyone have recommendations on where I can store a class A 38' motorhome that we'll be picking up in a few weeks? We're in the far NW suburbs of Chicago, so anything north / northwest of Chicago through southeast WI would work well. Preferences would be covered then indoor then outdoor...
  6. nmorgan

    Motorhome towing questions from a newbie

    First post here! I'm hoping to get some experienced RV'ers help here. Brand new to the lifestyle... well, almost. Wife, daughter, and I have our eyes on a new Entegra Emblem 36H (gas) and want to flat tow our 4,900 lb Jeep Wrangler. Here are the specs that I have... the question is "Am I asking...
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