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  1. billandpam

    MH Tires

    I just put 6 Firestone tires on my class a in Apri. 245/70/R19.5 From Southern Tire Mart in Yuma Az. For $1958. Drove across country to Northeast Ohio with no problem. Nice quite ride. Very happy with them. Bill
  2. billandpam

    Amarillo Tx to Shreveport Ms

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks guys. Bill
  3. billandpam

    Amarillo Tx to Shreveport Ms

    Thinking of taking US 287 to I20. But would like way to avoid the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Have driven through there before and it was no fun. Will be traveling early May. A 36 foot MH towing a
  4. billandpam

    Yuma Sand Dunes

    Rob We are in Sun Ridge RV Park 10347 East 34 st. Yuma.  Nice park, large sites. It?s actually in the Foothills Area.  Close to shopping, and restaurants. Easy access to I8 and Az95. Plenty of sites as there no Canadian?s this year due to the border closed. The monthly rate I believe is $425...
  5. billandpam

    Ford V10 experiences towing in a 34 or 36' motorhome?

    We have a 36 foot class A towing a 2dr Jeep. We have been traveling out west with no problems.  Engine and trans temps normal. It keeps up with the trucks in the slow lane even passes a few.  Go for it. Safe travels. Bill
  6. billandpam

    2020 RV Forum Quartzsite Rally - Reply Topic

    That was a neat video Larry. Thanks for posting. Bill
  7. billandpam

    BBQ Regulators

    I have a ?cheap Wal Mart? grille that I hook up to the MH?s propane tank with extend a stay hose. Never experienced that problem. Only problem I?ve had is sticking or clogged up not allowing propane to flow. Bill
  8. billandpam

    2020 RV Forum Quartzsite Rally - Reply Topic

    Pam and Bill, from Ohio will arrive on the 17th staying til the 26th. See you all there
  9. billandpam

    Quartzite 2020 or Not?

    Pam and I will be there, wouldn?t miss it. RV show runs January 18 to the 26th. We?ll be there from the 17th to the 26th.  See you all there.    Bill
  10. billandpam

    Front grill came off ...

    Dan We were camping with them 2 weeks ago and never thought to ask. We was having Fridge problems and have an app on fri with a service tech. Haven?t talked with Him yet.  Yes see you and Marge in Q.
  11. billandpam

    Front grill came off ...

    Dan While in AF I graduated to Safety Wire.  Still have two rolls and the pliers. Bill
  12. billandpam

    Front grill came off ...

    Zip ties, Zip ties, Zip ties are all that is holding our grille, traveled home from Az to Oh with no problems or damage to grille. Easy to remove and secure grille properly now that we are home. Bill
  13. billandpam

    Nice, safe campgrounds near Nashville and Memphis

    Jeff   Take a look at Grand Ole RV Resort in Goodlettsville.  We stayed there a couple weeks ago.  Nice CG.  We took an Uber in to Nashville.  Park staff very helpful. Easy on/off freeway. Would stay here again when passing through.  Also have stayed a Tom Sawyer?s in West Memphis.  Would also...
  14. billandpam

    I joined the cult of Blackstone

    Love my Blackstone. Bacon,eggs,fried potatoes. French toast, pancakes.  Philly Cheesesteaks, patty melts.  Caramelized onions are the best. 22 inch with stand fits in basement. Best investment I?ve made in awhile. Bill
  15. billandpam

    CT to AZ 84-81-40

    We stay at Sun Ridge RV Park it?s in the Foothills Area.  We are there from mid Oct. to late April. See ya in Yuma Bill
  16. billandpam

    CT to AZ 84-81-40

    Rob Here?s several places we have stayed while traveling I40. Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis Ar. This place is right on the Mississippi River you can watch the barge traffic on the river. Little Rock KOA .  We boondocks across Ok. In casino parking lots.  Check Casino Walnut RV...
  17. billandpam

    Wet Floor

    Mike My 07 Hurricane on a F53 with a V10 does the same thing.  I think that is condensation on the cold a/c duct. I notice it is worse when it?s on Max Air. The a/c drain is forward of the firewall and drips on the ground just inboard of the right front tire. It?s not a heater core because...
  18. billandpam

    Class C Rear Noise hard acceleration

    My first guess would be a rear U-Joint. Bill
  19. billandpam

    Replacing flooring in Class A Motorhome

    Yes we? Be a Q again will be good to se you. Yes it?s always something, keeps you busy between trips.  Bill
  20. billandpam

    Replacing flooring in Class A Motorhome

    We just replaced the carpet and sheet vinyl flooring in our 36ft gas Class A motor home.  We used Allure Vinyl Plank flooring from Home Depot. It?s only about an 1/8 thick and doesn?t interfere with the slides. Hardest part was pulling all the staples in the sub floor the manufacturer used to...
  21. billandpam

    Happy Veterans Day, thank you to all that served.... (and to their familys too)

    Happy Veterans Day to all that served and their family?s also. Thank you! Bill
  22. billandpam

    2019 Quartzsite Rally - Reply Topic

    Pam and I will be there Jan 18 to the 27th. Looking forward to it. Bill Billandpam Ohio (Winter in Yuma)
  23. billandpam

    He went out like Elvis

    So sorry for your loss. We?ll keep you in our prayers. Bill and Pam
  24. billandpam

    Been looking at class c motorhomes

    DW and I full timed 3 years in a 29 foot Class C after 3 years that C was getting pretty small, we have now moved up to a 36 foot Class A.  WOW  it?s like a castle. Should have done it sooner. Good luck in your search. Bill
  25. billandpam

    Grey Tailgater Satellite Dome & Receiver

    We have been using the dish tailgater for 3 years now, with no problems.  We are on the pay-as -you- go plan which works for us.  Also a phone call when we change locations gets us the local stations. We have have never had Direct so can?t offer a comparison. Bill
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